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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Reebok

Reebok manufactures and sells shoes, athletic apparel, accessories and many other items related to sports.

Returning an Item

Returning an item purchased at a Reebok store: Find a store near you using the Store Location search at Take the store purchased items back to the store with your receipt within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund. The item must be returned with the original packaging, which includes the original shoe box for shoe purchases. The store reserves the rights to refuse returns based on excessive wear and tear or if the tags have been removed from clothing items.

Returning an item online: The online policy for returns is the same as the sore policy, but customers can use the return shipping label to send back the merchandise. Before packing your return for shipment, fill out the back of the packing slip (there is a return section there.) If you do not have a shipping label, you can choose to pay for returning shipping and send the return to the following address.

Reebok Return Address

Reebok International
D Commerce Store 700
670 Falling Creek Rd.
Spartanburg, SC 29301

Official Reebok Return Policy

The complete Reebok return policy is located at According to the return policy, customers can return any and all items within a 30 day time frame of when the order was received. The original shipping and handling charge will not be refunded with the purchase price. If you return an item outside of the original 30 days or the item is worn or damaged by the consumer in any way, the returns department has the right to refuse the refund. If you are returning clothing items,

Were They Helpful?

The customer service department can be reached at 1-866-870-1743. As typical, the call was answered by an automated response system. We were immediately placed on hold for a brief period with music before an automated response told us about the Reebok newsletter. Then the call went quiet through to a customer service representative. When we asked for the returns address we were told it was on the return label. We asked for the address again and we were placed on hold while the agent looked for the return address. The call was on hold for 7 minutes and 30 seconds before the agent finally came back with an address. That makes the total call lasted more than 10 minutes.

10 Comments on “Reebok Returns
  1. My husband bought me a pair of reeboks and theyare not the classics. I dont have a receipt. What can I do? I need the classics because they are wider than the regular reeboks

  2. I purchased a pair of reeboks in Spain in Feb., started to wear on return to England-hole appeared in material on left shoe – now a hole as appeared on side of right shoe faulty material. Did’nt keep Reciept -any sujestions

  3. we purchased the shoes, however, my husband has Parkinson
    desease and the shoes were too bulky. We love Reebok
    and will have to chose another style.Thank you
    the Tuckers

  4. I tried on the Reebok sneakers and wore around the house on carpeting for a little while twice in the first week. Conclusion is, I asked for the wrong size I believe. My feet hurt very bad after walking in them. I’ve always worn the Princess style but thought I’d try a different one. Not a good idea. I would like to return them for the Princess style but there was no return slip in the box they were shipped in and can’t find the original wrapping they came in. Please give me pointers on how to return them without that information. It has not yet been 30 days. I had used a gift card for part of the payment so hoping that will still apply to the new ones I want to purchase. Thank you for any info you may give me for the proper return.

  5. I purchased shoes at retail store. I did not save the receipt and the tongue on the left shoe has come out and I would like to know what I can do about getting a refund.

  6. bottom sole came off of the right shoe and the other sole is starting to seperate as there anything that can be done. ie replace.

  7. I have been buying Reeboks for over 30 years since my Nike days. My experience with Reebok has been very very good until now. My wife and I went to the Reebok outlet in Vero Beach Florida on 5/7/2016 and made purchases for both of us. My shoes are great, but hers didn’t feel right after wearing them one day. She should have brought them back right away but as a lot of people she forgot about them until I said I needed another pair of shoes. She told me to take her shoes back and get me a pair even though it was passed the 30 days. Today 8/6/2016 I go into the Reebok Outlet Store in Vero Beach Fl to exchange the shoes and the woman who waited on me said she had to call her manager who wasn’t there to verify on the return. I was looking around the store for my shoes when she came up to me and told me that I couldn’t return the shoes because of excessive wear. My wife only wore them once and if that is excessive then there is a problem. I had a pair of Reebok Pumps that I bought from a discount store for $79 and the soles wore out in less than 30 days. The store said I had to deal with Reebok on the problem and I did. Result was that they sent me a new pair of shoes worth $140 and didn’t even see the shoes that were the problem. My wife’s shoes are not excessively worn and I only was looking at getting the $18 paid for them, not full price. Now I am in a pickle. Do I switch shoe companies because of this bad return policy or bite my tongue and give in. I’ll wait to hear from Reebok before making the wrong move. Thanks if you read this and respond.

  8. I purchased a pair of Reebok RB 306 WFC 24-96015. While this was a while ago, after wearing the shoes 2-3 times, the rubber sole started separating from the tip (toe) of the shoe, this quickly continued and on both shoes. Additionally, the skin on the toe and heel side of the shoe started to peel away showing the paper/felt like cloth underneath. This happened while only wearing the shoe for light use. Since then the rubber sole has seperated from the shoe to the point of if I use them for walking out side or in the garden dirt get’s between the sole and the shoe.

    Is it possible for me to exchange these shoes for a similar pair with a more sturdy construction (especially the method of adhering the sole to the shoe and the toe and heel trim material)?

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