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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus is a high-end clothing company with stores across the United States. Most purchases can be returned to a local Neiman Marcus store even if the original purchase was not made in a store. Find a store near you at

Returning an Item

Return to a Neiman Marcus store: You can take your merchandise back to any Neiman Marcus store, provided the items are in new condition for a refund or merchandise credit. Any credit more than $2,000 will be given by corporate check – not as store credit.
Return by mail: Online and catalog purchases can be returned by mail. Simply pack the new items in a box and use the pre-paid Smart Label to send the package. Neiman Marcus says there is a fee associated with the Smart Label, but they do not reveal the total amount of the fee. Customers can choose to send their purchase back for a refund or exchange using the carrier of their choice by sending the package to the returns department.
Neiman Marcus Return Address
You can use the Smart Label attached to your packing slip to return your Neiman Marcus purchase, or you can choose to address the package to the returns department and pay return shipping and handling.
Sales Division
123 Customer Way
Irving, TX 75039

Official Neiman Marcus Return Policy

Returns and exchanges to Neiman Marcus are broken into three categories – online purchases, the book & store purchases and catalog purchases. There is a different return policy for each category.
Online Purchases: You have six months to return items purchased online for a refund. After the first 60 days, the refund amount is reduced by 25% for each 60 days thereafter. For instance, on the 61st day, customers will receive only 75% of the purchase price. On the 121st day, the customer refund amount is reduced to 50%. After 180 days, the customer receives no refund, unless the item being returned is defective and it is best to contact customer service before returning in that case.
Catalog purchases have generally the same return policy as online purchases with the same reduced refund scale.
the book & Store Purchases: You can return stores purchases to any store at any time. There is no mention of items having to be in a certain condition upon return. If your purchase was made through the book, you can return the items to a local store, except for Last Call and the Cusp. Merchandise must be in new condition.

Were They Helpful?

Call 1-888-888-4757 to reach customer service. We pressed #2 for existing orders and the call was immediately answered by Jacqueline. We asked our representative if we could return a clothing purchase made in one state to a Neiman Marcus store in another state and she told us we could as long as the tags were attached and the item was in new condition. She also told us we needed the original receipt unless the item was a gift.

38 Comments on “Neiman Marcus Returns
  1. I need to return/exchange a sweater I bought for my husband’s birthday Dec 6.
    All the paper work has disappeared..
    What shall I do??

  2. Please confirm receipt of my returned off white pumps from last week. Please advise if exchanged size has been sent.

  3. Please confirm receipt of my returned IKE BEHAR clipped shirt, blk , sz marked med. This shirt was labeled wrong. It measured 50 inch chest eith 19 inch collar. Med should be 15 1/2 collar 40 inch chest. I requested exchange for correct size. I mailed return 5/19/2014. Per paid parcel return service label no. 420569019202390102162294056779. Why have I heard nothing or received new shipment? Please contact me.

  4. I want to return an item but lost the return label I have all the order info Can you email me another return label

  5. I purchased two dresses separately on line. Returned them both at separate times, both with smart labels. How long does it take to get my money back in my account? Still waiting.

    • I received two items, ordered online .One I kept but the other was too big and baggy. I want to return cat# NMF20. TyyRO NF31519, 88557 2480784
      Size XS (P) , $ 117.00
      There was no return label in my package
      Alice Ingraham
      207-846-0978. ORDER #35809-1. I need a label!!

  6. I have received a top from Neiman Marcus today in the mail. It is lovely
    but not the color I wanted. I purchased it online. In the box it came in
    there was no return label. Where shall I send it? Thank you for any help
    you might be able to offer

  7. I have been buying online for the past year
    Now I get my order but you are not including the return label
    If this is going to be your new policy, I will never buy NM online again. What happened to the advertised Free shipping
    Free Returns??

  8. There is no return label included with my merchandise. I do not want to return the order. I just need to exchange for another size. I am crippled and not able to go to the store. This was a catalog order. I have the order receipt, just not an address where I can receive an exchange, This is much more difficult than ordering from cheaper retailers.

  9. I got an address from Neiman Marcus Returns. I have it all boxed up and will just return the whole order for credit since it is so difficult to make an exchange. I know I will have to pay the postage to return it. Again, this puts you in a category which makes shopping with you more trouble and more expensive. Even though you have the merchandise I want its just too much trouble to get it.

  10. How do I get a Smart Label for a return
    Your return policy makes me decide never to order from you again.

  11. Where is the Smart Label? There is no label to return the merchandise to you. Can not find a return label on line either.

  12. I bought some shoes that I need to return. The return
    slip was not with my order sheet. I have checked many sites, hoping to find the Smart Label,but to no avail. I agree with some of the above messages that it is so difficult to return an item, that I think it is not worth the effort, for there are other companies that are
    more helpful and have beautiful items as well. I will not be shopping at Neiman Marcus again.

  13. I purchased a $120.00 sweater to take on a trip to Ireland and it did not come on time as stated…It arrived after the fact..You make it so difficult to exchange anything that I guess I will be stuck with it.. It does not fit me right… I will not be ordering anything else from Neiman Marcus again unless you contact me and explain how I can return it…I live in a very small town and about 7 hour drive to the nearest store…

  14. I purchased a Lafayette 148 vest for 193.50 (indicating a 25% off sale price). It’s too small and I want to exchange it for the same vest in a larger size. The larger size is available but not at the 25% off sale price I paid for the smaller size.
    How can I exchange the vest for the same price I paid for the smaller size? The 25% off sale price is the deal breaker. I don’t want the vest without it.

  15. I was shopping for a dress to wear to my daughter’s engagement party and recently ordered three different dresses that have arrived. After trying them on, I now want to keep one to have altered and keep and return two of the dresses. But I have not been able to find the right return address or how to download shipping labels with bar codes.

    Can NM provide web address for return directions?

    • I would like to return some shoes. There is no return label in the package. How can I get a label with free postage?

  16. Neiman Marcus no longer simply sends a smart label in case of the need for return or exchange. I have spent at least a 1/2 hour to obtain one, and I am very aware of handling things online. NO Luck! I shall think twice before I order online again, though I have recently received a number of things from Neiman Marcus that way. TOO bad!

  17. VERY POOR AND ANNOYING RETURN EXPERIENCE. No Smart Label was attached, and I could not find a way to print one on line. So I called the Customer Service number to listen to an annoying sales pitch for a personal security device. When I declined the offer after a minute or so of listening, No one came on to take the call. PROBABLY THE WORST RETURN POLICY I HAVE ENCOUNTERED. I WILL KEEP THIS IN MIND BEFORE ORDERING AGAIN.

  18. I got some heels as a gift and need a bigger size but don’t have any kind of receipt would they be able to exchange the size?



  20. I ordered a purse online and about an hour later I found the same purse at the Tory Burch store $100.00 cheaper. I called the Neiman Marcus Customer Service and told them that the purse had been ordered only an hour ago and to cancel the order. She told me she will take care of it. I am surprised to see this item arrive at my house now. I have to go to the post office and send it back. I wish she would have taken care of it. Do not expect this kind of service from such a high end store.

  21. My sister purchased a sandal for me back in the summer I was wondering is it to late to exchange the shoe I still have the receipt and shoe has never been worn

  22. The dress doesn’t run true to size, but the dress is beautiful and I am going to go a size up so i can keep the dress.

  23. I too received an order packed in two boxes that had no return labels. All of the items are too large and I wish to return them. There is no return address on the packages or the paperwork. How do I return these items?


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