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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Gamestop

Gamestop sells new and used video games and video game systems. Customers can order video games and accessories from the Gamestop website or purchase items in store. Gamestop is known for their exchange program that allows shoppers to trade in old video games for store credit. The company also sells a video game magazine. When customers subscribe to the magazine, they get an additional 10% credit for trade in items.

Returning an Item

Returning a Gamestop purchase to the store: Gamestop accepts returns of merchandise within 30 days of purchase. The customer must have the original receipt and the item being returned must be in the original sealed package unless it is defective. If the item was purchased online, the packing slip must accompany the return. Managers working at Gamestop have the right to refuse returns or change the return policy as they see fit.

Returning a purchase by mail: Gamestop also allows customers to return purchases made online by mail. There is a return shipping label included with your order. Use that label to ship back your purchase.

Official Gamestop Return Policy

Gamestop spends more time outlining the items they do NOT accept as returns than they do explaining the return process. There is a document online that gives the general rules for in store returns here This policy page also explains the trade in policy.

Customers must return merchandise within 30 days of purchase and the item must be unopened. If the item is defective, an exact replacement will be given. Customers requesting a refund must have the refund issued in the same payment method as the purchase.

If you paid cash for an item costing more than $150, you will be asked to wait for a return payment check from the corporate headquarters of Gamestop. The check could take 14 business days to arrive.

Were They Helpful?

We called 1-800-883-8895 to contact the customer service department about the mailing address for returns. We listed to the automated answering service and pressed #5 for All Other Calls. There was no option for information on returns. The customer service representative answered the called quickly, but he did not know the shipping address. He kept saying the address was printed on the return label. We were placed on hold and he came back a couple minutes later and asked for our order number. We said we didn’t have it and he said that we could learn more online at

3 Comments on “Gamestop Returns
  1. i bought a used wwe13 game for my grandson for which i paid $43.19. when we got home it would not play. the very next day i took it back to the store to exchange it for another used one but they did not have one. they said it had 3 rings on it so they could not exchange it. they would not let me exchange it or get a refund for it. i am very upset because i bought the insurance for it, but, they did not honor their refund policy. i did not ask for a refund just another game. they wanted me to purchase a new one then buy the insurance again.can someone out there tell me how people do this with good consience. it is very unfair. i am a grandmother on a very fixed income and i can only get my grandkids things on special occasions. this is not a place i feel i will ever buy anything from again. they were wrong for what they did.

  2. I had accidentally ordered a digital download when I was shopping online. The questions had given the impression that I was going to receive a disk copy of a game I wished to get my son for Christmas. Where to deliver, if I wanted a used or new copy and such. Once I had given my card information, it starts to process an order for digital download. After a few emails attempts back and forth of trying to obtain a simple exchange or store credit to resolve the situation, I feel that I was almost tricked. I was told I needed to order again using my card so they would be able to get the credit card number for a refund. I don’t believe they had any intention of crediting my card, because I had asked why I couldn’t just give her my card number or why I couldn’t cancel the order. She had offered alame response to such an inquiry as to why and I requested to speak with a supervisor. He was very rude and had stated there was nothing he was going to do to help me get resolution. I could resell my code, but they would not “buy” it back and I could go ahead and call my card company or whatever I wanted to do because “I was not going to get a refund from me” where his words. I don’t ever plan on using the site again? I don’t understand why what seems to be a reasonable request for an exchange or store which was my first choice because I wanted this for my son for a present wasn’t something they where willing to do. Now I have reported this to my bank as not ever receiving a product of purchace. I might be stuck and unhappy with the result, but I gotta try. Customer service suckx and policies don’t really to mean squat when you already spent money with these guys!

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