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How to Return or Exchange an Item at TopShop

TopShop is a clothing and accessory store located in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The company ships merchandise all over the world, however, so location is not an issue with this retailer. There are both stores and online shops where merchandise is sold. Brand collection items must be returned via the TopShop website and not to a local store.

Returning an Item

Returning an item to the TopShop store: If you have your receipt and you’ve purchased your TopShop merchandise within 14 days of today, you can return the item(s). The item(s) must be in a condition that they can be resold immediately upon return. You can also return online purchases to the nearest store for a refund.

Returning an item online: You need to log in to your account to print a return form for your order. You can also print a freepost label that you’ll need to affix to the box. Drop the box off at the postmaster and wait 28 days for your refund to be processed and credited to your account. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can download a return label here If you live outside the United Kingdom you can download a return label here

Returning international sales: Simply follow the return instructions listed for the TopShop website, but take the package to the USPS and send it to the returns address via post. The customer may have to pay for return shipping. This is not mentioned in the returns policy.
TopShop Return Address

Spectrum for Arcadia
Merton Drive
Grafton Street
Milton Keynes
United Kingdom

Official TopShop Return Policy

As long as 14 days have not passed and your merchandise can be resold, you can return your purchase to TopShop. Undergarments and bathing suits are not accepted unless the sanitary shield is still in place. TopShop is located in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Customers must return UK purchases to stores in the UK. Customers in Ireland must return items purchased in Ireland to Ireland stores. If a customer in Ireland returns an item from to a store in Ireland, the merchandise credit will be issued in Euros.

The cardholder must be present when the return is processed.

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There are no TopShop stores located in the United States, but there are TopShop customer service phone numbers listed on the Contact Us page at

13 Comments on “TopShop Returns
  1. An item I bought in Letterkenny on Saturday at €58.00 is £38.00 sterling on your website, how is there such a hugh difference. Please explain, I will be returning the item to the store asap.

  2. I will never deal with you people again, if I have to pay so much for return. I am completely not satisfied with my purchase.

  3. Can’t believe how long you have to wait to get a refund after sending it back via post office. Ridiculous. I have tracked my parcel so I know that you have received it, so why do I have to wait 28 days. Nobody else I have dealt with, Allsaints, John Lewis etc. has treated me like this. Sent these parcels back at the same time and have already received my refunds. Ridiculous

  4. I recently bought shoes online when they arrived they were the wrong size. Surely the person dealing with purchases online would check sizes before dispatched. I loved the shoes but unfortunately they were too small. I had to reorder them again and return the small ones. Please double check dispatches if you want return customers. Let’s hope the reorder will be correct.

  5. Your returns process is really messed up. Contacting you has proven impossible! Someone really need to do something about this

    • It says on your website that online returns can be made in store at this time. I brought item to one of my local topshops for return and was told had to return by post. Things are hard enough for shoppers at present communication needs to be clear and staff aware of processes agreed.

  6. I have a damaged label that won’t scan I can’t find how to return
    Nor can my son granddaughter and her husband The damaged label was obviously stuck to another parcel causing damage to barcode
    When I ve tried to get another all I get is I’ve already generated a return labe!
    This was on 6th it is now 13th am going to run out of time for return
    Man in Hermes shop unhelpful and could not understand what he said!

  7. Please help, posted my black jeans back to yourselves for a refund, still waiting for my account to be credited. I have proof via post office

  8. Tuesday, 8/4/20 at 9:25 Central Time – Dallas, TX

    To Whom It May Concern –

    I am requesting some assistance in requesting a refund for order no. #573309711 purchased Thursday, 6/18/20, for product name: IDOL Valentine Leather Stud Sandals and Item #32V12QKHA-41.

    Reasons for returning:
    • Did not like the quality
    • Too wide and too big

    I read the return policy and proceeded to follow the instructions. Upon several attempts to enter the order number, the system rejected/ denied my request to return “due to purchase date is more than 35 days.” I ordered the sandals on Thursday, 6/18/20, at 9:02 pm Central Time and 38 days later, I finally received my package, Monday, 7/27/20, at 1:12 pm Central Time.

    I am distraught and disappointed that I cannot return and request a refund. I’m aware that COVID-19 may have played a significant part in shipping delays, which I believed has happened in this case.

    As a valued customer, I know it is not my fault, and nor should I not be granted to return and receive a refund for merchandise that does not meet satisfactorily; because it took additional days to ship.

    Please process my return and refund at your earliest convenience.

    Many thanks!

    Sheila Willis

  9. I would love to have a phone number to get in touch with the company’s exchange department! I want to exchange my two shirts and I can’t get a hold of anyone. ALSO NO SLIP OR BILL IN PARCEL, so there’s no way I can return it with the exchange

  10. I am a Topshop lover, I actually worked for topshop ecommerce team when I lived in the UK, and I continue buying Topshop online now that I moved back home…but, a website that takes one month to deliver an order (PRE-Covid!) and then makes me pay for the return, a custoemr care that disappears after agreeing to refund over 13 euros for delivery is not the level of customer service an English brand can provde. I started buying from YOOX, such a shame your level of service has lowered so badly.

  11. I’ve returned jeans to you on the 20th December 2020. But I’ve not received my money back. It was sent with Hermes . Could you tell me when It will go into my account

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