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How to Return or Exchange an Item at JC Penny

JC Penny has a long history in the US retail market. Over the years, the company has evolved from a five and dime store to a mega-retailer that sells everything from clothing to home appliances and patio furniture. JC Penny does not play around when it comes to explaining the return policy. Everything the customer could want to know is listed on the returns page.

Returning an Item

Return an item to your nearest store: Whether you purchased the item in store or online, you can drive to your neighborhood JC Penny and return the purchase. Use the online store search here http://www.JC Penny.com/jcp/StoreLocatorMenu.aspx?refpagename=CustomerServiceSub%25252Easpx&refdeptid=12476&refcatid=16108&CmCatId=external|customerservice|16108 to find your nearest store. If you have the receipt or packing slip, you can receive a refund. If you do not have either, you will receive merchandise credit. If the item was a gift and you have a gift receipt, you can exchange the item or receive credit.

Return an item by mail: Online purchases can be returned by mail to one of the three return facilities. Choose the facility address nearest your home address or the address where the item was delivered. You will need to include the shipping invoice with the return. If that invoice is not available, write your name, address, phone number and the date you purchased the item on a piece of paper and slip it in the box. You must pay for the return shipping and handling.

JC Penny Return Address

JCP Facility – Kansas City
10500 Lackman Rd.
Lenexa, KS 66250


JCP Facility – Reno
11111 Stead Blvd.
Reno, NV 89506


JCP Facility – Columbus
5555 Scarborough Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43232

Official JC Penny Return Policy

The JC Penny return policy is listed here http://www.JC Penny.com/jcp/customerservicesub.aspx?cattyp=csr&catid=16108&refpagename=CustomerService%25252Easpx&refdeptid=&refcatid=&CmCatId=EXTERNAL|customerservice. Customers are often thrilled to find out that JC Penny will accept any return at any time because the customer deserves to be happy.

Truck deliveries must be inspected at the time of delivery. If the item is damaged, have the drive take the item back – do not accept the delivery. If you need to return a delivered item, call customer service at 1-800-442-7902 to schedule a truck pickup.

Were They Helpful?

Customer service is available 24 hours a day, but there are multiple numbers listed on the return policy page. Customers should call 1-800-442-7902 for return pickups only. The main customer service number is 1-800-933-7115. After waiting on hold for two minutes with no automated system, the call was answered by a representative who immediately disconnected the call. We tried again by calling the customer service number for JC Penny online at 1-800-322-1189. That call was answered by an automated system that required us to speak naturally to the phone. We said Returns and the automated voice said the call was being transferred. We waited on hold for two minutes before an agent answered.

84 Comments on “JC Penny Returns
    • I purchased a adidas sweatpants size medium and a pullover hoodie size large the hoodie was to small so I ordered a x-large hoodie it was still tight so I sent back the medium sweatpants,the large and x-large hoodies I put all three items in the same package with two different invoices which two items was purchased together and they still saying I owe $82.00 when I made a payment of $27 on April 9,2020

  1. Everytime I return something I have my reciepts, they do not allow me tp recieve cash back, they always give me store credit.

  2. i took a total of 5 items back. they credited me 1/2 the ticket price on every item. there is no way every item was on sale for 1/2

  3. I would like to exchange for same brand different style. Instruction say exchange but the form has no space to specify style.

    • I need to exchange an item for a different size. The Malls are currently not open in my area. How can I exchanged this without having to return it by mail and pay shipping charges?

      • There was a label inside the package that has adhesive and appears to go over the original shipping label on my on line purchase. Am I to use this label and if so, where do I put my address and the address to where I send the return.

  4. I would like to exchange mens boots for a larger size. The codes on the reverse side has no code for exchanging for a larger size?

  5. Hi I just bought today a pair of zoo york sunglasses but my daughter broke it by accident there is anyway that I be able to exchange for a new ones

    • Too bad we have to pay for shipping and then pay for shipping if returning. Nordstroms pays for all, so does Soft Surroundings and Anthropologie. Will always look somewhere else first before ordering from JCPenney.


      • Nordstrom, Soft Surroundings, Anthro, are much higher priced than JCP and have a much higher profit margin. So they can afford to pay for return shipping. Consider that JCP is near to going out of business.

  6. i used my mastercard to purchase a few items.they didnt fit so took them back the next day.all was good.so found something else and used my card,but got decliened.the $61.00 dollars did not go right back on my account.left me there looking like a fool in front of my lady friend.so wherenis my money?should have been no reason for you to hold it.so now i have to wait for you people to?.trying to contact anybody alive was impossible.sorry…havent shopped your store in years and guse what.

  7. I just received a pair of Levis. Fit was all wrong. Cant believe I have to pay for shipping … Will
    never order clothes from here again….

  8. ORdered many items for bedroom and bath remodel, including linens and furniture. All arrived quickly. Some colors were off so I returned items to store. Employee pulled up my JCP CARD
    and refund issued to card. Store supervisor told about pieces for new dinnerware were on sale. I left with those items, and with additional off! She reminded me to use coupon in email!!!
    Great experience!!

  9. The return address on my return label is not one of the three listed . Instead it’s 1400 Broadway 9th Floor, New York, NY 10018. I have not received any acknowledgment of my package being received by UPS or Penneys, and have not received credit for the returned item. Could this be a phony address?

  10. jc penny has the worst return process I have ever dealt with, I have been trying to find where to go for a return shipping label so I can return 6 bras I bought a week ago and I swear they make it difficult on purpose so you just give up! I won’t be shopping at penny’s anymore it has irritated so much.Susan B.

  11. I just purchased 4 bras they were so big i don’t understand why the product was irregular and paying full price and pay for the return of the items. I will not be purchasing these items again. I’m expecting a response and my refund.

  12. I have read several reviews and it sounds like a lot of people are not happy with the way their problem was handled. Mine was handled with no problem and I appreciate how it was done. I am sorry that I had to return the shoes but I could not even get my foot completely in the shoe, I think they are marked wrong, but please do not send another pair. By the way, the box (in bad shape) was received just like it is now. Thanks for your help.

  13. All I need is to exchange an item for a bigger size….every which way I look up exchange ….I get returns I don’t want to return it…..I never would of ordered it on line …I can’t get a simple answer…

  14. Returned some items. Instructions for returns are not very clear. I did not find any refund or return form. It cost me $12.00 to return–I saw no UPS return option. I will
    probably limit my online shopping to stores that use amazon for shipping.

  15. I ordered a pair of slippers on Feb 19,2020 the del date was for Feb 26 2020.that came I went, i checked on line and the del date had been changed to Mar 4.2020. mar 4 came and went, checked on line again the del date was changed to Mar 6,2020. I then called to see what the problem was and was then told they were out of stock, and I would be credited on my account for the purchase, I was credited for the shipping but not the slippers, I have sworn since before Christmas never to order or but from JC Penney again, But did so, Now more that ever will never buy again, I have tried numerous times to close this matter, The next step will be the better business bureau.

  16. I have to return a sweater that was either missed sized or missed represented in advertising and jcp required me to pay postage for the return. I do not like the ideal of paying for your mistake. No more order from jcp.

  17. I purchased 2 playtex bras online. They don’t fit. I have the return tag & include online sales recipe. My question is how long do I have to return it? Especially with the coronavirus going on? Or can I put in mailbox for postman to pick up? Thanks Anna Heineken

  18. I called 1-800-322-1189 3 times now. Right now I have been waiting for 15 minutes. I need to ship back 2 items. I can’t take to the store because of the virus. I’m willing to ship but don’t know where to ship to. Now I have been waiting 20 minutes.

  19. I returned a curtain panel on April 2 via UPS. I tracked the merchandise to the facility in KS. It was received and checked in. It is now April 22 and I have not received my refund. I am not happy with this time table and the way you can not reach anyone to handle this situation. I will NEVER purchase anything from JC Penney AGAIN. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE

  20. I have a purse that I want to return it is too small it says to return to store the closest store to us that is opened is 150 miles can I sent it back to store or please tell me what to do I love Penney I just don’t want to drive that many miles to return something if possible Thank you very much

  21. I have a purse that I would like to return too small I live 150 miles round trip to the nearest store that is opened may I return to company if not please tell me what to do Sincerely, Dallas Kosier

  22. I have tried several times to contact someone regarding a return but to no avail. This time I called 1-800-322-1189 but kept getting stuck in a loop which was of no help at all. I am now going to mail my return to the OH address and hope it gets there. I’ve been trying to do this for a month! No help!

  23. Sorry to see JCP in financial trouble. I have shopped there for over 60 years. Always got the best price, the best products, and the best service. I live in Cincinnati Ohio. Good luck to you!

  24. I am 84 years old and have shopped JC Penny for many years.
    I have never had a problem returning items through the mail or at the store and receiving credit for them.

  25. This is not an easy way to do a return. I would have liked to print out a label for the return, but was unable to do so. I guess I’ll just wait until the store opens again and do the return in person.

  26. All the phone numbers listed above did not offer the status of a credit for returned items. I just wanted to know if the credit would be issued before my payment was due. No options listed for that request.

  27. I’m not paying them to join their outsourced customer service. I’ll take my chances when the store reopens after corona. I asked a yes or no question and got spun in their customer deflection department.

  28. It states you can return to store, all stores are closed so how do you do that?? The information to return items by mail is bad no good information. I just hope I can get some of my money back and believe me I will not be buying anything else at JC Penny’s.

  29. I received my order however, nothing fits properly, I need to return it but the stores are not open and I hear that they may not open. People who have returned items the account have not been credited. What do I do?????

  30. I have recently purchases numerous items online. When trying to return these items there are no stores open in my area of North Carolina. It states that I can return by mail to three locations. However, I have to pay for shipping! Very POOR return policy for JCPenney with stores not open. I have been a loyal customer for years but will NOT be ordering online again.

  31. I think that customers returns should be considered before bankruptcy or any CEO’s billion dollar severance package is considered.

    Who do we call?

    This would keep things more fluid.

  32. i call jcp for two reasons one was for payment and the other was for return. i got through for payments without any hassel , but for returns i have been transfer all over the place. i finally got to speak to someone who said they cannot help but will transfer me to the right department. i got an automatic voice respond who asked me to leave my number to be called back in 27 min. they did in 30 min but put me on hold for 30 min until i had to hang up.

  33. I’ve been a loyal customer of JCP for over 30 years. I’ve always had the convenience of returning my returns items to the store without issue. However during this COVID 19 pandemic the stores are closed. I feel JCP should be paying for return items during this time that is emotionally and financially difficult for their customers. Postage has gone up, so now I am paying even more money for an item I cannot use. Pay for postage when you purchase and now pay to return. A lose, lose for the customer.

  34. I’ve been a loyal customer of JCP for over 30 years. I’ve always had the convenience of returning my return items to the store without issue. However during this COVID 19 pandemic the stores are closed. I feel JCP should be paying for return items during this time that is emotionally and financially difficult for their customers. Postage has gone up, so now I am paying even more money for an item I cannot use. Pay for postage when you purchase and now pay to return. A lose, lose for the customer.

  35. I’ve been on hold over 45 minutes, never getting anyone to answer. I was on hold earlier for 10 minutes getting an automated voice that told me it would call me when it was my turn. I never got that call! Very frustrating!

  36. I just did that look above. Nothing has changed. Is this another way to exploit your customers???

  37. I placed an on line order May 11, one item a pair of shoes. The shoes were to small, I returned them by ups. and orders a size larger .I got the larger size and was charged $43.00 for them . I DID NOT GET A REFUND FOR THE SHOES I SENT BACK..THAT ORDER WAS RECEIVER ON May 27th. I have one pair of shoes and charged for two…will you look in to this. I tried calling the number on the invoice for two days . I GAVE UP AFTER 2 HOURS . ANNA sHANER

  38. I returned some cookware May 12, 2020 via UPS at my expense. It was sent to Reno, NV (originally shipped from) and it was received May 26. I never received a refund. After reading the comments decided to call them and was on hold for 10 min and then I hung up. Decided to check my credit card and they finally credited my account today. Didn’t know if or when local store was going to open is why I mailed.

  39. Covid confined 81 year old. No return label with order, items don’t fit! No idea of return cost! 45 min on hold for info. Wonder if I will get refund? Not surprised JCP going under.

  40. I ordered socks and other merchandise. Socks came with a big hole in one pair. Can’t find any way to inquire about replacement or to do a return online. I called 800-322-1189 49 minutes ago and am still on hold. Penneys use to be a great company. But they lost it. Just say good bye to them and shop elsewhere.

  41. I called cust.service to change an online order,I was on hold for so long(35 mins) that the window for change had closed.JC Penny refused to pay return shipping.Their customer non-service is a joke,no wonder they are going out of business.Do yourself a favor and order elsewhere.

  42. purchased 2 bath towels online they were huge. wanted to return them only had no return label and was told I had to bring them to store or pay to return them. I will never buy anything from penny’s again.

  43. Are your returns a joke? I have gone through the entire return policy/form and cannot find the form i need to print out to return. I think it’s time for a complainant to be filed with the BBB.

  44. I would like to return wht. Cc Leisa Grace 9 wd. white FC1490179Q Inv. 062201465 7/15/2020 2020196312779767.
    Even tho. they show the same size, the blk pr. fits my feet better. Please email my return label to lyndall.lummis@gmail.com
    order 2020196312779767 shipped from Columbus, OH 43232

  45. Have tried several times to find about returns. Will just return to the Kanas address because no one picked up my call. Suppose to be easy. Ha ha

  46. After reading the above comments, I am uneasy about returning the slacks I just got, but they must have been mis-marked. They were marked as 16 short, but they were literally 5 inches too long and very baggy. I am going to mail them back and I sincerely hope to get my money returned to my credit card in a reasonable time. I have been a Penneys’ person for many years, and I’m so sorry to see the decline in service and, as a result, in customer confidence.

  47. I bought a watch for my husband at Somerset Ky. store Sat. & found another one on internet that very day we liked better, so I took it back that same day, the lady that sold it to me said I had to wait till Monday ? I charged it on my Penny`s card. Why did I have to wait??? Now I have to make another trip which is 30 miles away !!!

  48. I needed to return a recently online purchase because it was too big. Had no option but to mail it to the JCP facility nearest me. I don’t appreciate having to pay the return postage which is the reason that I will NOT exchange the coat for smaller size in case it doesn’t fit and I have to pay another return postage. Will limit my JCP online purchase as long as I know the item will be correct and not need to be returned. Very disappointed in JCP.

  49. Very unhappy with JCPenney online shopping experience and return policy for gifts. I’m shopping online only this year due to Covid-19. The gifts are shoes for foster children whom I do not personally know and may need a return or exchange for proper fit. I ordered online and did a pickup at the store (in the parking lot). The items were brought out with no receipt. The only receipt that I can get online has my information on it so I called the customer service number. I was told that there is no such thing as a “gift receipt” if you purchase from JCPenney online. This will be the last time I shop for gifts from JCP. In this current health climate, I would think that stores would cover all the bases to encourage customers to keep shopping. This is the first store I’ve shopped at online that does not have a gift receipt available.

  50. I had ordered a ring from JCPenney’s it’s been a month my tracking number is 1060 x.75 my name is Yvonne Hanford the address it was supposed to be sent to is 5375 Atlantic Avenue I don’t know how to fill it investigation form out can you afore me please and send me the application they have to put it back on my card my money I bought a ring

  51. I called JCPenney’s and I called the UPS I’m just getting the runaround here I need some help I need my money back Yvonne Hanford e v o n n e h a n d f o r d 5375 Atlantic Avenue Long Beach California 90805 they delivered at the wrong address I need a form investigation form to fill out I’m just getting the run-around nobody’s helping me thank you if you could help me

  52. The my tracking number is 1 Z 6 0 x 7 5 V 1 2 9 4 4 0 2 it was a cluster ring my address is 5 3 75 Atlantic Avenue Long Beach California 90805 I need some help here I’m getting the runaround on calling all over looking for this ring here I paid my money there were quick to take the money but when something that goes wrong I didn’t receive my package I need some help this is a very important to me it was my money I need to have somebody to send me the link for the investigation form it won’t go through on my phone

  53. two pairs of men’s jeans, wrong size. first pair to large a size 42/34. need a size 40/32. The second pair size 36/30 need 34/29 or 30. Both jeans are Arizona flex slim jeans. The men both love these Arizona jeans. Hope you can send the same back but with the correct sizes. If unable to just return the money spent back on my JC penny card. thank you very much.. How do i send them back to you and where? please let me know.Dolores Bordeaux

  54. On second thought , maybe you should just do returns to my jc penny card. please e mail me to let me know regarding what you can do. thank you. dolores bordeaux.

  55. I ordered a knife set online as a gift. When it arrived the box is all messed up and it was used the parts were taped back together. Thank god I checked it before I wrapped it. Very disappointed, I have never had problems with JCPenney before. Will be returning it to the store.

  56. I can at least vent my frustration here because since I do not have a JC Penney in my area, it becomes a big deal. All I want is to exchange a product for another size. I had to pay for shipping and now I have to pay for shipping again to send it back. That is very unfair and I’m sure JC Penney himself would not approve. No more orders from me if I could just exchange this one!

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