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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Old Navy

Old Navy is a retail store offering hip and eclectic clothing and accessory choices for affordable prices. Old Navy operates both online and offline. The retail store is owned by Gap, so all return policies are extreme comparable to those associated with Gap store and online returns.

Returning an Item

Returning items bought online: As long as you have the receipt for your online purchase (packing slip) you can return the item within 45 days of purchase. The merchandise must not have been worn or washed, or the return will be denied. Repack the item in a new box or the original box and circle the item(S) you are returning on the packing slip. Place everything in the box and tape shut. You’ll need to visit the Old Navy Returns page at http://oldnavy.gap.com/customerService/info.do?cid=3325 to print the postage paid label. Attach the label to the box and send off to the Gap Returns department. Your refund will be docked $6 for the return shipping.

Returning items to an Old Navy store: Store purchase returns must have been originally purchased in an Old Navy store. If the item was pulled from a Final Sale rack, you will not be allowed to return the merchandise for any reason. Take your receipt and the item being returned to the store and the customer service representative will process the return.

Old Navy Returns Address

Gap Inc. Direct Returns
100 Gap Inc. Direct Returns
Groveport, OH 43125

If you don’t have your receipt, but all tags are attached to the merchandise, you may be able to return the item without a receipt for store credit.

Official Old Navy Return Policy

Old Navy clearly states that Final Sale purchases are final – no returns allowed. Customers have 45 days to return items purchased in store and online. If a customer chooses to order merchandise to replace the items being returned from an online shipment, they can call 1-800-OLDNAVY and the customer service representative will waive the shipping cost on the replacement order and the return shipping cost for the returned shipment. You will be charged for the new items before the refund for the old items is processed and credited back to your card.

Were They Helpful?

Call 1-800-OLDNAVY or 1-800-653-6289to contact customer service. The automated system requires the customer to speak selections and is extremely sensitive. It kept hiccupping and restarting the entire time we were waiting for a customer service representative. Finally, after three minutes trying to make it through the calling system, we reached an agent. The agent simply told us the same information that was listed on the website, but they did offer to note the account that we had returned an item from an online order. (We had the same problem with the phone system when we called Gap customer service and Gap owns Old Navy.

133 Comments on “Old Navy Returns
    • Start on your account summary page. At the very bottom of the page, under the Customer Service heading, click on returns. On the next page click on create mailing label for return. Drop down menu gives you a choice of UPS or USPS. Click on your choice and fill out form. I had trouble with the Post Office option but the UPS one was fast and easy. Hope this helps 🙂

  1. I have returns to make and your directions say that I must go to a certain page to generate a return shipping label….has anyone told you THAT PAGE DOES NOT EXIST???

  2. I ordered from 5 different sites on Black Friday and your package was the last to arrive – a full 8 days after the last package and 14 days after the first!

    I ordered the same dress in brown and black and was shipped two black dresses. Now that I am online trying to process my return, your returns site is down.

    It seems you can not handle the increased traffic this season brings. So – I’ll be sure to stop shopping at Old Navy during the holidays.

  3. This site does not work. How can I obtain a return lable? Two of the items I ordered on-line I need return back but need a lable from you. Please contact me back asap so that I can return the item within the time period.

    -Heather George

    • Items did not come with a return label and the site you say to go to does not exist. PLEASE help me I order often enough on line from you and this is the first time I have to return anything!

  4. The link to print the return label is broken. This is so unhelpful. Do I have to pay for postage now?! I wasn’t sent a return label in my package. HELP!

  5. I need to send some things back to return and also some to exchange.
    I am not sure where the postage sticker is to send them back to you.
    Should it have been in the packages???????
    Please let me know asap…..I would like to get this taken care of.
    Thank you

  6. So i think your return policy is terrible and needs to be re-assessed. I am infamous for not being able to hold onto things of importance. I dont try to loose my reciepts but really in the end what does it matter? If it was made by your company and has your lable on it, you should gladly retunrn it, happy to have your own quality product back. why would it matter if i bought it a year ago and never wore it, but also never managed to make it back to the store to return it within the 45 day limit. And why does it matter if i have a little piece of paper that is so easily lost stating that i have purchased your item! its in my possion and i have aquired it one way or another and i dont want it so i am giving it back to you. How could you turn someone down when all they are trying to do is provide you with your own perfectly sellable item but because my reciept has managed to dissapear or is no longer elegible the item is therefore, not worthy anymore. Makes no sense. Basically we as customers are buying the piece of paper and not the item that you as a company claim to be quality.

    So i understand that maybe this is done to prevent theft and i guess it kind of makes sense to require that piece of paper for a return, but if you think about it you will realize that this will not deture anyone who wants your so called quality product, except that without the reciept it is completely wothless to you, the company. So here’s a thought; a customer brings up an item to be returned and they do not have the reciepts, you then suspect that they had stolen this product and deffinitly wont return it for them. What good does that do for anyone? Even if this individule has stolen the item, by you not allowing them to return it, is not going to get your stolen item back. If you are unable to prove it is stolen, that individule is going to just walk themselves and your once quality item, but now its ended up totally worthless to you and the individule. If you just returned the item you wouldnt end up loosing anything you hadnt already lost (if it was stolen) once the item is re-sold in your store. All you really did was help out someone who felt it necessary to risk their freedom for some moeny. You got your item back and that individule will either go on with their lives hopefully in an honest and moral manner, but even if not, and they do return to steal yet another ‘quality product’ you will have a better chance to prove this persons guilt, without a doubt, and in the end get paid back from your insurance company, along with the re-sale.

    Take pride in your items and really its a win win situation for everyone.
    Thank you for your time. I hope you will reconsider your policy, and try to make it more accomidating to your customers.

  7. When trying to go to your returns page, I get the following message: Error: Template definition is null. What should I do?

  8. I purchased a pair of jeans last month around Dec 22nd,2011, and have worn them five times. A whole in the jeans has already appeared under basic wear and tear and i was wondering if there is a way to get them replaced.

  9. I bought a jacket for daughter ($11.58). I ordered in size medium but they sent me size XS. I returned it in store and got back only $5.99. I will stop shopping online at Old Navy.

  10. I also can not get a needed return label and I am willing to send it back but I want the credit to be done upon receipt of your merchandize. Nothing wrong, just too big. I have already done the exchange and with me your batting a thousand, but I am, after reading some of the comments worried about a fare exchange.

  11. The pg for return shipping labels is not pulling up. I need this by Easter and item is too big. Other is wrong color. I am concerned w how long it took to get here the first time! I believe you guys are going to loose a lot of customers if you don’t change this! Very frustrated cutomer!

  12. I received a sweater for my birthday, in March, as a gift. It was too large, and I wanted to exchange it for something else in the store. The clerk said she could only give me a $2.00 allowance for it. I wandered around the store a bit, and decided, I am NOT going to spend money to make a return. I asked the clerk for the sweater back: I would rather donate it to someone, rather, than return it for that $2.00 amount. I will not shop Old Navy. Think about it. I will be telling lots of people.

  13. I have ordered several times online from Old Navy, always have to send at least one thing back, and never had trouble; until now. Apparently, my return label was missing, I could see where it was torn off. I went to the website as suggested…never saw a printable return label. Returning to the store is not an option, as I ordered plus size merchandise and you cannot return these to the store. I certainly don’t feel like paying shipping again to return these tops that are horrible. I will call their customer number and see if I can get help. Becky. Lafayette, La

  14. Trying to get a return label is a huge hassle! This is so ridiculous I may not order from any Gap companies again! I should receive one with my order. If I am made to print one shouldn’t this be an easy process?!

  15. Unable to access the the site for free return label!!!! I will pay for the return myself and EXPECT to be reimbursed for the expense!!

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  16. I am returning an item that does not fit> I was instructed to go to a web page to download and print a return label. This form does not exist.I have tried several times, each time it tell me that this site is NULL. So will you refund the postage to me along with the credit card refund?
    Thanks, Mary

  17. I too have no return label and there is no place where one
    can find to print one out as suggested in your return page.
    What kind of promise is that?? I’m hardly 100% happy, to have to pay for the return of parts of the order..
    I’m a long time customer and am really disappointed by you folks..And not the only one.. Get with it…

  18. No return label included in package. Unable to download return label from ON/GAP Returns website. Will my credit card be credited for the cost of my returns?

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  19. This page contains lots of negative reviews, with the same problems (no return label issued with merchandise, difficulty generating return label online) going back over 6 months.

    Do you even bother to read your own reviews? Does it normally take 6 months (or more) to resolve a website issue? Do I want to continue buying from a company that apparently isn’t interested or even listening to customer feedback?

  20. I need to get a return address label but the site says it’s null. Please send me a corrected link or email me a label that I can print so I can return the item.

    Thank you,
    Kim Streich

  21. Your link for a return label does not work and people have been telling you this on your website for a year. This says to me that you are not concerned about customer service. I sat on hold for as long as I was able and then tried your site. I will think twice now about ordering if returning is so difficult

  22. I need a return label emailed to me also. This is the last time that I will be ordering from Old Navy as you obviously do not care about customer service since customers have been having the same issue regarding the link to the return label for the last eight months and you have still not bothered to rectify the situation.

  23. I also have trouble getting your receipt to print on line it states the site is null. I don’t know what kind of business you are running. I had my own store for over 10 years and pleasing your customers is a number one priority no matter the circumstance. You seem to think with so many complaints you rectified the situation by now dated Sept.2013

  24. Could not get free return, as other reviewers have stated, the website DOES NOT exist. Is anyone at Old Navy actually reading these reviews or even cares?

  25. I have searched the Old Navy site several times with hopes of printing a RETURN LABEL but have yet to print one. Your system of returning items with printing a label from the computer is HORRIBLE! There has got to be a much better way!

  26. I could not get to the site to print a return label, nor did my package include one. Obviously, from reading other peoples comments, they could not either. Old Navy should remove that site if they do not provide return labels. I will be more careful in the future when ordering from Old Navy.

  27. This is a poor way of doing business, not able to get a return label from website, and of course there isn’t one that is ever shipped with the merchandise.

  28. Your website for printing a return label does not work. Please email me a return label asap so I can exchange in time for Christmas. These items are too big for my granddaughter and I just want to exchange for a smaller size. However, since your return policy is (printing a return label) bogus I just want to return for a refund. I’ll think twice before I order online from Old Navy again.

  29. One week ago I mailed my return back. Luckily I was able to get a return label printed from the website it provided me. I’m sorry to all of you who werent able to. I am a little frusterated that it’s now been a week and I haven’t gotten any response as to if they received my package. I am hoping I don’t have the same issue everyone else with getting a fare compensation.

  30. Had a great experience with customer service. Just give give them a call and let them resolve all your problems. Jenna was my rep and she was helpful and pleasant.

  31. The very first time that I have made a purchase and the package has no return label. I followed your instructions and still have no return label. Aggravated.

  32. Null is a strong word for Forget about it , does not matter,nevermind,non-existant,which is what your return lable link might as well said. Will I shop again on online at your store? answer:NULL

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  33. I received some lounging pants for Christmas & they were too large. Stopped by my local Old Navy to EXCHANGE them with a duplicate item but smaller. The sales clerk said since I did not have the receipt, even though tags were attached she could not exchange. She said it was Old Navy’s policy. Think I’ll keep shopping at Kohl’s they have a great return policy. Gave the pants to my husband although pink is not his color !!!

  34. The return label for free shipping never works. This is the single most ridiculous company for returns. I will never order online again because of this issue.

  35. I see it hasn’t got any better then. 3 times I’ve tried to download a return label. it just disappeared, where did it go? I would never have ordered if I knew it was going to be this bad.

  36. Ordered 3 pair of pants for my son cause he is hard to fit.Well they didn’t fit but he is 15 and he threw out the packing slip.I tried to exchange them in the store but they said without the packing slip they couldn’t. Really, they had my card no and everything.Called customer svs and they said they could not send me a copy of the packing slip (odd in 2013?). I used a prepaid Paypal card to purchase these which I now dont have because I closed the account to avoid monthly fees.They said they could refund money to card.I don’t have the card so I asked if anything else could be done.They said to return items and put a note in it (they would put a note in computer also) and tell them I don’t have the card any longer and ask them to send a gift card instead.This was my only option so I did.I received an email saying they received my return and were going to credit it back to my card.I immediately called them. They said they would make a note and make sure it came on a card instead.Well it never came.Called yesterday to see if it was processed yet.Guess what, They put it back on the card.Transferred me to some credit card division.Nothing they could do!!!!Now I am just out $60!!! This is what their employee told me to do and I am suppose to just suck it up like I did something wrong! I will never order from Old Navy again.Besides that their shipping is the slowest I have ever seen. Also the fact that if you buy an online item in the store and you can’t return it is very strange and annoying.Obviously whoever bought it online was able to return it but because I bought it instore I cant?????

  37. The page for the return label dose exist…don’t be stupid people. This was very easy and took about 2 minutes. Search Hassel Free Returns-Old Navy.

  38. You return policy are tricky. On online and receipt said “free shipping and free return but when you try to print the labels from you online, it says “will deduct $6 from original payment” It’s totally a scam.

  39. All these comments are accurate. You should fix your link or insert mailing label. This is what I did:
    1. Go to “Old Navy Official site”
    2. At the bottom of page under Customer Service select “returns”
    3. Select one of the choices given (ie Return by mail)
    4. Decide how you want to ship merchandise (USPS or UPS)

  40. It is clear you have a problem with return labels.
    First time I have ever ordered from this website, have to return my entire order. There was no return label with package as stated. Now I am not able to print a label as stated on the statement. Poor customer service.
    Your prompt response would be greatly appreciated.

  41. I have received the same bogus website information as several others have.
    I too would never have ordered from Old Navy online had I known returns are not honored, nor will I ever again.
    One more ripoff company.
    Shame on you.

  42. I can’t get the return label. The label in the invoice is easier and practical. This seems to be as for people to give up on returning merchandise they can’t use.

  43. I usually purchase women’s plus size and I feel as though I am being punished by Old Navy for liking the clothing you offer. First you only offer it online, second when I finally do get the items delivered and something does not fit or it is not what I thought it was going to be, I can return the items only by mail, and thirdly I am charged return postage because I can not take them to the store. This is unfair! If I was a tiny little person I would not be treated like this. I would like to know the reasoning behind Old Navy’s decision to have different rules for person’s of plus size.
    Thank you for your timely response,
    Suzanne Wisniewski

  44. I wish I read the return comments before I ordered on your website. Apparently your customers do not matter to you. Why even have this comment link when Old Navy obviously does not care. All comments posted were from last year complaining about your website link to receive return labels and still is not fixed. What a scam you advertise free returns and nothing is sent with the receipt and the website is still NULL I would think if Old Navy cared about customers they would have fixed the site by now but we are forced to pay are own shipping fee when we order items you cannot return in the store. So now I am returning all items and will never walk into another Old Navy store or order on your website again. I will also be reporting you to the Better Business Bureau and letting everyone of my friends know Old Navy scams their customers. UNBELIEVABLE!

  45. WOW! I am having the same problems as everyone else with the return label, the site does not exist and a return label was not in my package. One would think with all the negative replies, this company would get this problem fixed!!

  46. this site was completely useless. couldn’t print anything from a nonexistent site. now, not only do I have to create my own, I have to pay for it. thanks for nothing & I will remember this on future purchases.

  47. There isn’t a website to print a return label! This was my first and last time ordering online from Old Navy.

  48. I ordered 3 pairs of jeans for my daughter from ON online and they were too big. I took my invoice and pants back 3 days later and simply wanted to switch them for smaller sizes. WHY did I have to jump through hoops to accomplish this? The clerk treated me like a criminal when I HAD a receipt and then rather than just allowing me to exchange I was told I had to do a refund and then purchase the replacements which were MORE expensive. To top it off I am still waiting for the refund to post to my credit card. This was more than just a minor inconvenience because I NEEDED that money for school supplies. I am so over Old Navy. That is literally the last money of mine you will ever see. Signed, the parent of 5 teenage daughters. (Your target demographic)

  49. A return shipping was not included in my order. Following the return instructions, I am unable to print a return label because your site is non-existent. Please reimburse me for shipping the item back to Old Navy.

  50. I bought my daughter a dress and we lost the receipt. when she tried to return it for something else she was told she had to wait 5 – 10- days for a merchandise credit to come in the mail! seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you already have your money, tags still on the dress. you cant let her get something else in store now?????????? only store in history with this policy. been shopping old navy long long time. may be the last time I deal with you people unless you change your policy.

  51. Your “easy” access for shipping labels is a farce. Why not just include them with the receipt as most stores do? Or, do you not want the customer to be happy and able to return items?

  52. I cannot access return lables, the clothes recieved were wrinkled and not the correct size. I am very dissappointed.
    I will not order again

  53. I ordered 4 items during a “free 2-day” shipping. Two of the items I needed pronto for my son… however, the khaki, size 7 pants did not come… 2 pairs of jeans in size 3T came instead. Very disappointing. What’s the point of a special sale, if you can’t even get it right? Also, I noticed on the website it says you guys dock $6 for returns; but that isn’t anywhere on the packing form. It should be listed so people understand that. It should be everywhere. No one cares if you ship to us for free; but when most of the stuff comes and is wrong, why should we have to pay you guys to fix it? Seriously?!

  54. Cannot print a return label. Just how do you return without the label. Will gladly print my own and pay for the shipping just to get an refund on the credit card. How do I do this? Frankly, this is the worst e mail transaction I have ever made with all the problems. Any advice??? Soon please…

  55. I have needed to return something for a bit now but your site for downloading the postage label has been down. You’ve done nothing to remedy the situation and I’m afraid I’m over due from the 45 day rule! I bought this for my son’s birthday and shopped early. He tried to return it to the store, they said he had to do so by mail which, we cannot do. Please advise, this just doesn’t need to be this hard!

  56. I have ordered from Old Navy, quite frequently, on line.
    Now I know why I will not do it anymore. The sizing is never right. I ordered a pea coat, and the arms are very!!! tight. And now I cannot get a return label.
    What is the matter with this picture. I will send back on my own. I really think you should do a better job, or people with just quit ordering from you.

  57. I needed to return an item and clicked on the web page on the return items page. It said they were having technical difficulties and to contact them by phone or email. I called. Was told my wait time was 4 mins. and 32 sec. I held for 10 mins. and every time the message came on my wait time was still 4 mins. 32 sec. UNBELIEVABLE! Never got a chance to speak with anyone. Still can’t print the return label.POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I think they have lost a customer.

  58. My BF ordered clothing for me for Christmas and altho he ordered XL TALL, you shipped MEDIUM PETITE. Because of your mistake, I have to go to the trouble of returning the item, and the invoice says to use the return shipping label, but there wasn’t one. When I go to the website to print one, I can’t. How can I make the return with the required 45 days when your website is down? And why should I be charged $6 to return something that was your error?

  59. Im frustrated because I ordered clothes and had no return label included. So, I went to Old Nave returns page and Im directed to a site that says I have to sigh up for postage?????? I JUST WANT A RETURN LABEL SO I CAN SEND MY CLOTHES BACK!!!!

  60. This is the most frustrating return process I’ve ever used. I can’t even figure out how to print the label without signing up for a postage service. It’s awful. I highly recommend taking a page out of Nordstrom’s playbook and making returns as easy as possible. The easier the return the more I want to shop at old navy online!

  61. Poor quality items and IMPOSSIBLE RETURN PROCESS. States free returns can be done by going to web site and printing return label…but website down.

  62. Old Navy has the most immoral return policy I have ever seen.. I purchased 4 items right before valentines day. I tried them on at the store, everything seemed ok. I got home and put the sweats on again, and there was a huge hole in the seam of the leg. My t-shirts I purchased were fine, but on further inspection of the sweater I bought, there was a hole starting around the collar. It took me almost a week to get back to the store to make the return. I HAD the RECEIPT! Apparently there is a little tag on the side of each of the garments – that MUST be there to make a return. I swear I didn’t cut them out.. Because I never even wore the garments. Long story short, the sales clerk, another clerk and the manager all REFUSED to make the return (whoppping $27). My husband got really angry and started causing a scene (something he NEVER does) – and they finally decided to give us our money back this one time only! Which is just fine – because I am no longer shopping at Old Navy – i came home that day and unsubscribed from all their e-mail ads! I am done with them!

  63. I bought a quilted vest -s/648304-0 other numbers-v/303028 HOL 13- 08/13 made in Vietnam. Problem: i wahed it according to directions. When I took the vest out of washer the threads making quilting effect broke in many places. Also the complete edging has pilled making the vest unwearable. I like the vest and would like a replacement. Unable to bring item to you can I mail it to Old Navy

  64. Your return policy sucks. I wanted to exchange something not even return. I had receipt but bc it was over 45 days I couldn’t even exchange it for something else from your own store. Not only did you lose an additional sale because I was going to buy other things; but you lost a repeat customer and future sales. I will stick to stores with a much easier return policy.

  65. I am not too pleased with the return procedure, which will effect my decision to purchase from Old Navy in the future. I think a return label should come in the package with your order and your receipt. Having to go to the website and go through the procedure to find and print my label is not worth shopping here.
    Hope my feedback will help make changes.
    You have great products and prices, but the return process could be more simple, like other companies. Thank you.

  66. PLEASE READ: Follow the one review go to there site and at the bottom you will see returns click there and yes use the UPS label not the USPS I got my lable this morning followin the other review. It’s a shame when you can’t use old navys return site

  67. I am not happy with your return policy, i bought a few items from u guys and one of the items I bought , i wanna return but in the receipt marked must returned by mail, that is what i don’t like and make me feel hesitate to buy from u guys in the future! I wish everything I bought online can be returned in stores

  68. That return address label page doesn’t seem to exist. I bought something from Justice on line, was able to take it to the store. What I purchased is in store, just not size I wanted. I’ll think twice about ordering from Old Navy online again. Prices may be good but return too time consuming.

  69. Tried to return some clothes – no reciept expected store credit per web site “If you don’t have your receipt, but all tags are attached to the merchandise, you may be able to return the item without a receipt for store credit.” Was told store credit would be mailed to me. Not a good way to do business.

  70. it is like pulling teeth to get a return label. There was not one in the package. The online is giving error message when I try to print one. I will think twice about ordering online again.

  71. I haven’t been able to print a return label either. One was NOT included in the package and it’s been impossible to print one. Every time I go online to print one I receive an error message. I won’t be ordering from Old Navy again.

    • Old Navy does not do exchanges, they ask you to rebuy the product, then they will reimburst you upon receipt of returned items. Why not send out the exchange once you receive the item instead?

      In addition, there was NO return label in the bag and the website is not permitting me to load the page Old Navy directs you to in order to print a label.

      Overall, I love the clothes but am quite dissatisfied with their exchange policy

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  73. I just received a package with one item & not what I ordered.I ordered a med. shirt and got an XL rolled up in a ball in the shipping bag. I should not have to pay the return shipping of $6.00 and should be refunded the $7.00 shipping charge for the incorrect item. order #TQYFCYF. Please respond as to how I should proceed. thank you, Kimberly August

  74. I need an address label please. First I place the order and when I get home realize the clerk wrote down the wrong size in which I emailed you immediately. You informed me I would have to wait until they arrived to return. Now as everyone has complained we can’t pull up the address label… WOULDN’T it be EASIER to just send the label with the merchandise?? OR is that too complicated? Gosh OLD NAVY get a grip on things. You’re going to lose business.

  75. A return label was not included in my pkg. and I couldn’t print one from the website. I was not pleased that I had to search for the return address.

  76. You just lost my business FOR GOOD, you bunch of immoral psychopaths at OLD NAVY. No return label in the online orders and no way to return the items with “instructions” online that only store bought can be returned in the store. So basically, this is theft. I will NEVER ORDER any of your sub par junk again and I will warn every single person I know to AVOID AVOID AVOID Old Navy. It is readily apparent that the psycho-narcissists are running that company because this is ALWAYS the result of any company being run by egotistical jackasses. Goodbye Old Navy. You just lost a long time customer and a lot of $$$. Hope you enjoy the measly $42 return money you stole from me by your egregious subterfuge and run-around to prevent me from returning items that DID NOT FIT. What a crock

  77. You just lost my business FOR GOOD, you bunch of immoral psychopaths at OLD NAVY. No return label in the online orders and no way to return the items with “instructions” online that only store bought can be returned in the store. So basically, this is theft. I will NEVER ORDER any of your sub par junk again and I will warn every single person I know to AVOID AVOID AVOID Old Navy. It is readily apparent that the psycho-narcissists are running that company because this is ALWAYS the result of any company being run by egotistical jackasses. Goodbye Old Navy. You just lost a long time customer and a lot of $$$. Hope you enjoy the measly $42 return money you stole from me by your egregious subterfuge and run-around to prevent me from returning items that DID NOT FIT. What a crock

  78. Well, I guess I am not the only customer having this problem. My order number is TQ5LK8F. I would like to exchange a medium petite for a large petite. There was no return label in my package. Please email a label to me. Thank you. Carolyn

  79. I had the same problems everyone else has had with a return label. No label in the package and no easy access to one on your website.
    This is my first online order to Gap/Old Navy and the last.
    Please email me a label. My order number is TQ1KSB2.

  80. I have the same problem some as listed above on so many other complaints. I love Old Navy, I shop here frequently for myself and my family. About a month ago I ordered over over $300 plus dollars worth of clothes for my sons. I recived duplicate items and I have been trying to return those items for about a month. All I want to do is exchange the items so that they won’t have duplicate outfits. Will you please help me with this the store can’t exchange them and the labels will not print out. They are still plastic packaging. If this matter can not be addressed properly I am going to STOP shopping with Old Navy.

  81. I order several pairs of pants all size 14 petite, one pair was marked 14 petite but inside the package was a 14 long.

  82. Good piece , I learned a lot from the analysis ! Does anyone know if my business could possibly locate a blank GEICO C-258 example to fill out ?

  83. Your website is awful! I need to 3 shirts on one order. Followed instructions on order. Clicked on the link and got an error code. Tried on ipad and home PC. Called the 800# and it referred me to website. I’ll keep trying because I’m going to return these shirts for a refund. They are the flimsiest fabric possible.

  84. impossible to create a return by mail.. does not recognize r-msil or order number. also hard to find a phone number to call

  85. Hi, I Think if you can send a receipt like you always have to the customer why can’t you send a return label like you use to. it has detoured me from buying as much online products from you. Not everyone has a printer to printer to print this off.so we have to go out of our way to go find a place to print off a label. Thanks L.Butterworth.

  86. I want to buy some items from your site but after reading about all the problems I am afraid. The oldest post is from 2012 and the most recent is from 2018 and the problem persists !

  87. What is the best time to call OLD NAVY to exchange an item? You cannot do it online. You have to contact a customer rep. But, I have been on the phone 4 times at 40 minute intervals all day from morning, late morning, afternoon, and now evening and I CANNOT GET THROUGH TO AN AGENT.

  88. Less than satisfactory communication on return.
    All instructions have been followed. It has been a month since posted back to you and there has been NO
    Credit to my account. Tracking is simply not helpful at all. It is a considerable amount of money. Very disappointed in this transaction as I have been patient now long enough.

  89. Worst customer service ever. Return was never processed and there is no way to contact them. Phone calls are never answered, on hold for for hours, no one picks up!

  90. I purchased a boy’s coat…and it is too small. I have already reordered a size larger…..I need to return the smaller coat,but did not receive any paperwork to do so.

  91. Bought a pair of tights online the tag holding them wrapped up/sealed was opened tso wer could see them.. never worn or tried on but are obviously 2to big to keep.. can that be returned of seal broken?

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