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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is a high-end clothing company that specializes in fashion clothing and accessories for women. There are Ann Taylor stores in major cities, but many customers choose to do most of their Ann Taylor shopping online. Under the Customer Service tab at the bottom of the website is information on the returns and exchange policy for Ann Taylor.

Returning an Item

Return an Ann Taylor item to the store: All items, with the exception of wedding and event merchandise and clothing can be returned to an Ann Taylor store. Ann Taylor also operates Loft, Loft Outlet or Ann Taylor Factory locations. Simply bring your packing slip and the item in new condition into the store and you’ll receive a refund on the card used for the online purchase. If you purchased the item in person at an Ann Taylor store, you will receive the refund in the method of payment – cash for cash, credit for credit, etc. You can return items within 60 days of the date on the packing slip or store receipt.

Return an item by mail: You can also choose to return your online purchase by mail. Fill out the return information on the packing slip. You will be asked the reason for return and to specify if you want an exchange or a refund. If you need a replacement item immediately, contact the customer service department at 1-800-DIAL-ANN or 1-800-342-5266 and the customer service representative will place a new order on your credit card and walk you through the refund procedure.

Ann Taylor Refund Address

Ann Taylor Online Store
605 W Crossroads Parkway
Bolingbrook, IL 60440

There is a return label on your packing slip. You can use this label in place of addressing the box.

Official Ann Taylor Return Policy

The official Ann Taylor returns policy, available here, states that customers have 60 days to return merchandise. Items marked with a $0.44 or $0.88 are final sale merchandise and not refundable. If you don’t have your receipt, you will be given store credit. If your new purchase is less than your old purchase, you will be refunded the difference via a gift certificate, for mail returns. If the new item is more expensive than the old item, include payment information for the credit card you’d like to be charged for the difference.

Were They Helpful?

We called customer service at 1-800-342-5266. We pushed #2 for all other calls aside from placing a new order. We were forced to wait through a message about how to check the status of a new order via the Ann Taylor website. That was the only information available when we pressed #2. We went back to the main menu and pressed #6 for return or exchange information. We then pressed #2 for detailed information on returns and exchanges. The automated system then went through the entire returns policy. The same information is available on the official website.

63 Comments on “Ann Taylor Returns
  1. I have been shopping at Ann Taylor for 35+ years and have purchased tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise with the confidence that I can return anything that does not fit, match my wardrobe etc. Today I attempted to return a full price blouse costing $79 at my local store and was told rather rudely that I could not return it since I had not had time to return it within 45 days. The sales associate treated me like I was her inferior. After a great deal of indignation on my part, she “allowed” me a $19 credit on a transaction of over $86 after taxes. I can tell you that my wardrobe will no longer consist primarily of Ann Taylor products. In fact, I will no longer enter an Ann Taylor store can I avoid doing so. I intend to blog, tweet, facebook and use any other form of social media at my disposal to warn others of this policy; if one is a busy business person, Ann Taylor will no longer oblige. I do not believe this is the way to conduct a business. Should I behave in such a manner, I would expect to lose numerous clients as I suspect you have!!

  2. It is very difficult trying to return an item. Easy navigation is greatly appreciated. Items that have not been worn should be returnable without a time limit, things happen that an item cannot be returned within the timeframe.

  3. I do a lot of online shopping. All returns are very simple to return. I started shopping with Ann Taylor. I like their clothes but trying to return an item is not an easy process. Why make this so difficult?

  4. I’m trying to return two items. Store in Orland has been closed. Tried to get a label on line or address to return and when I click to get form I get options to get forms for IIRS and Passports. Why is so difficult to return, please supply an address where I can or return mail mail address. My zip code is 60464 Order #881165418162 DOM #33503859 10/10/18


  6. I agree with other customer complaints— so difficult to return an item . There is NO
    return label as stated. Where is it??
    With all the online shopping today, Ann Taylor is the most difficult to deal with when it
    comes to a return . This will make me think twice before ordering again.


  8. No return label on my receipt as stated. Very, very poor customer service.
    I like shopping with Ann Taylor however, returning an item is too difficult.

  9. I need to return a sweater that I ordered….Like the previous customer, there is no return label on my receipt as stated in the instructions!

  10. Very dificult to return items. There’s no address on the website, it takes way to many steps when trying to print label and they charge 8.00 dollars for prepaid label. I was trying to speak with a representative and they hung up twice on me.

  11. How can I get a Return label?
    I also agree with many comments regarding difficulty to return items.
    I like Ann Taylor, and want this store to stay alive forever, but need to do something about their customer service, and return policy!

  12. Difficult returning to Ann Taylor. I ended up here to find out where to send the clothes I bought back. Want to exchange but why does it need to be so difficult? I still don’t have answers and waiting on reply from Anny Taylor Customer Service.

  13. Your return policy is horrible.
    There was no return label…and impossible to talk to a person.
    Will never order from them again.
    Mar 13th! Jackie

  14. I will not order anything further. I have shopped at other stores and had no problem returning an item. They made it so easy. Sorry, you do have some cute clothes.

  15. I am unable to print a return label and one did not come with my package. I wanted to make an exchange but you have made that very difficult so I will just return it by mail and not shop on line at Ann Taylor again.

  16. There is no return label on my receipt and difficult to obtain one. no Ann Taylor stores in my area. Sooo, returns are not easy! Will consider if ever ordering again from this site!

  17. Unable to print a return label as so many others have had same
    Issue. I ordered an out online & attempted to return
    to a factory store. Policy was explained to me which I understood.
    However, I do NOT understand not being able to print a return label.
    I am a very unhappy customer who resents poor customer service.
    Will not be shopping at Ann Taylor anytime soon. I think I’m done with
    this company.

  18. I am having trouble finding a return label for my purchase. Usually a return label is part of the invoice. Why do you not include a return label with the product? It sure would make buying from Ann Taylor more appealing. I am not sure I want to order from you again.

  19. I paid to return two dresses by mail ( using the address above) because the instructions for getting the free return postage was not available. At least I wasn’t able to find it. Today, the first one came back with this statement from the United Postal Service, ” Return to sender, insufficient address, unable to forward, return to sender”. Calling today to speak to a person proved to be rather frustrating.

  20. the most confusing instructions I have ever tried to use. No excuse for making this so incredibly difficult. I will never order online from you again.
    You have lost my business.

  21. Your system is most difficult to work with on returns etc.
    your quality of service has changed tremendously for the worse over the last year.
    With stores closed in areas, it makes it most difficult to buy and Return on line.
    Used to love Ann Taylor

  22. Item I received had a spot on the front & smelled like perfume. It appears to be a worm stained returned item.
    Extremely disappointed. No return label with invoice as stated. Followed instructions to log on to Ann Taylor returns website for mail return option with no luck finding return label to print. Will drive to a store 30 miles away as only return option. Poor customer service
    discourages online shopping convenience>

  23. Ann Taylor has the absolute WORSE process is trying to exchange or return anything! You are placed on hold for an eternity and then the CSR takes forever to process an exchange. And forget getting any help over the phone to return an item. That’s torture. All I wanted is the address to return an item and I kept referred to go on line! I DON’T WANT TO GO ONLINE! I want an address, really!

  24. There is NO return label on invoice and NO return label to print off!!! This is very confusing and not at all user friendly!!!

  25. I am a loyal customer and have found it very frustrating to find simple instructions on how to return merchandise since stores are closed. I would appreciate the information provided on the receipt is clearer.

  26. Trying to return items that does not fit is quite difficult. The closes Ann Taylor is in Alabama. I love in Mississippi. I have been a customer for over 25 years but a store was close to me until about 3 years ago, well about 85 miles away.

  27. I have been a customer for many years. The return by mail process is impossible! I did not receive a mailing label and needed the address to return my items. To find this information on line was cumbersome and frustrating. I called the customer service number only to be put on hold for 45 min. Before I gave up.
    Terrible experience!

  28. I have been trying to return items I purchased on line, within the 30 day timeline per your policy, with no success. The website on the statement is inaccurate. Once on the website, there is no “RETURNS” link “at the bottom of the page.” This should be an easy process particularly when you promote “customer satisfaction” and ensure items can be returned “if not satisfied.”
    Please provide easier and accurate process for returns, AND within the 30-day timeline. I should not be penalized for an incompetent process.

  29. Need to return a dress that is too large. There is no return label on my packing slip. How and where do I return this? I am not close enough to return to a store.

  30. Difficult to return items. Can not generate return label- none in package. Stores not open due to epidemic. Will not order from Ann Taylor online again. Not really “free” returns.

  31. I also agree with the other comments about returns, they make it so difficult to do. I guess they’re trying to discouraged returns.

  32. Difficulty with returning item. Website not helpful and I have not received a mailing label in my package. Please send a mailing label for order number 111571684535

  33. Now I am concerned that I have to wait to hear from you for a valid mailing address for me to return 2 dresses on order #882299081896. Many customers on your comments page complain that the address on your website is incorrect!!

    Please provide immediately a correct address.

    Sandra Christison

  34. Ann Taylor has the worst customer service. I did not receive a packing slip with an item I ordered but must return. I have been on hold at least a hour a day for three days trying to determine what needs to be done to make a return without a packing slip. As directed, I texted the information for “quick service” – that was 24 hours ago with no response. What is Ann Taylor’s definition of “quick”? Guess I will donate this dress, take the loss and NEVER shop at Ann Taylor again either on line or at a store. Very disappointed.

  35. I need to return several items. When I went to print the return label with instructions given by your customer service representative (after waiting on hold for over 1 hour and 40 minutes) it won’t print a return label because “item has not been shipped”
    therefore, I cannot get my return label. This is after I have e-mails from Ann Taylor saying that my items are shipped and they are on my dining room table. I am terribly disappointed as I never ordered from Ann Taylor online before this. I have only shopped in the stores. I needed some new clothes for work and decided to give it a try because I knew my size. All stores were closed due to Corona virus.

  36. its annoying how difficult it is to return items to Ann taylor.
    when i got o my account and click on returns and put in my order # it doesn’t recognize it. spent 2 days trying to get a label to return by mail and still nothing

  37. You must know by now that your on- line `Ann Taylor` return policy is a joke! THERE IS NO RETURN LABEL! Why you continue to accept comments and do nothing to correct the problem is a problem. Will not purchase any of your products again.

  38. This is ridiculous!! It’s obvious Ann Taylor doesn’t read the feedback they’ve been getting since 2013 (at least)because the issue of returning items hasn’t been addressed.
    I want to return an item, and there’s no return label enclosed with the original paperwork. I’m hesitant to create a label myself, because the address noted on the return instructions is apparently incorrect. Guess I’ll wait on line for a customer service rep to get the correct one. I have better things to do with my time. And that includes never ordering from Ann Taylor again!

    • For everyone wanting a return label to print, you need to use the order number on the paperwork enclosed with the purchase in the shipping envelope. It’s located under the barcode on that paperwork and is different from the one on your emails from Ann Taylor. I got this piece of advice from an employee and it worked beautifully. I have my labels and can return the items.

  39. I wish I would have read all these comments before I placed my order. Not sure how I will return the item I purchased or if I am stuck with it. Never again.

  40. Your return policy is just unacceptable. I got an item in a hideous shade of traffic cone orange which takes mascara off instead of pictured a soft burned orange shade and wanted to return it the moment i looked at the item. NO RETURN LABEL and instructions here are discouraging. I will think twice before I make another purchase from your On-line store. It is obvious that you company policy is to discourage returns by mail and to encourage a store visit. Bad policy, bad business practice. I am unsubscribing you next. .

  41. I wasted my morning on the phone-more than half hour-no answer-online won’t recognise my order number.

  42. Very difficult to return ,their is no return label on line or it’s states on paper work. Not true at all.Had to drive 45 minutes to return and the Ann Taylor outlet is closing On Sunday.Will never buy another thing from Ann Taylor.Also your phone service is horrible, so much static.You truly don’t care about your Coustomer’s.Looks at all these horrible reviews from other Coustomer’s

  43. I ordered shoes, shoes are fine, very nice and a Beautiful Burgandy Halter Jumpsuit which was too Large! I tried to do a return label for weeks, would not take my order number! I called the Ann Taylor customer Service number for Days, never reached anyone! Finally I called one of the stores and was told I could return it there maybe but I live in Winston-Salem and the stores were located out of town, so the sales clerk I spoke with gave me a number, or transfered me to some one who finally found my order number and purchase and emailed me my label to print, I feel this should have been a better process to get this taken care of much sooner!! Just want to Receive Money back on Credit Card!

  44. I did not have a return label on my packing slip. After reading the comments, etc. I decided to just print a label and pay my fee to return. This is very poor customer service to make a return. I do not like to be on hold, then be told to press another button, only to be told to hold. I am glad I read the comments before calling.

  45. It’s very difficult to return items to Ann Taylor. They say you can return things in store, but in some states there is no Ann Taylor store, only Loft or Ann Taylor Factory who will not accept your returns. Also, they ship through UPS and USPS so I had 2 different returns and they wanted me to take them to two separate places PLUS paying $8 shipping for each. Honestly, I think they could do better and I won’t be ordering from them online again.

  46. Just way too difficult and I can’t believe I have to pay for it. I spend ALOT of money and full priced items for work. We are all on line now due to our comminity crisis, not shopping brick and mortar. Com’on ANN give it up.

  47. Where is the return label. I cannot locate it, and it makes returning by mail too difficult. Why can’t you enclose it with the original order?

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