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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Gap

Gap is a clothing and accessory company that operates physical stores across the United States. Customers can also orders items online via the Gap website. Online orders must be returned using the online return process, as not all items are sold in stores that are sold online. There are different return policies for online and offline purchases.

Returning an Item

Returning items in store: If you purchased items in a physical Gap store, you can return those items in their original condition (unwashed and unworn) within 45 days of your purchase. The return policy does not state that customers have to bring in the register receipt when returning an item to the store. If the item you purchased as a Final Sale purchase, Gap will not accept a return for that item at any time – even if the item is defective.

Returning items purchased online: Online purchases can also be returned within 45 days of purchase. Simply circle the item you are returning on the packing slip included in your box when it was delivered. Visit the Gap Returns page here: to print out a return label. A total of $6 will be deducted from your refund for the price of return shipping.

Gap Returns Address

Gap Inc. Direct Returns
100 Gap Inc. Direct Gateway
Groveport, OH 43125

Don’t forget to put your packing slip in the box with your order.

Official Gap Return Policy

The official return policy for Gap states that customers can return items purchased online or in-store within 45 days of purchase. These items include bathing suits, as long as the tags are attached and the sanitary strip is still in place, and any other item purchased online or in-store as long as it is in the original condition. If the item is defective it can be worn and washed before being returned. Items purchased online must be returned by mail only – not to your local Gap store.

If you choose to purchase a new item at the same time you return an item, the shipping fee will be waived for both the new purchase and the return. You must call 1-800-GAPSTYLE to make your purchase. You will be charged for the new items before your refund is processed.

Were They Helpful?

Gap customer service is available at 1-800-427-7895 to place an order or talk to customer service about a return. We called several times and the first two times we listened to the automated customer service agent, but the recording cut off before we could hear all the options. After two tries, we called a third time and we heard a completely different automated message that mentioned nothing about returns – just online order processing and questions. We waited until the call was transferred to a customer service agent and asked whether the agent could start the return process over the phone. The agent told us all returns must be processed through the Gap Direct Returns facility and she offered to give us the return address. She also reminded us twice during the call that she could take a new order to waive the return shipping fee.

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  1. This is my order number 16d5rq5 I will ilke to return 3 pants size 7 husky and then exchange the pants for 3 shortsize8husky the same color

  2. I like gap to get thinks for my boys because one boy is slim and the other one husky and I like the materia the colors and they help alot like me thanks you

    • What is the easiest way to return an online purchase to Gap. There was no packing slip everything was on front of package.


  4. Dear Sirs, My name is Gonzalo Narvaez and need help and information with this traking number 1zv83v370356634711 the number indicates apparently I make a purchase in your stores and that’s not true.
    Please I need urgent help with information on the payment method used and the detail of the goods allegedly purchased to make the claim and blocking credit card required.
    Please, I need your help urgently

    • I am unable to print a return slip and there was no slip in the plastic package my jeans came in. They are way to large and I need to return them. How may I do htis? thank you.

  5. I cannot find the packing slip my order came in. I need to return the items for another size. How do I do that?

    • I missed it to by just a few days and they sent me back my items with a letter saying that they would not return them. I contacted them and they said they had processed other late returns for me before so they wouldn’t this time. However, when I looked back on my account (it only goes to May 2014), I had no returns other than one exchange that was made the day I got the items in the mail. So I have asked them for the date and order number of when they supposedly made this late return for me because something that is over a year and half ago is not something that I would remember. I rarely if ever return items to them. Good luck getting them return the item.

  6. I just returned a package to the post office today and I came home to find another package.

    The name on package is Karen Morea

    However the address is mine and no one lives here with this name

    What should I do?

    Althea Nagy
    5 Sparrow Lane
    Huntington NY 11743

  7. I received an online order via USPS and am doing an exchange so I call customer service for a return label for an exchange in size, ok the label receive d is for UPS no instructions no phone number to call for a pick up? Will US postal service take the return package?

  8. I ordered jeans from old navy and want to tell potential consumers this warning: do not order from old navy. They take 5 weeks to issue a refund and they’ll mysteriously “lose” your package if you don’t have the tracking number. So desperate that they’ll steal from you! my order number tn4w2s2 and i have received several emails. They are all the same email telling me that it takes 5 weeks and the latest email says they have lost my order. Bunch of thieves!

  9. I am returning an order today. I do not have a printer at home that is in use. I sent the item back today with all the information in it..To send back it was $7.30, I think. I was thinking with all the info in the package, you could take off the postage I paid and take off my gap card…if that is possible.

  10. Iused my GAP credit card to order several items from the GAP online website. I marked the items as “gifts” on my order form. I have just received some of the items and am not happy with them. I wish to mail them back but want to make certain I will receeive my refunds on my Gap credit card.

  11. I exchanged an item at a Gap store last weekend for the same exact item and noticed they charged me more. I bought another item also. It looks as though when I bought it there was an additional 20% discount and when I exchanged it there was only an additional 10% discount so they charged me the difference for the same exchange? I live in Michigan and bought this in Indiana on my return home from visiting grandchildren. I do not have the best of health and seldom go to that store.

  12. Your return policy is absolutely horrible. I am trying to exchange my purchase. I do not have an order number because there was no package slip with the order. This is not the first time this has happen to me so I just kept the other order. So now what am I suppose to do??? What happened to the good old days when they use to send you a shipping label and an exchange form? So cheap and lazy leave all the work up to the customer.

  13. Your exchange policy is horrible. This is the second time I have try to exchange something and there is always an issue. You do not make it easy I do not have an order number because THERE WAS NO ORDER FORM with the order. SO NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO???? What happen to the good old days when there was an exchange form and a shipping label with your order? Now you receive nothing. Leave it up to the paying customers. So cheap!!!

  14. I am unable to print a return slip and nothing was included in the plastic package. The 2 jeans I ordered are way to big. How may I accomplish this? Thank you

  15. I tried to return a pair of pants on line & everytime I tried to print out the label it kicked me out. I’ve also called & can never get a representative to help me out. I even went to the Gap store & they were closed even though the internet said they were open. I need to return my pants. Your return policy is the worst ever. I will not do business with this company again unless they resolve this issue.

  16. I can not get thru to GAP customer service
    I have been waiting 1 hour and 40 mins

  17. I sent back a return on April 28th 2020 by mail and my credit card has yet to be credited back. When I call customer service I am but on hold without anyone every answering. Gap has my money and clothes and I am left holding the bag. Will never order on line again.

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  19. I have a return, have been trying to contact you by phone for a week now, called at all times of the day. Your chat line doesn’t answer, your on line return is either “site cant be found” or my order number is wrong……the one I cut and paste from email confirmation. No packing slip was included, this is fraud.
    The worst experience I’ve ever had from a on line store.
    NEVER ordering from you again.

  20. I had a horrible experience at the store. I was told I could do a return and it was within 45 days. I had the tags on. I showed the manager the items. I was told by the girl at the register that I could swap out the jeans and then he would not let me do this. This was the most humiliating experience I have ever had shopping and learned my lesson not to order anything online or shop since returns seem to be impossible even when the tags are on and I had a receipt and it was within the timeframe. He tried to tell me that the jeans I bought were totally outdated and that they did not sell them LOL….this was on their website. Maybe he could look into their stock online before he accuses customers of certain things.

  21. p.s. Why are they willing to return items for some people and not others or look up their receipts, etc. They would not even look up the receipts for me. I felt like I was being profiled in their store. I had a hard time getting the items back that I had already PAID for. I really feel that they should review the customer service policies and think about how they make certain customers feel. I felt like a third class citizen in their store and felt very mistreated and discriminated against.

  22. There seems to be a theme where people are buying pants (where the sizing seems to be bigger than other brands) and when they try to do returns like I did, they get rejected. I do not seem to be the only person dealing with this. They can have major delays in shipping yet the customers seem to have issues at times receiving help.

  23. Corona virus aside, I have never had the run around on a return as I have had with Gap. Actually, I wanted to exchange the item for a smaller size. I go to make a label and that page is not working. I am not driving to Denver to exchange this. I have already been to two stores that were closed for cleaning and one closed altogether? Now I have to pay postage and still not get what I wanted. Fini.

  24. I went to your store and it was closed. Then I shopped online, received item, and the item didn’t fit me and I didn’t like the fabric. I called and was told I would receive an email with return label. No email. I called two numbers today, nobody answers. I tried to get a return shipping label online, 404 message or message link broken. This buying clothes without trying on DOESN’T WORK. Normally I go into the store and get 15 or 20 items to try on, and buy 1 or two. I’m now having to PAY TO RETURN SHIP one item and get $6 deducted off my bill? Well, that’s half the cost of the item. This buying online and paying shipping is stupid and ridiculous and a total ripoff of the consumer/customer. Not ever buying anything online again that is clothes, so you better change your model back to what it was and get over the covid nonsense hysteria and stop enforcing illegal mask orders and stupid social distancing as if we are all sick, WHICH WE ARE NOT. OPEN YOUR STORES BACK UP AND YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL GLADLY RETURN TO SHOPPING AT THE STORE.

  25. The return process stinks why no return label in package? Its to much trouble to try to return an item ,other stores send a return label with purchase. Why no item number ,you make it difficult to return items.

  26. hi , i bought a jacket from gap store dubai (mall of emirates ) , later i found the product i bought was small and it doesnt fits me either , so i would like to exchange the product with the same product with a different size. here the issue is that i lost my bill/ receipt somewhere , but i have the payment recept saved in my phone including all the details and the date of purchase , so i hope the shop would be able to find the purchase details from the system. Please help me

  27. I have one pair of women’s pants to return. They are tagged and in original packaging. The rest of the same order I kept. I have had this item for several months, since after the Pandemic started. I have not walked into a store or a post office in the past 9+ months. Is their any leeway on your usual 45 day policy since Covid has made it much harder for seniors such as myself to go freely from place to place? In Los Angeles, we have been on “shelter in place” for much of the time.

    • GAP should absolutely make exceptions during a pandemic for people like you & me. I have a very high risk family & cannot return something 4 days late despite trying to do so for over a week. THey need customers but are not treating those they have well.

  28. I purchased several items & tried to return one. THe link they sent me to return did not work. I tried every day for over a week. When I called they said there was nothing they could do to help me. I finally got through today and the return window closed 4 days ago. THey refuse to make an exception despite the fact that their link did not work. Other companies allow a longer window at Christmas & allow you to return for store credit. I am done shopping at GAP. It is too hard to work w/ such a difficult company when I cannot go into the store in person. Hollister & other companies who are more flexible will get my business for my family of 5. They just accepted a much later return just now. Thank you Hollister!

  29. I received two items from the gap as Christmas gifts and they don’t fit. The tags are on them but I was not given a gift receipt. How do I return these items?

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