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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Sears

Sears is a retail store that offers automotive, bed, bath, beauty items and clothing among many other selections. Despite financial difficulties in the past decade, the store remains popular with customers. Sears sells items in store and online and a detailed returns policy is available.

Returning an Item

Returning Sears items to the store: To return an item you purchased in a Sears store, bring the item with the original packaging to a Sears store nearest you. You can find your nearest store using the store location search here All items purchased online, aside from Marketplace items and tires, can be returned to your local Sears.

Returning Sears items by mail: Log in to your account online and print a return label for the order you wish to return. The return label is a pre-paid UPS label. After packing the items and placing the label on the outside of the box, drop off the box to a local UPS mailer or request a pickup. There is a $7 fee for requesting a UPS pickup.

Some items returned to Sears require a 15% restocking fee. These items include electronics with no original packaging, special orders and some home appliances.

Sears sells items from other retailers via a Marketplace online. These items must be returned to the seller and not to Sears. Marketplace sellers are not required to have the same return policy as Sears.

If you purchased items between November 13th and December 10th, returns must follow the Holiday Return Schedule which limits the returns of holiday-themed items.

There are several specific return policies listed for Sears items – so customers should contact customer service at 1-800-349-4358 for merchandise-specific return policies.

Official Sears Return Policy

The Sears official return policy can be found online at Customers have 90 days to return most items as long as they have the original receipt. Electronics, gas equipment, jewelry and other items must be returned within 30 days of purchase.

Sears also sells items with extended warranties like Landsend and Craftsman. Specific warranty details for these manufacturers are available on the return policy page.

Were They Helpful?

Customer service is available to answer questions about your return at 1-800-349-4358. When we called the automated system we pressed #6 for all other inquiries because there was no option to talk to a customer service representative about returns. The call was immediately transferred to a customer service representative named Camilla who told us to fill out the information on the Return My Order page here to find the mailing address for Sears returns.

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  1. Sears return policy sucks. 30 days or your out of luck. My husband bought a necklace 12-23-12 went to return it today 2-17-13 and were told I’m sorry we can’t take that back. No more Sears shopping for me and I’ll be sure to share this experience with family and friends.

  2. I am absolutely disgusted with your return policy. I had the original receipt, method of payment, and UNOPENED product to return and was told I can ONLY get a store credit/exchange card. What kind of policy is THAT?

    I sure am glad it was only for a bag of vacuum bags and that it wasn’t a $600 vacuum cleaner. That is FORCING someone to come back to your store. Pretty good marketing ploy, I suppose, but when someone wants their money back, they’re going to think of that as theft. I sure do.

    Disgusted. Side note: Your customer service agent at the Warwick store was snooty and rude. No wonder your stores are always empty.

  3. I found your information confusing. I would like to return an item ordered by e-mail…..I will go to a UPS store and they will help me.

  4. Bye bye sears. your clothes suck your return policy sucks and your stores have been empty since the 80’s good riddance.

  5. We purchased a Kenmore Elite Stainless Steel Refrigerator/Freezer within the first week the auto. ice maker quite working. Each time they came out 5/6 times it still doesn’t dipense water or now again ice either. Finally the last time they came out replacing the left refrig. door they told us to go to Sears & pick out a new one. We found a Samsung side by side last Fri. but the sales person can’t take care of it. You have to call the 800 return number. They leave you on hold forever & said she is not allowed to call customers back. I was on hold a total of 25 min. & was asked to continue to hold or call back after 3:00 pm when call volumes are less. We only have cell phones & do not appreciate Sears using up our minutes. I sure hope this afternoon we can set up the return & delivery of new refrig. I know it wil use up alot more of my minutes again though. We will never buy another appliance @ Sears!!!!
    Change how you help your customers over the phone with returns so they aren’ t holding forever, or let your in store sales people do these type of returns & redeliveries.

  6. I purchased clothes fory baby and they were toi big but i could not exchanhe them because i lost my receipt now i am stuck with over $200 worth of clothes

  7. I ordered an item online and was wondering if I can return it to the store and have the refund credited back to my debit card

  8. No success after mos. of trying to get payments refunds sent to wrong address and posted to wrong account. The Monetary Refund Dept. has found the payments but refuse to refund. Short of filing lawsuit where do I go from here?

    • Wait!! Why did u pay a restocking fee sir?! You should have NOT paid a restocking fee IF your mower was defective and u took it back for an exchange or upgrade/downgrade BEFORE 30 days! (Former lawn &garden employee for 9 years) i must also say yes sears does suck on return policies on certain items but for fukins sake ppl just dont know what to complain about! 3+ yrs ago they asked for ur fone number to keep ur receits on the register for 3+ months AAAND have a copy of ur receit sent out to an email address! So how can u not have a form of receit now days! Besides most of these ppl dont tell u the full story they just say sears no bueno no return i cry! Yeah there are legit ones but i see alot of smh ones too here. Anywho sorry i deviated but yes sir u shouldnt have had to pay the restocking fee.

  9. I purchased a lawn mower on 6/15/13 and used it on 6/21/2013. The lawn mower quit running. I took it back with the receipt and took a brand new one home. All I paid was a restocking fee. No questions asked. Sears at McAllen Plaza Mall.

  10. Return policy only 30 days on an air conditioner I have had it 33 days and does not work properly fills up with water set at 63 and its over 75 degrees in the house what is that and I can’t return it didn’t know until now it wasn’t working properly because we were just hit with high humidity and just started using it and have to use remote to get it to work the buttons on it do NOT work

  11. I never have problems ordering online anywhere BUT SEARS. Seriously you all suck! I have nothing nice to say. I bought a washer and dryer. My dryer didn’t fit so the delivery guys took it back to the warehouse. Come to find out I have to PAY to have a return/ refund. I could tell you where to put it but I won’t. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR AWFUL STORE! Never shopping at sears again.

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    • Why would you not measure first. thats just plain common sense. I used to work retail and the reason it sucked so bad was because of idiots like you that dont get all the information needed before buying stuff. What would possess you to buy it before knowing ehat you were getting?????

  12. My husband warned me not to shop at Sears,I should have listened. It wasn’t a huge purchase (thank heavens). I needed a new purse. I found that they have a very large selection. I picked one out and it was just over 79 dollars. Not an amount I like to spend on a small item but I needed it. Anyway, 3 days later I open my purse and the seam had ripped through the whole bottom. I had thrown away the receipt, who would have thought i would need to return it?? The return policy is like no other I have EVER encountered! I didn’t expect cash back without a receipt, but at least an exchange?? Nope! Stuck with a piece of crap torn purse and out nearly 80 bucks. Never ever again will I shop at sears for ANYTHING! Sorry honey, I should have listened.

  13. Hate your return policy i had some give and cud not return or exchange them because i did it had a receipt hat it a lot shud change policy.

  14. I have called 7 people at Sears and did an online chat to find the address to return an item I ordererd on line. Not one idiot as these numbers could give me the return address. Now I know why I will shop someone where else.

  15. I had recieved a Craftsman automotivr scan tool for my birthday a couple of days ago. But I already had a better one from another manufacturer. I attempted to take it back to the New Hyde Park location. They refused to echange it for anything without a receipt even though the item was unopened. There manager gave me a fake number to cutomer service. When I googled the real customer service number. They were of no help as well they said it is a stores decision to return items or not. I will never shop at Sears for anything again.

  16. Bought an item online. Called customer service to ask for a price match to he says the day you purchased from sears the item wasn’t on sale at amazon. Duh if it was I would have bought it from them. I then asked to receive what amazon was offering in its bundle , a package of 45 photos, a total of $15 less, and he refused. I said I will then return the item plus other stuff I bought along with the order. He said I can return it at the store. I go to the store and because it didn’t scan they panicked and said its a third party item you can’t return it here. You have to call the company on the delivery box. I look up on my receipt in my emails and the sears return policy covers the third party products. They are to issue me a rma# and they ship it back to there third party. I looked up sears return policy online and it says that any online order can be returned to your local store. No one knows nothing in this store from service to management to customer service hotlines. Such fools, instead of keeping a customer and the profit from purchase they lost the funds and the customer for what reason… That they know how to say no. I saved 27$! And I would have sacrificed that amount if they just adjusted the price. Or even just give me a small package of photos that went with the item amazon was offering.

  17. Bought an item online. Called customer service to ask for a price match to he says the day you purchased from sears the item wasn’t on sale at amazon. Duh if it was I would have bought it from them. I then asked to receive what amazon was offering in its bundle , a package of 45 photos, a total of $15 less, and he refused. I said I will then return the item plus other stuff I bought along with the order. He said I can return it at the store. I go to the store and because it didn’t scan they panicked and said its a third party item you can’t return it here. You have to call the company on the delivery box. I look up on my receipt in my emails and the sears return policy covers the third party products. They are to issue me a rma# and they ship it back to there third party. I looked up sears return policy online and it says that any online order can be returned to your local store. No one knows nothing in this store from service to management to customer service hotlines. Such fools, instead of keeping a customer and the profit from purchase they lost the funds and the customer for what reason… That they know how to say no. I saved 27$! And I would have sacrificed that amount if they just adjusted the price. Or even just give me a small package of photos that went with the item amazon was offering.

  18. Spent over 200 and a day at Sears as we were walking out the door my husband picked up some gloves paid for them and we left. Two days later he pulls them out of the bag only to notice they are torn of course I have every receipt but that one not a promblem right all the tags are still on just go and exchange right.NOT apparently Sears has the worst exchange policy ever. No wonder everybody
    shops elsewhere. Im stuck with busted merchandise of course it could have been worse if I would have had my receipt they would have charged me a restocking fee for my busted merchandise.

  19. Okay so I purchased an item at the dartmouth mall as a christmas present for a friend. I went to my friends house and saw that they already had one. I figured it wouldn’t be a problem considering the packageing wasn’t open (even though I had lost my receipt, you can still usually exchange an item that’s unopened) of course not! I called 6 different numbers the last one saying that they are able to do the exchange but had to check to see if they WOULD. So I sit on hold so long that the phone automatically calls the store again, and no body answered. When I hung up and called back again they stated it was not possible. Now I wasted about 4 hours on the phone and got no help or resolution what so ever and I’m stuck with a product that brand new and I have absolutly no use for. Thanks a lot sears I promise ill never go back there again!

  20. This place can go to hell!!!! I bought a dishwasher 400 dollar from this crappy store and it dodnt work. Tried to exchange it for another and was told I was pretty much sol. Wanted a restocking fee and very rude people. Was on hold fpr 3 hours. Ill never come back…. period. I hope wboever made this polocy gets cancer and lives in pain. So much for me and my fiancee schristmas t his year. Im going to aarons.

    • All of the comments…. first world problems. Get a life. Think of how lucky you are to not live in a country threatned by drone strikes from – oh idont know- the USA. Put your “problems” in perspective and stop blaming other people (the workers) for a policy you should have made yourself aware of before even shopping there in the first damn place.

      Stupid sheep can’t even read before they buy.

      • Hey guy,
        The U.S. military keeps our Butts safe. Not Sears. My grandfather worked at a sears store in Iowa for 37 years and when I told him about my issues with the return policy, he was ashamed. He evens disagrees with the way sears has chosen to deal with their customers. They need an updated policy, the world is updating everyday. Walmart has a better return/exchange policy as well as protection plan. And I can guarantee that walmart makes two to three times what sears makes on any given day. Sears needs to catch up. Losing customers is bad for business

  21. Returned unopened power generator to Heber springs, Ar store. Was charged $85 restocking fee. Learned my lesson, never shop Sears again. Closed my card account and passing info to all friends and family. I hate what has happened to Sears, I’ve been a loyal customer for over 40 years and spent untold $.

  22. Thought I was ordering my merchandise from Kmart, never new I was being re-directed until the merchandise arrived. Now can’t return it at my local Kmart and have to send back to Sears. No wonder Sears has problems.

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  23. Omg. I brought a refrigerator, looking to exchanges. I spoke with 3 representatives, very rude and unprofessional. I’ll never, ever purchase anything from sears ever again.

    • I couldn’t agree more about gireatrics. I miss sitting with some of the elderly individuals I used to help and they would tell me stories for hours about the things that they witness when they were younger, and the lives that they lived up to the point that they needed care. I have always felt that the elderly know how to live their lives better than anyone, and they for sure never take it for granted! Sometimes the people taking care of them are not good people though, and it always breaks my heart to see someone talking badly to an elderly man or woman.I like how you made a switch from little tiny babies that have no real experience with life, to elderly men and women who have lived life to its fullest and still have more life to share with others. Such opposites!

  24. Return policy sux no receipt no exchange !!! Really thas just plain ridiculous grrrrr………and me ppersonally love to shop there but im not good with receipts so I guess that means no more sears for me!!!!!

  25. Do not buy electronics at Sears. The protection plan isn’t worth it. Customer service basically said that they cover the chargers, not anything involving the tablet itself. Walmart covers cracked screens, spills and all mechanical defects. Do yourself a favor and don’t shop at sears. My grandfather worked at sears for 37 years and won’t shop there for anything. What does that tell you? Sears you suck.

  26. I bought a $40 television antenna it lasted 33 days then quit working.Was told it was 3 days past warranty, how nice!

  27. I bought a tablet tried to return a week later and they simply said “sorry sir whoever told you that you could return things here was probably a new worker.”

  28. Went into outlet today spent two grand on a fridge got home and felt like Id splurged too much called the return number, it took two minutes and they said my card would be refunded in the standard 3-5 days. So far so good and super easy refunddidnt even have to go back to the store, just hope my money shows up when it should. The fridge was an awesome deal too but my hubby was acting like a baby because I spent so much

  29. We purchased some surround sound speakers online, with the understanding that if they weren’t the right size we could just return it them to a local Sears store. It turns out that I do need to return them, but the return policy on the packing slip says I must return them in the original box it was shipped in, which I already broke down and threw in the garbage. Now I have to buy a box and pay to have it shipped. I don’t know why I gave Sears one more chance to gain me back as a customer, but I will never buy something from them again. The prices are high, and the customer service is low!

  30. Bought a refrigerator at Sears. Sales clerk was very helpful. The ref was a special order made line by the store. In addition to the ref cost, a delivery charge of $50 was charged, After a week the ref was brought to the house and the delivery man said it wouldn’t fit, It was less then 1/2″ to wide. The new ref was never taken off the truck and the old ref was not taken! The cost to have the new ref returned was the $50 delivery, $25 for haul away (what?), and $125 for a RESTOCKING FEE. what a way to screw an elderly customer. Alicia remarks on 01-08-14 “Stupid people can’t even read before they buy” indicates that she wasn’t around when Sears could be trusted. Another customer gone thanks to the North Bend Sears Store.

  31. I’ve spoken to 16 customer service representatives to which none could help me. Only transferring me over and over again. I will be returning a home gym I purchased before I am in the same situation as the people above. What a horrible company.

  32. I have always liked sears. But after buying some craftsman pants. They want exchange them. And the guy on the phone hung the phone up while I was trying to make a new oder.

  33. Bought an outdoor bar set and one of the chair frames was damaged and I was told I had to contact the manufacturer to have it replaced. I was told by sears that they would not open a new box and give me the frame from that box. Was very tempted to bring back the table and chairs that I had built and get a refund. As is I now have to wait upwards of 2 weeks for the part to come. It’s no way to treat a customer who spent over $300 for a set that was damaged. Won’t be buying anything from sears anymore

  34. Very unhappy with the sears return policy. Bought a riding lawn tractor in 2013 and have had the service tech out 5 times for various repairs. Tractor is completely unreliable, but it does not qualify for exchange.This is an expensive tractor I paid cash for and could have picked a john deere, but have always had good luck with craftsman products so went with sears. Never again.

  35. I bought an equiptment ,start to fail and use the insuranceit was like newwhen I brough it,when I received it back,swear of God,it wasn’t the same ,

  36. The corporate thinking of Sears has completely ruined the company. I worked for them 1975 – 1995. For 10 years I worked in customer convenience and I could write a book. In those days customer satisfaction was all important. That’s why Sears was such a successful chain of stores. People returned lawn mowers and rototillers in the fall, snowblowers in the spring. I will never forget the day I was instructed to refund a Christmas tree in January that still had tinsel on it. Party dresses were returned smelling of perfume with makeup stains, unworn clothing pulled from a drawer or the back of the closet bought years before. Furniture completely broken and abused, etc. Yes, it was outright fraud, but Sears kept their loyal customers so they never really lost money. Sometime in the mid 80’s things started changing. Old management was being replaced by bright (but really stupid) new college grads who knew nothing about retail. Sears began to loose their customer base and that was the beginning of the end. Now you walk into a store that is mostly staffed by young part time employees that do not give a rip about making a customer happy. Management has imposed policy’s of doing away with free delivery, impossible returns and a dozen other things that drive customers away. That’s why people now hate Sears.

  37. I ordered a jacket item 01637121068 order # 093000241293 I like the jacket very much but it is size 3x and to big I need size 1x so I will exchange it. thank you

  38. 30 day return policy–but only a 7 day price match (for their own items!!) policy–ridiculous, so to get the price advertised 11 days later (difference of $20 on an $80 item), I had to reorder, have it shipped (at sears expense–which probably cost company more than the $20 difference!), then return with 1st receipt. HOW INSANE IS THAT, and how costly to the store! really need to reevaluate this policy!

  39. Hate return policies family members last year sent clothes bought in November so they could have time to arrive before Christmas but then when opened on Christmas and didn’t fit even though had receipt didn’t matter. Hope we never receive anything from you again, I personally don’t shop at sears because of your rude customer service and return policies.

  40. bought a boys book bag for school…..had to return it 4 months later….both zippers were broke….

    they would not do an even exchange…even tho they still had them and they were marked down to 7.99….

    they would rather piss off a customer…than do an even exchange for such a small amt…

    shopped at sears all my life……will now shop more at Kohls….their return policy is GREAT!!!!

  41. Sears has a TERRIBLE return/exchange policy for mattresses. If you’re thinking of purchasing online, DONT. My husband and I ordered a mattress and couldn’t sleep on it, it’s like sleeping on concrete. We called to order another one (which was double the price) and were told we have to wait 31 days. So basically, I am not “allowed” to exchange a mattress for a more expensive one, until I have 30 days of no sleep. Not to mention, the customer service with the online store is horrendous. I will never buy a large ticket item here again!

  42. I am also having a serious, and I believe deliberate, obstructive tactics being used against me trying to return an item damaged in shipment.

    I purchased a TV console from and it arrived damaged. I reported the damage within 24 hours, despite having to go through three numbers to reach the proper service department. I have made every effort to follow the ambiguous, confusing and contradictory instructions, printed and verbal. Sears finally sent me an email confirming the return and scheduled a UPS pickup.

    UPS picked it up. It’s been two weeks almost a dozen emails and several hours on the phone and still no refund. They say the item has not been received and I need to provide a tracking number. They coordinated the pickup and never provided a tracking number. They say there is no way of getting it from UPS but expect me to.

    I am filing a small claims suit for the amount of the purchase and accrued interest on my credit card. I will also seek punitive damages to the maximum of $10,000 as I believe, and feel I can convince the judge, that their return mechanisms, including technological difficulties, obfuscation of policies, obfuscation of contact information and policies that seek to deny refunds to those entitled directly and through attrition due to frustration.

    I would like to encourage anyone facing the same treatment to follow in kind and post here to establish the possibility of a class action suit.

  43. My wife bought a exercise machine from Sears. She was too short to ride it safely. I boxed it up too it to local Sears, They said they can’t take it. You have to ship it back where you got it on line. Sears has a good scam going here. They use a third party to ship it to you. When there is a problem you have to pay to ship it back to them. Mow they want a 15% restocking fee. You buy any thing at Walmart or any store you can take it to the store. I told my wife to never shop at sears. I went inside the store. There were no customers inside. I wonder Why!!! Poor Customer Service!!

  44. Hate Sears return policy. I bought an item that was too big…it was JUST over 30 days ..i have the original receipt and tags are still on them..i just wanted to EXCHANGE ONLY for a smaller size. They said exchanges or returns after 30 days.. I will NOT be shopping at Sears again.

  45. Sear’s 30 day return policy is terrible! I used to love shopping at Sear’s, but no more! I will frequent the stores that have more lenient return policies!

    I am definitely another unhappy customer!

  46. It is unbelievable how much of a challenge it is to get a refund for merchandise from Sears. An act of congress is easier to pass then getting credit from Sears. I will NEVER buy another item from that company. The method of ordering is also bad. Ordering through Sears can end up receipt of the merchandise from K-Mart. Sending the items back to Sears instead of K-Mart condemns the customer to never ending confusion and no resolution.

  47. I was told my gaming system was not coming for christmas and then they took it off my bill Then a man name alex calls and tells me he has one.I tell him Sears is out he says he found one and he can get it here after Christmas.I did not think it would come but a fews days after Christmas one comes and my grandson gets his Christmas present.Then a few weeks alex starts calling saying you need to tell sears I sent you a game.I get a letter saying they put it back on card.I have him hook the game up and about three weeks I go in his room to watch him play and I put my hand on the game top and it was so hot I could not touch it.This could have burnt my home down if he had laid a book on it.My neighbor came in and said unhook that something is not right.So I start calling to get label to send back and they think I am saying it is broken been to long.This is not broken it is a danger to my home.Everyday I call numbers they hand up give me another number today said I got it at the store.No one can find this alex man.This box has labels but no one can find them.raidcom groveport ohio nova shop pomona ca my label Debbie Mohnkern kevin p office Please help me this is not Sears I have used.

  48. I am not happy with Sears. First order was sent to wrong address in a different state. Secondly, I cancelled two orders for price differences. But still received one item and still having a very very hard time returning the pressure washer and also showing two charges on my accounts.. The seller in market place stated they have been over whelmed with emails, low man power, not arranging federal express to pick up returned un-opened power washer box.

  49. I purchased an outdoor shower for $310 plus shipping from Sears. A week later a package arrived from Amazon with a scan code which led me to the same product listing on Amazon for $225. The Sears “third party seller” just took my money, bought the shower on amazon for $100 less, and sent it to me. I called Sears when I realized what had happened (I originally had no idea why I was “gifted” an outdoor shower from someone named Aron) and was told that the seller had teo business days to price match. If I wanted to return the item they would need to contact the selle and see who they would like to proceed and if they didn’t respond in 10 DAYS Sears would escalate this issue.

  50. You have made it very difficult for me to stop automatic deliveries for my Kenmore refrigerator filters I am not computer literate and I need just a phone number to leave a message if you have no one to answer the phones. Very inconvenient my point And reason for calling is to take us off your automatic mail list for my water filters. I don’t even need the one that you sent me, but I will keep the one I have and please do not send me any More filters.!!!! I will only call or send a request when I am ready. Once again cancel Auto order on all filters for my Kenmore part number a GF80300801. And please send me a confirmation of this request. Harriet Ricchini

  51. Some people do not have computer access so this is very inconvenient for me to do this. When a simple phone call would’ve done to cancel my auto order that I don’t know how it got there I did not approve this.

  52. Try to make it easier for us senior citizens, and just give us a phone number where we could leave a message at least. If there’s not enough staff to answer the calls, then just record my request and get back to me. I hesitate to order any parts for my refrigerator from you again.

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