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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Timberland

Timberland is best known for selling high-quality, popular boots, but the company has expanded beyond boots to sell clothing and accessories. Timberland sells items from dedicated store fronts, through authorized dealers and online. If you purchased your Timberlands from a third-party retailer, you will need to return your item to that store, not Timberland.

Returning an Item

Returning your Timberland purchase to a store: Bring the item you wish to return to the Timberland store with your receipt. There is no mention of a store return policy on the official Timberland website, so we are unsure if the original tags need to be attached or if worn items can be returned without hassle.

Returning your Timberland purchase by mail: The entire Timberland return policy pertains to online purchases. According to Timberland, you can use the pre-paid return label to send back your purchase within 60 days. To print off a FREE shipping label, visit the returns page at http://shop.timberland.com/helpdesk/index.jsp?display=returns&subdisplay=policies. Package the item(s) and place the mailing label on the outside of the box. You can drop the box off at the post office as it is sent Parcel Post.

If an item was damaged during the shipping process or is found to be defective, contact the customer service department immediately at 1-888-802-9947. The customer service agent will work with you to replace the item as quickly as possible.

Returns are not accepted on personalized items, unless the items are found to be defective. If your purchase was shipped outside the United States, you must pay the return shipping cost.

Timberland Returns Address

Timberland Returns Department
200 E Main Street
Danville, KY 40422-9998

Official Timberland Return Policy

Details of the official Timberland return policy are available on the returns page here http://shop.timberland.com/helpdesk/index.jsp?display=returns&subdisplay=policies. Customers have 60 days to return merchandise purchased online. Return shipping is free if the package is shipped within the United States. Returns will be accepted past 60 days if the item is found to be defective.

Were They Helpful?

The Timberland customer service department is open 24 hours a day at 1-888-802-9947. We pressed #5 for general questions because there was no option to reach the return department. A customer service agent answered the call after a short wait. We asked if we needed the original box to return our Timberland boots and the agent told us we did unless the boots were defective.

26 Comments on “Timberland Returns
  1. Ive been a timberland boot wearer since the mide 90s..every yr ive brought atleast 2 pair for the winter, there pileing up (always give away to those less fortunit) But now i have a chocalate pair of nubuk constructions and there seperating all around the edges..having difficulty returning because i didnt order them on line…2 1/2 mths old..Can this die hard timb fan get some HELP WITH THIS…

  2. I’ve, spent at least 4grand on these shoes, coats, and never had a problem. Over the last ten years I’ve been paying for them. Please can u help me, a loyal customer, .. Wht do I do… I don’t have s receipt, and live on another state.. my shoes are coming apart.

  3. I have a pair of the chocolate construction boots that are probably 6 months old but are only worn every once in a while because I have 7 pairs of Timberland boots in my closet. Mine are seperating at the edge or sole . Is there any help to receive? I came to Timberland 10 years ago because Bass boots were not holding up. At Smithfield NC outlet I bought my first three pair of timberlands and still have them today and in good shape.

  4. My timberlands boots are my best dressed shoes. But recently I noticed that my boots have been falling apart is it possible that if I send them in would I get another pair?

  5. I have bought Timberland boots since 1996. I have acquired more than 12 pairs as well as recommended them to many others. They made great dress as well as work boots. However now I’ve been beginning to notice where the soles are separating from the leather. Hope I can get some help with this.

  6. i have been wearing timberlands all my life damn near, i hace 15,14, and 11 yr. old children two boys one girl and “WE ALL” but tiberland products especially foot wear, amongst other things jackets shits flight jackets etc. socks etc….. but im looking to hopefully reteurn thes fairly new contrucution boots i just bought not too long back and its like the “GLUE” from the front and the rear is just comming undone… i dont know whats going on i’ve never had this problem until they get pretty old or older ya-know!. so im politely askin if you(or if you can tell me where to send them) to hopefully recieve an exchange. im an avid timberland representer and my whole family still and still will continue to support the timberland co.. please inform me what i should do. thank you kindly…respectfully, mr. scott arroyo

    • I have the same problem, the soles separating from the uppers in the heel & under arch area after several years of usage.
      I’m well aware of the very many complaints you have with others with the same issues.
      Clearly you have a QC problem that isn’t going away.

      If it was my Company I would shut the line down until an acceptable & provable attachment remedy
      was found, and warranty all returns.

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  7. Warning: DO NOT BUY TIMBERLAND SHOES/BOOTS. Company will not honor what they said they would do! already got the shoes back and can’t get me a check back after promise. I will tell everyone I know NOT TO BUY TIMBERLAND SHOES. Very upset and keep getting the run around. Thought they was a good company.

  8. I am the trails and volunteer coordinator for central Florida and have had severl pairs of Timberlan boots but I have never had a pair split in the sole of the foot… During a hike my boot split on the bottom and now the other pair is doing the same 🙁 … Where can I send them in to hopefully get another pair. I would even be happy with them being fixed. Ive got them broke in where they are my all time favorite, just not when its wet… prescribed fire or on the farm. Please help me, I love Timberland.

    Thank you,

  9. I have a pair of boots that I had for four months, Now I have to return them because the soles is falling off. But I cannot find my receipt.

    • please tell mw what to do about the booth that i have the soil is falling a part and i dont have my bill any more so pleaes. tell me what to do. thank

  10. I have got a pair of timberland pro and they are for work suppose to be waterproof but me feet be getting wet and the bottom are worn out I just were them at work they should not be run down this fast I had them only for about a year and a half would like to replace them with new one please I love all my Tim , but they never got like this they or timberland pro steeltoes made for work when I got them it had good view I hope I can exchange them for new ones thank you sincerely yours shareef green

  11. I have be loyal customer at timberland for years the boots i purchased for casual wear the sole of the boot is starting to disintegrate i never had this problem before with a pair timberland can you tell me what’s causing this defect to my boots.

  12. I have a pair of timberland shoes that I bought and the seam on it’s side truely fell apart due to your product which I’ve bought for years is supposed to last a lifetime and built for ruggedness with lifetime warranty, please can this matter be tended to and replaced or fixed! Loyal customer since forever thank you so much.
    Phillip Torres.

  13. Hi I have a pair of Timberland work boots, brown in color. I wear mostly my Timberland hiking boots. The work boots are separating on both left and right boots where the sole attaches to the leather part of the boot.
    Can I send them back for replacment or repair?
    Thanks in advance, Bob Traer


  15. I have been buying Timberlands since I first got a job in the 6th grade over 25 years ago. I have never had to use the Warranty and up until recently I had been completely satisfied. Around a year ago I went to the outlet in Clinton CT and bought a pair of Pro Series boots and a nice looking pair of Timberland Sneakers. This was my first time buying there sneakers and it will be my last. Like you I have had the rubber not only detach from the sole but also since this happened while I was on a hike (The 1st hike I took them on) and it is not thick like the rubber on the bottom of boots some of the pieces broke off. I tried gluing it with crazy glue (gel & Liquid) Silicone, Calk, Gorilla Glue and about 10 different epoxies. Some worked for a while but I have been unable to find anything that would fix my problem for any length of time. Shortly after that I started having problems with the boots. Usually i just buy the plain ones but this time I spent the extra cash and got the Pro Series in hope that they would last me a while. However, much like the shoes I started noticing problems almost immediately after I bought them. I hadn’t had them a week when one of the hook thingy’s you wrap your laces around at the top of the shoe came off which sucked but I didn’t lose any sleep over it. About a month after buying them I started noticing they were useless at keeping out water. When I was trying to find out why I noticed the leather was starting to tear right behind the toe of the shoe. This I’m sure didn’t help but I’m not sure if that was the complete reason for the inability to keep my feet dry. At the time the furthest thing from my mind was trying to return them because the Clinton Outlet is a good 2 hour drive from my house though I was planning on going the first chance I got. Time went by and that small tear turned into a complete rip across the entire width of the shoe on both shoes. Also the fabric behind the heel of the shoe is almost no existent at this point. I won’t even get into the rest of the problems. So I finally got online and contact Timberland. The first person I talked to told me I had to pay to ship them to the company so again I told myself I would go to the outlet. Time passed until the other day when I was cleaning up my office and found them packed up ready to go in a box. Figuring I will just keep putting it off I call Timberland again to get the address but lucky for me the customer service rep gave me a free slip to ship it. So about a month or two ago I sent them I wish I remembered to send the shoes but I totally forgot about them until I saw all the sole problems the people posting in the forum were having. Long story shortened a bit they sent them back to me saying it wasn’t their fault. I was speechless and I vowed not to let them get away with this. So here I am looking for guidance and hoping someone in this forum may be able to help me get this resolved. Also I actually stumbled onto this forum trying to find out exactly what the Timberland warranties are these days. I have been getting conflicting information about their warranties. Some sites say it is different in every state and others say the lifetime warranty isn’t offered anymore so I would love to get a straight answer on that if anyone knows. I live in Rhode Island but I bought them in Connecticut and I would love to be able to get a new pair but on a lighter side this situation did cause me to buy a different brand of boot this last time. I bought a pair of Keens I actually love. They are the pull on ones with no laces. Don’t get me wrong I had problems with them too. The same thing with the fabric in the heel broke down but I wrote to them to tell them what happened and they sent me out a new pair almost instantly. I didn’t even have to send the old ones in they just had me take pictures. Now that is what I call service. If only Timberland had handled this situation the same way they never would have lost a customer. One last thing I feel I have to mention is however bad you think it was dealing with Timberland it is like a walk in the park compared to dealing with Dell. I’m not going to say I will never buy another Timberland but I have made it my mission in life to prevent as many people as I can from making the mistake of buying a Dell computer. They are the worst customer service representatives I have ever dealt with and I used to love their computers almost as much as I loved my Timberland’s but they have frustrated me for the last time. Timberland still has quite a bit more frustrating to do before they get to that level but I am working on it. Thanks for your time and sorry for the novel.

  16. I have a pair Timberland walking shoes with the brown
    suede finish. Sunday afternoon I was going out to the
    garage and the whole bottom of my shoe just fell off.
    They have very little ware so what’s the deal?
    These shoes are not cheap.

  17. good morning i was told by a friend that if i send you an old pair of timberland you will send me a new pair. it this true and if so how do i go about doing this

  18. I used to live in Ohio and purchased Tims often for the durability. The other thing that made them worth the price was the lifetime warranty. I’ve since moved to a warmer state so we don’t wear our Tims as much, maybe once or twice a year. Low and behold, I go to put on my Tims to go out into the snow and they’re coming apart at the seams. Unfortunately, I was told by the customer service rep that they no longer make exchanges unless they’ve been purchased in the last 12 months. Even inferior brands last that long. I think they’re going to lose customers with the policy, if nothing else they’ve lost my family. The boots are too expensive to fall apart after a short time with minimal wear.

  19. I received a pair of timberland boots as a gift started using it and the insole came off also the metal shank came out,will i get it replaced by timberland or do I get stuck paying for the extra glue to put it back?

  20. Quality has dropped, the soles of my Timberland boots and shoes have peeled off, cracked or disintegrated. Company no longer supports warranty for shoes over 1 year, even if those shoes are hardly worn and the top leather is in nearly new condition but the soles are cracking and disintegrating. No wonder they no longer provide lifetime warranty, because their product are not lasting beyond a year! Poor quality, their warranty is worth nothing.

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