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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Coach

Coach is most popular as a woman’s handbag company, but Coach sells much more than just handbags. Coach sells branded jewelry, shows, watches and more. Coach merchandise is extremely expensive, so customers should always keep the packing slip or receipt when purchasing Coach items. Returns are accepted as long as the item is accompanied by an original receipt, packing slip or gift receipt.

Returning an Item

Returning your Coach item in store: Coach will gladly accept returns in store if the merchandise is new and unused with all original tags attached if the customer has the original receipt, packing slip or a gift receipt. Find a store near you at and return the merchandise for an exchange or refund.

Returning your Coach item by mail: Online purchases can also be returned by mail. Write your name, phone number and brief message about the return on a piece of paper and pack it in a box with the Coach merchandise and original packing slip. It is best to keep a copy of the packing slip for your records. Send the box using a method that can be traced so you can ensure the returns department received the order.

Coach Returns Address

Attn: Returns
One Coach Way
Jacksonville, FL 32218

Official Coach Return Policy

Coach will accept most items for return as long as the item is in new condition. The only exception is monogrammed or personalized items. These sales are final unless the monogram is removable (hangtag). If you are returning your purchase to a Coach store make sure it is a full price store and not an outlet store.

Only Coach full price stores can accept merchandise returns. Customers can choose to return items to the Coach store of their choice. Coach is not responsible for the return shipping cost if you are returning an item for any reason other than defect.

If your Coach merchandise is defective, contact the customer service department at 1-888-262-6224. Price adjustments are not allowed after purchase.

Were They Helpful?

The customer service department for Coach is available at 1-888-262-6224. There are only three options on the customer service line. We pressed #3 for All Other Inquiries and the call was answered within 30 seconds. We asked the representative about returning a handbag that had a hangtag monogram. She said as long as the hangtag was removable, we could return the item in store or online.

14 Comments on “Coach Returns
  1. The bag I returned to you was received on 3/15 and I have not heard from you to day 4/15 would you pls advise me as to what you plan on doing. Will you refund my original purchase or replace the bag? thank you kcg

  2. I sent you a return of a purse and billfold that you should have received on 8/3/2013. It was returned with a receipt. Haven’t heard from you. Thank you Rosemarie

  3. My daughter gave me a Coach Handbag and ring for Christmas. It was a little larger than I liked so I went to the Coach Store, (Not Outlet) to return the bag with the gift receipt. The store told me they could only give me a gift card which would expire in 30 days and I had to use it at that particular store in Lexington KY. Since we live 200 miles from the store, that was not realistic. We were forced to exchange for merchandise we really did not like or need. I would never buy another item Coach has or makes. The clerk was less than cordial.
    I have never had a problem with other big name stores. Very disappointed in Coach return policy.

  4. I was calling about missing return slips in my package, because what I ordered from the Coach outlet didn’t work out. Although the packing slip said there were prepaid return slips in the box they were not in there and when I called about the missing slips I discovered that although you said there was prepaid $7 returns, that did not apply to Coach Outlet items. If that is so, then don’t you think you should not make that claim on the enclosed packing slip? What a false statement. So now in addition to be charged $10 to ship this to me, I have to pay an additional $13.48 to return the $53 purse. I’m putting out nearly half the price of the purse for shipping and it is no longer a good deal at all. If I order from Coach Outlet in the future, I will make sure it is exactly what I want and not take any chances on anything I order. It hardly weighs anything and these shipping costs are outrageous.

  5. I have always purchased coach bags with the knowledge they are guaranteed for the life of the purse
    And that’s my incentive to spend that kind of money on a purse. I have 2 purses that have something wrong with them.1st bag has wire coming out/sticking out bottom of bags the 2nd bag..the zipper I’d broken and interior of purse has fallen apart. I will be calling the 800 number listed on website and mailing both bags to mail address listed as well. I expect these problems to be taken care of in a speedy msnnet. I own about 20 coach purses and have been very loyal to the brand so I expect the same loyalty in a very fast soluyion. I have spent A LOT OF MONEY ON MY PURSES DO I WOULD EXPECT NOTHING LESS THAN PERFECT CUSTOMER DRRVICR. THANK I FOR UR TIME

  6. I won a coach purse at a company event, may I exchange it for a purse of my liking? It has a tag and has never been used.

  7. I had good experience with coach. I bought a belt and about a year later the buckle broke off I took it back I did not have any proof of purchase they gave me another one plus the difference because the belt had went on clearance ended up with 2 belts for one price. They also at another time let me return a men’s wallet that I had for years and let me trade it in for a pair of shoes and I got more for wallet then I paid because price had went up from original buy

  8. Bought a handbag at a coach outlet as a gift in 8/11-15. Called the store to inquirer about a return and they told me I could bring it back. Went there the next day and they said I couldn’t return it because it had been longer than 30 days!!!!!! What can I do

  9. I received a coach purse that is a little larger than I would like. I would like to return it for a refund. I do have the original box and paperwork. I believe that date I received it was approximately 12/19. Please advise how to return it and get my money refunded. thank you

  10. My husband purchased a purse for me that I did not like and when I went to the Coach store at Legacy West in Texas I was told I had to exchange for the same type of monogram since my husband had the purse monogrammed with my initals

    I found another purse but would rather have a full refund as I don’t really like the replacement bag?
    Can this be done ?

  11. The Coach should be exposed for bad trade practices. I think News should know Coach treats their high end CUSTOMERS

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