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How to Return or Exchange an Item at New Balance

New Balance is one of the leading athletic sneaker brands in the United States. Customers can purchase New Balance shoes at many offline retailers, but items from New Balance are also available at dedicated store fronts and online. Customer service policies will likely differ for online and offline purchases.

Returning an Item

Returning an item in a New Balance store: If you purchased merchandise at a New Balance store, take the merchandise back within 30 days of your purchase with the receipt to receive a refund. If the item has been worn, the store reserves the right to refuse the refund. Your money will be refunded using the method of payment. For instance, if you paid in cash, you’ll receive a cash refund. If you do not have a receipt, the store may give you store credit for an approved return at the store’s discretion. You can use the Store Locator at to find a store near you.

Return an item online: Your New Balance purchase was sent with a packing slip. The packing slip is used to process your return. There is a prepaid shipping label printed on the packing slip. If you do not have the packing slip, visit the FREE label page at to print off a new label. You will be required to enter the order number to print the label.

Defective items are accepted at any time for a refund, but the defective must be caused by a manufacturer error.

New Balance Return Address

Shop New Balance Returns Department
1537 Fencorp Drive
Fenton, MO 63026

Official New Balance Return Policy

The official return and refund statement by New Balance claims customers deserve to be 100-percent happy with their purchase. All items can be returned within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. There is no mention of whether the shipping and handling charged on the original order will be refunded, but we did notice that New Balance offers free shipping on all orders, so there may be no shipping to refund.

If your item is defective, contact the customer service department at 1-800-595-9138 before sending your item back for a refund.

Were They Helpful?

We called customer service at 1-800-595-9138. The call was answered by an automated system. We were immediately placed on hold without having to press any buttons or speak any commands into the phone. Music played in the background and the call was occasionally interrupted with a short automated message. The total hold time was more than five minutes before the agent finally answered the call. We asked for the returns address and the agent quickly told use the address without further question.

35 Comments on “New Balance Returns
  1. We need a return label.. Your page says sorry not found..
    It would be best if the label was in the box,
    Feeling extreemly frustrated at this point.

  2. when I enter my order number it comes up not found I am sure that this the right number NSO7473741-1.Iam reading it from the order slip. Please e-mail me a return label this is very frustrating.
    Connie deemer


  4. I bought a New Balance heart monitor from It was N4 Pearl for $40.06. Neither myself nor my trainer can get the settings to load. Could it be a lemon?

  5. I bought a pair of NB running 540 v2 shoes Aug 2013 I HATE THEM I HATE not an underestamating stament I have tried walkin to break them in on a track, shopping, and around the house they hurt NO suport at all. I have tried everything just to wear them for short periods of time. I have ALWAYS bought NEW BALANCE shoes since I can remember. Great Shoe Now I want to give them back and let you know how I feel …..what have you done to your product???

  6. I purchased a pair of athletic shoes approx. 7 mos. ago
    the tag or style #MX408WT is on the tongue of the shoe and is a size 10. The soles are peeling off, this seems to be a manufacturing flaw.I also thought New Balance was American however it shows that these are manufactured in China. How do I return these for evaluation and possibly a credit as they cannot be worn anymore?

  7. I spoke with customer service and was informed that 1 out of 4 shoes are made in the USA so be careful about what you buy if you think New Balance is all American. I guess profit margin is greater when you can manufacture for pennies and sell for dollars under the name of American made advertising.

  8. I have previously purchased several pairs of New Balance shoes and liked them so thought I would be safe in ordering a pr on line. I ordered WX711DD because I did not see any thing like that in the stores. They do not have the good arch support that I experienced in previous NB shoes. They alow my feet to pronate,I feel like I am wearing bed room slippers therefore I must return them.

  9. bought a pair of 811 about # months ago put them on 3 times and the sole is pealing off what do I do ????? help let me know what to do ???thank you

  10. My purchase did not have a return address inside the box. I too got the message that the site could nor be found. Never have ever had this much difficulty in returning an online order.

  11. I have worn the 812 for several yrs and they have beeen
    very comfortable and they were made in USA. was advised
    when i tried to reorder that they were now 813. upon
    receipt of 813 found them to be somewhat longer and not
    as comfortable as 812 and not made in usa.

  12. I have been recommending New Balance shoes to my patients for over thirty years and have been using them myself. The last two pairs of 608 shoes, that I have purchased, are sitting. with minimal usage, with the soles detached from lack of proper adhesive. I do walk 3 miles each morning, but not on rough terrain. I am, of this morning, in another pair of 608 shoes, hopefully they will be better. The quality of your shoes has apparently deteriorated for I’ve never experienced this before.

    I certainly can’t recommend your shoes to anyone else at present.

    Dr. Charles Halterman

  13. The 1300 walking shoe was a poor replacement for my wonderful 1069 shoes which took to the trails above Albuquerque. The toe-box was too small and the shoe was too rigid–painful to walk in. Definitely not a good shoe for rough rocky and gravely trail.

  14. Your return label site does not display the label just Customer Care Page. Please e=mail me a return label so I can return the shoes which are too big.

    Thank you so much!

  15. A return label was not with my purchase and I don’t know how to get one. How frustrating. I hope I am not stuck with sandals that do not fit. How do I return these.

  16. I purchased the New Balance WNBRUNWID/GREY #739655375842 on 9/16/18 from Modell’s. I am very unhappy with them as my feet get tired rather quickly. I do walk on a average of 5 miles per day and thought that these running shoes would be good for me. Apparently,that is not the case. Also the quality of this product is not up to par. Should I return them to Modell’s or should I return them to your store. Please advise.

  17. NB sneakers are quite poorly made. The soles de-laminated within 60 days of casual wearing. Forget about ANY adjustment because you wore them! Better off with a different brand.

  18. I had a horrible experience attempting to return an on line purchase. I doubt that I will ever order New Balance on line again or buy New Balance shoes. The New Balance 1340 are terrible shoes!!!!They hurt my feet especially my little toe and the tongue continually slid to the side of the shoe. I had to constantly stop walking/running to realign the tongue of the shoe. This is by far the worse experience I ever had with New Balance shoes and the difficultly returning for a refund was no better!!

  19. Has anybody had problems with the 410 v6? I just bought a pair used them once and I’m still limping. They have no arch support. My foot arch and leg has been hurting and limping for the past week. I wear NB all the time, except this ones are defected somehow.

  20. My packing slip did not include a return label. I went to the return label site within this link and the site states it is not available. Pls email me a return label. I ordered my regular size and the same size I have bought from New Balance before and it is too small so I need to return.

  21. Can you send me a shipping label for my NB shoes. They don’t fit. Also, can I return them to a nearby NB store without a receipt?

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