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  1. bought your shoes thru amazon. can I return directly to you and can I get a refund. the shoes I ordered were youth size five. they were womens size 6 in reality. waaay to big for my girls. they actually fit my daughter in law and she wears size 7 in womens. snug. I’ve gone ahead and ordered boots from another vender.

  2. We received a pajama for a 5 year old which we did NOT order. My wife is 65, I am 73; We have NO children in our home. You need a Customer Service phone: How can we learn who ordered this? Could this be an identity theft? How can we determine if it was billed to our credit card? How can we return the unwanted item? We should not pay shipping as we did not order it.

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  4. order #114-6178050-7127439
    ordered liftmaster remote door opener
    received empty envelope
    return address TCH TECH, Lexington KY

    is this a joke or mistake????

  5. I bought a Bathing suit top and a one piece bathing suit by Time and Tru.
    Both are too small. Can I exchange these two things for a larger size?
    PO Number 3794454673722

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  9. Hi. I bought a Power XL Air Fryer, from Costco, online about 8 months ago. My wife used it tonite & it short-circuited out & does not work now. I don`t want a refund. I would like it replaced, please. It is a great product.
    Could someone advise me on how I can get this replaced.
    Thank you.
    Mike Garbutt

  10. For the amount of $ I’ve paid and my use of my Neiman Marcus card, I’m cross that there’s no return label! If it’s so difficult to return items, I shall shop elsewhere and get rid of my charge card.
    Order # 35809148-1. Neiman Marcus online

  11. Just before the JC Penney store closed in Springfield Mo (Covid-19) I purchases two pair of Draperies and Bed Comforter Set.I need to return them but store is not open and time limit will expire before store reopens. Will I still be able to return once the Store reopens? I have my receipts.

  12. I have tried to figure out how to return a pair of shoes and it has been impossible. The item #fc024-0806q moxie mule/med. white, your store is not open so what is the customer supposed to do. I have never encountered so much trouble with a return.

  13. Hi. My name Hue Tran
    I order two jean. My size is 26
    But I don’t know why. One jean 24 can I exchange a item 24 to get size 26
    Thank you

  14. I have a clothing item that I would like to exchange size. I ordered from catalog online. Can’t get any voice response online.

  15. I ordered 3 items which arrived. Also with my order was another parties order, mis-directed to my address. Do I send the items directly to her, or??

  16. I was sent the WRONG item, even after waiting longer than expected to receive it. I ordered a pool cover, and they send me a pool skimmer!!! I did not receive a return label, and it is NOT right for ME to have to pay for shipping it back! I am already being charged shipping for the POOL COVER that I was SUPPOSED to have received! Please send me a pre-paid return label, that I am not responsible for the cost, since it clearly is Kmart’s fault.

  17. I would like to do an exchange from an on-line order. I ordered Underscore high-cut panties and was sent the wrong size. Am wondering if I can exchange them from a 6 medium to a 7 large? Item # FC123-01060. I ordered 2 packages and have not tried them on.

    Thanks for your help. Is there a charge to return?

    • On September 12 2020 I order a pair of skechers 9/12 BROL SK REGG FST BS.I recieved the wrong order my item number is C120-71965-017. I received a pair of BOBS MEMORY FOAM called Grateful Day.

  18. Why cant I talk to someone I sent shoes back to your reture center two or three weeks that your employees gave me address. I’m getting No where.I sent email No getting ready to contact BBB please contact me about this matter I dont care about Covid 19 you sold to me now I want my refund

  19. I am reselling a WOMEN’S CLOTHING AND APPAREL EMAIL LISTS that I bought off another site.

    Are you guys interested? It is good if you sell wholesale. Helped us a lot.


  20. Hi, I was just checking out your site and submitted this message via your “contact us” form. The contact page on your site sends you these messages via email which is the reason you’re reading my message right now correct? This is the most important achievement with any kind of online ad, making people actually READ your message and I did that just now with you! If you have something you would like to blast out to millions of websites via their contact forms in the US or to any country worldwide send me a quick note now, I can even target your required niches and my charges are super low. Send a message to:

  21. You sent the wrong faucet! I ordered a, BWE Waterfall Spout Single Handle One Hole Commercial Chrome Bat…
    $49.99. You sent me a, 2 Handles 4 Inch Centerset Matte Black Lead-Free Bathroom Sink F…
    $42.99, please refund my credit card for the balance!

  22. You have all the stores listed for returns but I made me purchase on Eddie Bauer online and I can’t find how I do a exchange directly with Eddie Bauer and not a store.The sales person at the store wouldn’t do the exchange.She told me to go on EB online chat, I can’t find the chat symbol or any information about chatting…

  23. I work for Thomas Ray at Benchmark Mortgage in Greenville. We received an empty package from your Amazon address. It said it was linked to MoneyTree-US. I have the tracking information. We would like to know what was supposed to be in the package, who sent it, and report that it was not in there. Thank you.

    Tracking Info: #9374 8897 0394 0842 81
    Bar Code: sp0842484K4

  24. I received a package for someone else at my home address from ALLSTAR Furniture at 172 Trade Street, Lexington, KY 40511. I do not know the person on the address label (not a neighbor). Please have it picked up.

  25. I received a empty soft mailing envelope that was empty and not even sealed. The order number is #003082514716#.

    Please advise via email.

  26. I purchased 2 flannel shirts which are a size too big via mail order. I would like an even exchange. How do I do that? I have the bags and packing slips. They are xxL and I need xL.
    Thank you

  27. I sent my package to 605 W. Crossroads Parkway, Bolingbrook, IL 60440 and it was returned to sender. I already paid to have it shipped, and I am not sure why it has been returned. Please let me know what my next steps should be.

  28. I need a return label for my purchase. There was not one included with the packing slip. I already had problems with Eddie Bauer customer service a few months ago, I assume because of Covid 19, one would think the problems are fixed by now and customer service would truly be Customer CARE again. No! Judging by other reviews I read I am not the only one complaining. This makes me seriously reconsider ordering from Eddie Bauer again in the future.

  29. I need a return label for my purchase. There was not one included with the packing slip. I already had problems with Eddie Bauer customer service a few months ago, I assume because of Covid 19, one would think the problems are fixed by now and customer service would truly be Customer CARE again. No! Judging by other reviews I read I am not the only one complaining. This makes me seriously reconsider ordering from Eddie Bauer again in the future….

  30. I am trying to return a down coat in exchange for the new one that I have ordered from Eddie Bauer.
    HOW DO I GET THE TETURN LABLE? This is a run around.

  31. I bought men’s Arizona jeans and they were way too big so I returned them to the uPS STORE I want my card credited for them. They will be there by this Wed Nov 3 here is the tracking info and I paid for the shipping . Here are my pics of receipts. The tracking information is UPS Ground 1Z09948A0364805296

  32. I bought slip on sneakers. Color online is Atlantic, the pic online looks blue. When they arrived the color was dark gray. I don’t feel that I should have to pay to return them. I agree with Patti on #24. The option to have a conversation would be easier and quicker. Hoping to get a quick response and a free return shipping label.

  33. I need to exchange a coat I ordered from you. It is too small. I have searched your website with no success. Please, how do I make an exchange?

  34. I received Vionic shoes. There was no receipt and they are too small I want to return them and have no idea how it where. I deleted my confirmation of order purchase in error and cant retrieve. I only have the amazon envelope it arrived in. HELP!

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  36. REGARDING ORDER#:53003226
    PICKTICKET # 113833805

    There was no return label included with my order. Please email me one as I want to return these boots.

    Thank you,

    Angela Schapiro


  37. My package did not include the smart label for a return. Please send me the link to print one at home or send the label via email.

  38. Order #WN16925352949 (#41675639-1)
    I ordered a Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater, shown online in a camel color called Cammello Melange. When I received the sweater, the color was not at all as shown online. It is a cool light taupe color and not a warm camel color as shown. I cannot wear cool colors. So, I wish to return this sweater, but since this is your mistake, I do not want to be charged to return it. Please send me a prepaid label to ship this sweater back to you. Thank you.

  39. My daughter bought me two shirt from Eddie Bauer online, that was a wrong size for me, I wear XXL Tall, how can I have exchange label to mail it back and get the right sixe with same item?

  40. I need to return the jacket purchased from KMART but their was not a return label included with my purchase. This is needed to return my purchase item number 8-88689-58159-7

  41. Received gift of red checker pajamas size large for Christmas. Address on package is Just Love Fashion, 172 Trade Street, Lexington. Ky. I need x-large. I took package to post office here in Tupelo, Ms and the address put on package which i discovered later is Just Love Fashion, 7050 New Horizons Blvd Ste 1, Amityville, NY 11701-4802. A note included explained the need for ex-large with return address. A tracking # showed the package arrived December 31, 2020. I have not received an exchange and not sure how to resolve the problem.

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