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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Eddie Bauer

Eddie Bauer is one of those outdoorsy-style stores that sells men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing, sporting goods equipment and more. Eddie Bauer has also partnered with Ford to create several Explorer editions. Customers can purchase Eddie Bauer merchandise online and in Eddie Bauer stores, which have been around since the 1920s.

Returning an Item

According to the return policy tag line for Eddie Bauer, every item sold by the company is guaranteed to bring the owner satisfaction or the item can be returned for a refund.

Returning an item to an Eddie Bauer store: Bring the item you wish to return back an Eddie Bauer store (find a store here http://www.eddiebauer.com/custserv/storelocator/store_locator.jsp) and you will receive a refund to the original payment method or merchandise credit. Credit is given if the customer does not have the original receipt.

Returning an item by mail: Customers can choose between the Smart Label or customer-paid shipping when returning an Eddie Bauer item by mail. The Smart Label automatically deducts $6 from the refund for items weighing less than five pounds and $8.50 for items weighing more than five pounds. The Smart Label is attached to the packing slip that came with your package. Customers can also choose to pay the returning shipping, if desired. Simply address the package to the Eddie Bauer return department.

Eddie Bauer Return Address

Eddie Bauer, LLC
ATTN: Customer Returns
6759 Port Rd.
Groveport, OH 43199

Official Eddie Bauer Return Policy

The merchandise return policy for Eddie Bauer is exactly one line. “Every item we sell will give you complete satisfaction or you may return it for a full refund.” There is no time limit or special requirement associated with merchandise returns.

If you received your order through Canadian Post, you will need to contact customer service at 1-800-848-4910 to request a Return Material Authorization for your return. This RMA must be written on the outside of your package and you must pay for returning shipping to the Eddie Bauer return center.

Customers have the right to request a refund if an item goes on sale within 14 days of purchase.

Were They Helpful?

The customer service department is available 24 hours a day at 1-800-426-8020. To speak with a representative about returns press #2. You will have to enter your order number to proceed with the call. We waited and eventually the call was transferred to a representative. The call was answered within two minutes and the customer service representative verified that our clothing return did not need to have the original tags attached.

154 Comments on “Eddie Bauer Returns
    • So that I won’t be #40, I’ll reply to this very old comment! After reading the negative comments (90% negative) about your return and customer service problems, I will find a store to return my item. I wanted to simply order the correct size, but that won’t happen now, and I will not order online from Eddie Bauer again. BTW — while your instructions say to use the attached return label, one was not included — as has happened with most of your customers per the comments – 95% are not receiving a return label.

      • Yes, the WORST customer service I have EVER experienced. We lost our home in the Glass Fire in Napa Valley and I am on Cape Cod for the winter, without wine/rain clothes. Orders incredibly mis-directed, way too many frustrating, fruitless calls to the customer service number, terrible return processes fora anyone nowhere near a store. I will NEVER order anything form Eddie Bauer again.

    • I’ll reply to this very old comment about how you are doing NOW. After reading the negative comments (90% negative) about your return and customer service problems, I will find a store to return my item. I wanted to simply order the correct size, but that won’t happen now, and I will not order online from Eddie Bauer again. BTW — while your instructions say to use the attached return label, one was not included — as has happened with most of your customers per the comments – 95% are not receiving a return label.

        • returned Explorer travelbag via UPS shipment to: Eddie Bauer, 6759 Port Rd,
          Groveport/Ohio 43125
          incl. info of damage of item – lifetime warranty

          shipment was received July 7th,2020,9:48am
          No acknowledgement to date from Eddie Bauer.
          Very bad service

      • You are exactly correct. I have made 4 attempts to send back a pair of boots. They say they’re sending a label and never get it. Im about to call again. I’m bumbed at what to do.

        • What kind of nonsense is this I never new what kind of rip off this company is until they tell you to sent your return with the return lable and then. They don’t exclude one never again will I spend my money here

    • I ordered some gifts online but 2 of the 6 items did not fit my son so i needed to return or exchange… there is not a store within 2 hours of us. I called Customer Service because there was NO RETURN LABLE with the items. I called 4 times over almost 2 week period and each time they promised to send a return label in 24-48 hours so after waiting 2-3 more days between each call, still no label !! I check spam and trash etc— NO EMAIL!
      After 100 years of outstanding customer service, they have dropped to the WORSE!! I will never buy from them again! The whole family liked their products but good products are USELESS with terrible customer care!

    • Ordered twice because did not get an email confirmation of sale. The got 2 confirmations together, same day I ordered. Called to cancel one, was told by customer care person, “Paul Lennon” (a woman) that it couldn’t be cancelled but all costs would be refunded upon return of the duplicate package. Trying to return duplicate package. Forget it! Can’t get the return label, can’t get customer care, get auto responses that are nonsense. If I ever get this figured out, I will never do business with Eddie Bauer again!NEVER!

  1. I have been an Eddie Bauer customer for many years. It is the only place where I can get quality items, in the size that fits. Not everyone has shirts, shorts, coats and dresses in TALL.

  2. I returned my college backpack and a couple of other bags and got a good amount in credit back. It went toward a new duffle. How can you go wrong with a lifetime guarantee? It was well worth the amount I paid!

  3. customer service needs some work done.screwed up 4 purchases,i always like buying online or at store.now I will stick with retail store

  4. Order placed on 10Feb20.
    Dropped off a return (1pc 1 Lb.) at local USPS office on 29Feb20
    USPS tracking indicates then parcel was picked up on 05Mar20 by “the shipping agent”.
    Purchased item using PayPal. Today is 17Mar20 and nothing credited to my PayPal account. I do see on EB website to allow 21 days to receive and process a return. Moreover, a flat fee return of $6 will be deducted from my purchase price.
    I find all this curious. PayPal is deducted prior to receiving the merchandise yet we are not credited in a similar immediate fashion. Charging to return the item (in my case a pair of pants that had an unusual color from that which I saw on the EB website). Five days to collect from USPS? Yet another inconvenience to the customer glossed over.
    All things being equal, and if time is not that important, how about EB not charge us for 21 days until we are certain what we ordered is what we wanted? I am not accepting the return shipping charge nor the delay in crediting my PP account. I think these conditions are not reasonable and for that reason I am out. The best I can do in light of these one sided details is I will not be supporting EB in future.

  5. My son followed all the instructions for a return mid-February for a gift I had given him. He is in another state, so he could not return to the store. There is not one close. I have been trying for a month to get a refund. I have spoken with FOUR different people. They all gather the same info and tell me the same thing – will be emailed, credit will be given in 7 days, etc. I even have the UPS confirmation and my son sent a letter AND the receipt. I have yet to see any refund. Ridiculous!!!!

  6. I am having issues with receiving a refund for 3 items I returned mid-February. Waited on hold over 2 hours twice, was told both times the credit would be processed, then nothing is credited. So frustrating!! This will be the last time I order from EB.

  7. I returned 2 items to Eddie Bauer using the Prepaid Smart return shipping label from my order on March 5, 2020. I dropped it off at a very reputable and responsible shipping company (locally owned). It’s been 1.5 months and Eddie Bauer now says they never received my return and that I needed to provide them with the tracking number…which I don’t have (and tried to get from the shipping company but they say sometimes that don’t scan the item:(…. $200 worth of returns! I’m so devastated. And, I can only communicate by email and the customer service person is saying that if I don’t have a tracking number I’m out of luck. I’m not sure what’s going on with Eddie Bauer but it doesn’t look good for customer service.

  8. I would like tor return my recent purchase, due to poor fit. No return label attached to my package. Are you not accepting returns?

  9. I have no idea why online shopping is so popular. I ordered a shirt in the size I usually order and it is ‘baggy big’. If I had been in an EB store, I would have been able to try on and immediately know I needed a different size. The color was also a bit different than it appeared online. Having to call or go online for a return label?? Why isn’t one included with every order? AND, I should not have to pay to return…guess I’ll wait until EB store reopens in the mall and return then.

  10. DO NOT CALL THEM!! I have been a loyal customer for over 30 years. But recently, customer service is now very disorganized and unresponsive. They tell you to press 6. I got a poorly constructed response full of apologies and repetition. After I “pressed 6,” the call was disconnected all 4 attempts. I know during Corona outbreak, times are different. But, customer service should not be compromised and negative. You need your loyal customers now, more than ever, with your stores closed. I have no choice but to wait until the local Eddie Store opens to make my return. Maybe they will represent your return policy much better than your online services.

  11. Need to get a prepaid return label. There was no Prepaid smart retun label or instructuions in the package. also have tried to call you 1 800 848 4910 number & get hangups. Please inform me what to do or else I ll send it back COD

  12. And your directions oh, you don’t say how to get the return label only how much it will cost if I return. I need to return labels for two different items
    The number one item is order number 50090444
    The second item number is 50323096

  13. I also need to return an ill fitting shirt i purchased by mail. I always wear large but this shirt was a mess…There is no return label and they talk about a smart return label but see no information about how to get one. Will not be ordering by mail again through Eddie Bauer. I will try to return when the stores reopen.

  14. Eddie bauer….there merchandise is fine but customer service is the worst I ever experienced.on hold for 1 1/2 hrs..then a hang up. Called back and on hold another 1 1/2 hrs. Then I always get the call center in the Philippines. What happened to usa. Also no return label in the box. In a time when customer service is vital they will lose their old, reliable, customers. Sad! They have really disappointed me. I will take my business to bass pro or cable’s. They are 2 of the best companies with customer service and returns.

  15. I too am having trouble with EB order shipping and returns.
    I placed an order on 3/31/2020 and it was not received until 4/13/2020. Items were too small and to return I had to request return label (label is not attached to return form in package???) I was emailed a Smartpost/Returns label and was instructed to take it to USPS. I did this on 4/15/2020 and they turned it over to FedEx for delivery (DON’T DO IT). I have contacted USPS & FedEx and Eddie Bauer and no one knows where package is! I have tracking # for USPS & FedEx, and Eddie Bauer states they have not received return. USPS says it’s FedEx responsibility and FedEx says it’s UPS. FRUSTRATING!!!! The EB store in my area was closed down so not return option there. EB shipping and returns has not been customer friendly so I would not recommend unless you can buy and return at store.

  16. Hum, alot of the responses to trying to return a purchase are simular to mine. Ordered a large top. I alwyas wear large tops for, Eddie Bauer, but this top was a huge baggy stretchy mess. No return label came with my package. After reading others responses to sending back items, I guess Ill wait to return it to a store also. Very disappointing customer service.

  17. This is the worst customer service I have ever experienced!! I returned two boxes on 4/22 and I cannot get a response for a refund. I have tracking numbers and my receipts.

  18. I accidentally duplicated an order. I haven’t been able to get in touch with customer service for a week. No return label in my package. Very disappointed.

  19. I returned $225.00 worth of items on 3/25 and still have not seen a credit. I always take my returns to the store but this time it was not an option. I understand delays due to the current pandemic but this seems a bit excessive. I love Eddie Bauer clothes but will never return online again.

  20. Why isn’t the customer return label included in the package? Your customer service should be making it as easy as possible to return items. That is not happening.

  21. Ordered four pairs of shorts in the same size and style. One pair barely fit, and the other three were too small. WAY too small. And I am a consistent size 6. Oh, and last year when I bought two skorts (in a size 6), they were too big.

  22. I will never shop from EB again. Not only were the shorts I ordered WAY too small when I’ve worn the same size for years, but I returned them on 5/11. Today is 5/19 and have heard nothing. I’ve tried calling and EB drops my calls. You guys suck. No more business from me.

  23. Trying to return something because local store closed due to COVID. With all of the online ordering, I didn’t expect returns to be so challenging. Why is this so hard for you? It’s your business — COVID or not. Will wait until stores reopen to return.

  24. My story very similar to above stories. I’ve been a long time customer. An order for two pair of shorts arrived in timely manner. The color of one pair was not to my liking. To obtain return authorization must include order number, but the receipt enclosed with shorts does not include an order number. Like other comments a local EB store closed years ago. Phone message promises a wait. This is not rocket science, I will not order from EB again.

  25. I have been trying to receive a Return Label from customer Service since 5/8/2020 with not success. This is absolutely ridiculous! The Cust. Svc. Rep I spoke with on 5/8/2020 told me he would for sure email me a Return Label. I still have not received one and what is even more frustrating – NO ONE in Customer Service can be reached by phone or email. Non of the Eddie Bauer stores are open. This company is NOT taking care of it’s customers during this pandemic! I too have been a long time customer.

  26. i need a return label. it was not on the invoice. I have called,been on hold a long time, and no one answers.I have emailed customer service, and no reply. return label please! order 50573470 Christine Warren

  27. The shirt I bought was wonderful but was not a true to size fit, it is too small and usually XL shirts are roomy on my husband. So sad this didn’t work.

  28. No way to reach customer service. Trying to get return label but so many people are complaining about not getting refund after item has been sent back that I will wait till store opens. Also a long time customer. This is unacceptable! If your stores are closed you should be sending a shipping label with order free of charge.

    • After reading the negative comments (90% negative) about your return and customer service problems, I will find a store to return my item. I wanted to simply order the correct size, but that won’t happen now, and I will not order online from Eddie Bauer again. BTW — while your instructions say to use the attached return label, one was not included — as has happened with most of your customers per the comments – 95% are not receiving a return label.

  29. I understand Covid is impacting your business but this is ridiculous. I call the customer service to request a return label and it hangs up on my every time. At one point there was a link to request a return label on line. It appears it has been removed. I am beyond frustrated with Eddie Bauer and will not order again due to the inability to return or exchange product.

  30. I have tried off and on for the past two weeks to speak to a representative for help on returning an item I ordered online. I live in Canada and was at the point that all I wanted was a return address. I do not think that I have ever been this frustrated in my life. I had wanted to return for another size but……. Customer Service does not exist as far as I am concerned. Many companies have their employees working from home and truthfully I have always been able to speak with someone for help even though COVID 19 has uprooted all of our lives. There is no excuse for this. As a result I will have to send my item back to your Ohio address. Very upset with how you are treating your customers.

  31. My experience has been similar to all these posts I am reading. I will never shop at your store again. My time is just as valuable as yours.

  32. I called the customer support number over the weekend receiving a message that phone support is limited to business hours. I called again on Monday afternoon receiving yet another message that due to COVID-19 support is working from home and response time may be longer than normal at which time the phone call ended.Thanks for wasting my time.

    • PS – there were no Smart Labels in the packaging. Please update your text above to reflect what must occur for returns.

  33. Still can’t get a return label. No smart label was included. No one returns my email and if you try and call and press 2 it hangs up on you. I get Covid but Eddie Bauer has really dropped the ball.

    • I, like many others have been trying to find instructions and directions to make an exchange. My order # is 51575115.
      I ordered a pair of shoes, size 10, and need to exchange them for a 9 1/2. Item # 019006827210M (Camo 10M) . I would really appreciate an address label and directions for making this exchange.
      Thank you,
      Iris Geik

  34. I have been trying to reach you -Eddiebauer for at least 2 weeks now, to find out how to get a return label for the 2 items I ordered that didn’t fit??? WELL IS SOMEONE GOING TO HELP ME ……. sincerely, Sharon

  35. I’ve been trying to get help to return an item for a number of days now. The item came without the usual return label. I call on the phone and yesterday was told because the system was down I would have to call back in a few hours. I’m trying to call now and the phone line says to all back later because the line is down or not working. Please have someone send a return label. Order #50963397
    I’ve always had great success shopping with eddie Bauer so this is not the norm and not ok. Please help, Thanks

  36. Hi! I want to exchange a hoodie I ordered online for extra small.
    Women’s cozy camp full zip hoodie.
    Thank you.

  37. I’ve also had trouble – but with an exchange. I mailed a jacket back asking for an exchange back in February, and no response. I tried emailing, and recently calling. They are saying they never received the item, and can’t track it, even though I used their return label. 🙁 Very frustrating.

  38. I have been trying for weeks to get a return # for a vest. Your service is absolutely non-existent! I will have a hard time ever ordering anything ever again from Eddie Bauer unless this issue is soon solved.
    Thank you

  39. I have spent 1 1/2 hours trying to return my orders. Following your recording about “longer than normal wait times”, your phone disconnects, How am I to return my procucts?

  40. I agree with Penny. I have been a customer for over 40 yrs. Until recently you have been great. But lately, not so much. No Smart Label in package. Not even a receipt so I can return an item. Even the styles and quality have changed. Eddie Bauer was my ‘go to store’ to buy clothing and accessories. I don’t know if it is because of Covid 19 that you are not the store I knew or what. Just wish you would go back to the way you use to be.

  41. I Need to return a number of items; there were no return labels on packing slip, as stated in online Return instructions. Customer Service recording said there would be a long wait, so I tried “chatting.”

    I get a canned response right away that directed me to a page where I had to provide my credit card info, address, etc. And I also had to pay one dollar in order to get a response!! Is this legal? Ethical? It sours the Eddie Bauer reputation I grew up with.

    Please email me a label promptly. Email Below.

  42. This site is unhelpful. It’s unclear and very unhelpful – no link to get a smartlabel. One did not come with my package. I see similar responses. Very disappointing for a retailer I generally like. 🙁

  43. Does anyone read the responses from customers? You would think someone would care what kind of service customers like me are receiving when it comes to Eddie Bauer. I did not get a return label in my purchase either. Your phone hours are very limited due to Covid but your website does not mention that. Anyways, the size small woman’s long sleeved hiking shirt is quite large. Small women do not have long arms! It would have been a nice purchase had the shirt been true to size. Sorry Eddie, try harder next time!

  44. I have been trying to get a return label for Order No 51547448 dated 08/11/2020. I can’t reach anyone by telephone after calling various numbers on the web page. I have purchased items from Eddie Bauer for years; this is the first time I haven’t been able to discuss request for return label. Item No 0111904083001010 was too baggy (size 10). Please help!!!

  45. THis is info is useless. A return label was not included with my order and the receipt told me this website would give me a return label, but there is no where to request a return label.

  46. No one is answering my inquiry about returning my almost $200 purchase. Totally not acceptable. I will never order from this company again…..too many others without this ridiculous wait or obstacle course. Since when does the covid mean no one can answer the phones to send a return label? I am a nurse and am fully aware of the horror of this pandemic. Shame for using this tragedy to prevent customers from the service we all deserve.

  47. Utter waste of time trying to reach these people for a return. No smart label included hopeless trying to reach anyone.

  48. Unacceptable customer service. I did not receive a Smart Label with my order. This is not the first time this has been omitted. Instructions on line are no help and the 1 800 number merely said representatives are working from home to take orders and then ended the call. I realize these are challenging times, but other retailers have figured out how to continue to assist customers. See ya’ EB!

  49. my wife’s order arrived with a defect and no smart label no luck contacting custom service we will not be buying anything from EB again

  50. your return policy needs work – I am disappointed that such a grand company is not following what they preach.
    Where are these people who work for this company and do not listen to the customer who keeps them employed.
    Return our calls, and do the work. I will not ever again buy from Eddy Bauer.

  51. My gosh. I may think twice about ordering from EB again in the near future. I’ve never had so much trouble attempting to return an order in my life. Yes, times are hard. But, I can’t get any help on line or by phone. This is much more trouble than it is worth.

  52. I emailed Eddie Bauer Canada June 1, 2020 about a defective pair of boots ordered online last December – after waiting a few weeks they told me yes it’s under warranty and to watch for a Fedex label to be emailed to me – I have followed up twice more and never received a label. It’s now over 3 months later and I can’t figure out how to get this label or an answer! I’m afraid to just return it myself in the mail with the original return label in the shipment as it seems things are getting ‘lost’ or not being processed. Don’t want to go to the actual store during Covid. This is ridiculous service like everyone is saying!

  53. I have been attempting to contact you via phone and have gotten no response. I returned an item on 7/2/20 and have not gotten any refund yet. Very disappointing !!

  54. I returned an item on 7/2/20 and have not received a refund yet. I have attempted to phone and did not connect with anyone.
    Very disappointing!!

  55. I need to return an item & can’t find a return label or any info. on how to return. I do not live close to a store & need to mail this back

  56. yo don’t answer the phone and i need a return label. Never got a smart label with my order like everyone is complaining about. Are you going out of business?

  57. I loved the feel and the color of the item I ordered, but not the fit. No Smart Label included in the bag that held the item, and after reading all the comments about Customer Service and trying to get refunds, I will pay to mail the item return receipt requested and have a tracking number that I will use to see that the package arrives. I have shopped at Eddie Bauer for years, and hate to see the customer service decline. Hopefully after the pandemic is over (if it ever is), things will get better.

  58. I spent an hour trying to print a return label. Your web site is terrible. I wont reorder from you. You should have sent me one!!!

  59. You should have an on line link to get a RA and shipping label emailed.
    Cannot find, so returning via priority post to address listed with the packing slip for return.
    I hope this works

  60. My order was #51970291 and I did not get a smart label for returns. I see above me, the woman that complained about the same thing, I am returning to the Groveport OH address, and I would appreciate my items being returned and credited back to my card. I am not happy about having to jump through hoops to return items.

  61. After reading the negative comments (90% negative) about your return and customer service problems, I will find a store to return my item. I wanted to simply order the correct size, but that won’t happen now, and I will not order online from Eddie Bauer again. BTW — while your instructions say to use the attached return label, one was not included — as has happened with most of your customers per the comments – 95% are not receiving a return label.

  62. After reading the negative comments (90% negative) about your return and customer service problems, I will find a store to return my item. I wanted to simply order the correct size, but that won’t happen now, and I will not order online from Eddie Bauer again. BTW — while your instructions say to use the attached return label, one was not included — as has happened with most of your customers per the comments – 95% are not receiving a return label.

  63. I am having problems getting a return for exchange information. I just need to return my shoes for a smaller size, but l need a return label and l can’t get through or find the info on the site suggested on my invoice sheet. I used to get the label included in my purchase…Someone please help!

  64. I have always liked Eddie Bauer stores, but now the company seems to be in meltdown. I found a nice winter coat in my Eddie Bauer local store, but in my size the zipper didn’t work. The only person working in the store didn’t seem inclined to help me. So I ordered online, and when I got the coat, the zipper didn’t work. Whether or not I get this problem solved — it’s Saturday today, and the company is now unreachable except for allegedly 40 hours a week — I won’t be shopping there again.

  65. Help Eddie Bauer folks-i know life is a challange now due to covid-I have always ordered from EB in past and recieved postage paid return shipping label with orders-not recently-i have called 2 times and believe i spoke to same young man who repeated several times what he said-label needs to be mailed as my printer not working-he assured me “right away”-hasen’t arrived-also don’t think my 30$ reward not applied to order-i have reorders but am hesitant to do so until return credit appears-have a nice fall!!!

  66. I recently ordered a mens jacket. I havent ordered from EB for quite sometime. The return policy is ridiculous. I have called to get a return label after being on hold for a long time. I still do not have a label. I won’t order online from EB again. Way to much time to send something back and Im charged to send it back. Not worth my time.

  67. Eddie Bauer sure has changed as far as customer service. Sooooo much background noise of people talking when you call customer service – it took 3 times as long because I either couldn’t hear or the person’s accent was so heavy that I couldn’t understand her. I have to return some pants that I bought online (unable to get into the mall here to return) and they don’t fit. I am very concerned that I won’t get the refund. I’ll be shopping elsewhere since EB makes you wait so long for the refund (that is if I ever get it) despite the fact that within seconds of ordering, that payment is gone from my account.

  68. Customer service is hopeless! I eventually terminated the call as the service agent had no idea what she was doing! This experience was so frustrating and disappointing; all I wanted was a return address label. I will definitely think twice before I order from EB again!

  69. One would think that Eddie Bauer would find a “fix” for their terrible customer service.
    Trying to get a label to return an item – they cannot figure out their own system. Still no label! Still no help!
    I think we should all just not shop here. I have never had a problem returning to Lands End – LL Bean – all the better companies.

  70. I agree with Lori Shumaker. Either I drive an hour and a half one way to our store in northern Minnesota or try to deal with customer service. It was very difficult to hear the customer service rep because of language differences and a great deal of background noise. Disappointed that there was so little communication from EB regarding this back order. I ended up ordering a replacement because I couldn’t wait since I had no information from EB that this item was even still available. Also disappointed that the packing slip didn’t list the amount charged. The “old” company was much better at handling issues with orders. The CD rep was good when we were finally able to somewhat communicate.

  71. received items but needed to return. No enclosed label, on packing slip. Called 24 hour customer service line as listed on web page. Not accurate information as not a 24 hour services. Not what I expected from company. It would be helpful if the company could update webpage to reflect current information.

  72. I had to send 4 emails and call Customer Service to have a return label sent to me. I have been waiting over 5 weeks for the refund. I will not buy again from Eddie Bauer on line. Not impresses at all.

  73. I bought a wp stratusli jacket for $113.40 but a few days later it went down to $75.60 I am keeping the jacket but I would appreciate a refund for the difference

  74. I need to mail in a return and your information says there is a Smart label attached to the packing slip that came with the package. There is no Smart label with my packing slip. I need 3 Smart Labels please.

  75. The 1800 number gives gibberish and hangs up, the 24 hour service number is 9 to 5 Eastern. There was no return label, I don’t have a printer
    I merely need the Canadian return address.
    Otherwise love EB.

  76. Received wrong order. A birthday gift from my daughter and not one item matched the description of the items or the size. . Now I am responsible for returning the items.

  77. The shirts ordered were not the quality of my prior purchase of these identical shirts. Very disappointed. On top of this there was no return label which resulted in my spending 20 minutes online to try to access one to no avail. I had to then call the help line which is outsourced. Very difficult to understand the person helping me. Last time I will order from Eddie Bauer

  78. I ordered the same pair of pants in 2 different sizes. I received 2 different pairs of pants in 2 different sizes instead. There is no return label to return these items and during the Covid pandemic I am reluctant to go to the mall. Not great customer service.

  79. what has happened to Eddie Bauer?? I’ve been ordering for more than 10 years and the design and quality is now sub par. I just ordered 2 feminine flannel shirts. they’re very cropped in the front and open in the back. is this tropical flannel??? I’ve always wanted to post to ask your designers to expand their color palette beyond Earth Tones and Pastels but it wasn’t until this last shipment with no smart label that I got the opportunity. I will now pay $4 more to ship these items back than I would have with a smart label.

  80. I will NEVER shop at Eddie Bauer. The coat I ordered was far too bulky and had no room to move. I am petite and a PM always works for me. It was difficult to get a return label and then I had to pay for the privilege of trying something on that did was too snug. The return authorization form did not include shipping address so another search ensued. I now know why I have always purchased from LL Bean. LL BEAN HAS EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE AND AN OPTION FOR FREE SHIPPING INCLUDING FOR RETURNS. YES TO LL BEAN!

  81. No return shipping label in my package. Very cumbersome return process. Will not order online again. Pickticket #114850415

  82. I along with the 1000 other people did not receive the return label That stinks and is oferring us all a problem

    i loved the jacket i ordered but wanted to exchange for another size
    i feel like I got scammed although Eddie Baier makes a quality product

  83. NO paperwork included for returning items
    No item numbers- No Order Numbers – NOTHING!!!
    Yep, I wanted to take an hour out of my day to resolve this……
    You can have it ALL back, soon as I figure ALL this out!
    NRVER AGAIN – TWO identical jackets, same size, different colors, one fits and one is 2 sizes to small, tags both state, same size,,,,,,

  84. After many years I am through shopping Eddie Bauer. Your new returns program is cumbersome, awkward, and not at all customer friendly.

  85. I would like to exchange two items. I did not get a Smart Label in my packaging. I’ll try the customer service number tomorrow during office hours. I think I may have to go to the Post Office to return and exchange items (after reading the above comments). I am trying to quarantine this week so I can visit with brother in 10 days, so will probably wait until after Christmas. Maybe will return to the store after Christmas.

  86. I spent a few hundred dollars on gifts but 2 of the 6 items did not fit my son so i needed to return or exchange… there is not a store within 2 hours of us outside Atlanta. I called Customer Service because there was NO RETURN LABLE with the items. I called 4 times and each time they promised to send a return label in 24-48 hours so after waiting 2-3 more days between each call, they never emailed them to me. I check spam and trash etc— NO EMAIL!
    After 100 years of outstanding customer service, they have dropped to the WORSE!! I will never buy from them again! The whole family liked their products but good products are USELESS with terrible customer care!

  87. Previous comments so true – I need to return the coat I just received and did not receive a return label. The web address given on a slip of paper in the package does not connect to a place to order a return label. What has happened to Eddie Bauer??? This used to be such a reliable company to do business with. They have lost a long-term loyal customer.

  88. Why does the website say that there is a return form included in my shipped item and there isn’t, and then to go to customcare@csc.eddiebauer.com for a return label and I cannot find the return label that is prescribed on the website.
    Very poor public relations and business.

  89. I’m trying to return an item that doesn’t fit. I did not receive a return label with package. The phone number hangs up when I call. WHERE IS YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I already re-ordered the correct size, so I don’t need to exchange item. I need to return this item for a refund. TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!

  90. Ditto all the (bad) comments above about no return label. This is a needlessly cumbersome process that makes me reconsider ordering from you in the future.

  91. i have read 108 comments almost all of them complaining of terrible return service. There is no point in repeating what my complaints are. They appear in many of the complaints i read. With COVID we are unable to shop in your stores, and with the Christmas shopping i would have thought you would make online shopping easy.NOT SO. i have shopped at Eddie Bauer for years, but because of your POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE you have lost me!!!
    I don’t know why you ask for my email address—–you have it and my phone number in the many many many times I have been in contact over an order you screwed up and now i have to pay to return it. Ba Humbug

  92. I also did not get a return label, one package came ripped and wet inside. I have spent more than three hours trying to get some satisfaction via customer service number with no satisfaction. Does Eddie Bauer even read these comments?

  93. This was the most difficult company I have dealt with trying to execute a return on one item. There was no return label in the package. No one was available at the 24 hr phone line. I was not able to get a return label on the website as promised. I will be out of pocket for the return mail fees.
    Will not deal with this company in the future due to difficulties and expenses with a simple return.
    Take a lesson from Amazon.

  94. Very upset return slips are not included with pag. Makes it very difficult for those who do not a printer. This really affects seniors and they are a good part of your customer base.

  95. It took almost a month to receive my merchandise that I ordered on line. It did not fit so I am in process of returning it. There is no return label or clear instructions. I will pay for return shipping and hope that my refund does not take as long to receive as did my merchandise. I like their products but will never order from them again.

  96. I have been trying to return an item with great difficulty. I did not get a Smart Post return label in my package and no address for returns. I called customer service and was not able to talk to anyone. All I wanted was a return address. I finally found one after visiting many sites on line. Not a good experience. The online ordering system also would not accept my Eddie Bauer credit card so I used a Visa. I’ve shopped E.Bauer since they opened their first store in Seattle. Shop somewhere else.


  98. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to return a couple orders to Eddie Bauer!! It makes me never want to buy anything from them again. They say to write the “order number,” but there isn’t anyway on any of the paperwork where the “order number” is. I’ve tried every set of numbers, and still can’t find one that works. I’m very frustrated. PLEASE HELP ME!

  99. On my Eddie Bauer Account, I have a duplicate order, I have tried and tried to get this taken off. Can someone look at the account and take some action. Transaction date is 12/01/20. Amount is $47.69. I have been a Eddie Bauer customer for the past 30 – 35 years, this is totally unacceptable. Please correct. Thank you.


  101. Worst customer service! called customer service number and on hold for a minimum of 30 minutes. Finally hung up! I returned an item as instructed with a prepaid label and 5 weeks later it is returned to me with no indication as to why the package was returned. I used shipping label provided. What are my options?? I have a $100 worth of merchandise that I need to get credit for.

  102. I thought I could get a return label on line, but no such thing available to customers. Therefore, I will never order from Eddie Bauer again!!

  103. I want to exchange a shirt I bought for my son I got the wrong size. Would you please send me a return label so I can exchange my shirt

  104. My packages did not include a return label. So I called the number for customer service and was told to use the “chat feature”
    Only problem is where do I contact the chat feature?????

  105. Didn’t want to believe these horrible reviews of EB customer care policies, BUT it’s true! No return label. High return costs. Hard to find customer care……people complain about Amazon, but now we can see why they have done well! Most people do not have the time/resources to keep items that are not what they need or want to gift to someone else. BTW I ordered on Nov 29, 20. Received pkg Jan 5, 21!

  106. Very disappointed! I purchased a down coat on line. The quality of it was not what I expected and went through a nightmare navigating through your system in order to return it.
    A return label should be included in your shipping package. The accompanying paperwork that came with my coat did not have any info and the order number was missing. Navigating through your site in order to find a way to fill out a return label was atrocious. Since your company tries to push the customers to go to a local store instead. Your phone number is worthless! You are using the Covid excuse not to answer. I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM Eddie Bauer AGAIN!

  107. I was told Eddie Bauer was a great company with whom to do business. This may have been true years ago..not anymore.
    Sorry to say, Walmart is easier to deal with for refunds and customer service.

  108. I have never had so much trouble returning anything. There was no return sticker on the invoice but there were instructions at the bottom of the invoice to go online at a particular addrress, but when you typed the address, you got brought, not to a particular website, but to a listing of other websites to cick on, with NO indication of which one will help with a return. After several clicks, I finally found return information, but after holding online for a while, the recording told me to go online to find out how to return, which is exactly where I started in the first place. There is a good chance that they have lost me as a customer forever. It should not be this difficult to return something.

  109. This needs to be updated. Customer service is NOT available 24 hours, and like some of the other comments, I got no “smart label” to return the shirt. This is the first time I’ve wanted to return something to Eddie Bauer, and it is frustrating. I will try to speak with a person tomorrow and get a return label, but, reading the other comments, it sounds like it could be a challenge.

  110. This needs to be updated. Customer service is NOT available 24 hours, and like some of the other comments, I got no “smart label” to return the shirt. This is the first time I’ve wanted to return something to Eddie Bauer, and it is frustrating. I will try to speak with a person tomorrow and get a return label, but, reading the other comments, it sounds like it could be a challenge.

  111. Went to your web site to find out about getting a “Smart Label” and it said it was on the packing slip that came with the coat. There was no return label with the packing slip.

  112. I need to exchange the item for another size. Your information on returning is very confusing and difficult compared to any other store I shop with!

  113. I will never shop at Eddie Bauer again. this online site makes return impossible. The items I received were not in plastic bags with item info. There were two mens shirts stuffed into the shipping bag. There was no receipt or return label. I could not download a return label because my printer died. Parcel Plus wanted $22.00 to return my items. I would like to receive a return label but can find nothing on this site to request one

  114. continued to previous post – not only does Eddie Bauer make it impossible to return items – their telephone is useless

  115. Bad customer service. No smart label in package and you have to really search to find how to return something. Capri travel pants I ordered were way too small and appear to be worn and then returned prior to me receiving them. Tag on pants was reprint label.

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