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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Amazon is one of the leading online retailers. Amazon sells nearly everything the consumer could imagine. Some items are listed from and others are listed by individual sellers using Amazon as a platform to increase sales. Amazon offers FREE shipping on many items if included in an order over $25. They also offer an Amazon Prime membership that customers can pay for on a yearly basis for FREE upgraded shipping and other freebies and special deals.

When returning an item to you must send the item via mail to the returns facility as there are no stores where items can be returned in person.

Returning an Item

Returning items in person: There is no means of returning items in person to Amazon. All purchases must be returned using the returns address.

Returning items online: Visit the Returns Center,/a> at to start the returns process. Simply click on the Return Items button under the New Return tab. You will be prompted to log in to your account if you’ve not already done so. You will be guided through the process of printing a return label for your return. You must then package the item safely, apply the pre-paid return label and drop the package off at the appropriate mailing facility. Some item return labels will be processed through UPS and others through the USPS.
Amazon Returns Address

Returns Center –
172 Trade Street
Lexington, KY 40511

You should never send an item back to the return’s center for without first requesting a return mailing label from Amazon via your online account. The return label is pre-paid and tracks all returns with a barcode printed on the packing slip included with the mailing label. If you return your item to the Kentucky address without a packing slip the return’s center will have no idea where to credit the refund.

Official Amazon Return Policy lists detailed product return policies for each of the main sales categories on the website. You can view details about your product on the Product Returns page.

The basic return policy for states that customers can choose to return items for replacement, if defective, if the item was shipped by a third-party. If the item was shipped or “fulfilled” by Amazon, it cannot be replaced, but it can be returned for a refund.

Amazon also processes exchanges, returns of damaged items (both defective and those damaged in shipment), defective items and items shipped in error. All returns are processed through the return page. You can access your individual orders by logging in and clicking on the My Orders tab. Click on the order containing the item you wish to return and click the yellow return button next to the item in question.

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When we called customer service at 1-866-216-1072 we were told that all returns need to be processed through a customer’s online account. The customer service representative offered to walk us through the process of starting the return and printing the mailing address label.

95 Comments on “Amazon Returns
  1. Hello,
    I received a book that I did not order.
    There was no paper receipt in the box with the book.
    Shall I return the book?
    Please let me know the proper procedures for processing.
    Thank you.
    Mary Halsey

  2. My wife ordered a book, “KindleFire HD For Dummies” and we were notified that it was shipped on June 12 and we would receive it June 19 or later. Today we received a book that we had not ordered, also shipped June 12, hardcover, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,etc” which had a totally different order number.

    Is a gift or an error?
    Thank you.

  3. i haven’t got my order yet,it went back i dint get my money back
    can some one tell me how do i get in touch with this people?

  4. your easy steps return policy sucks!I have wasted 2 hours trying to do your easy returns.Have completed form several times,click continue goes to need customer service fill same form goes back to where you start. i am just about done ordering anything connected with amazon,it is like you do not want to help.I really do not expect any answer from you, so I close my account and take this lose

    • November 28, 2010 at 10:28 pmThanks a lot for this instruction wodnerful review; this is a type of step that holds me although out the day.I’ve eternally extended been wanting close to to your web-site correct right after I noticed about these from a near companion and was glad when I was inside a placement to unearth it ideal just after trying out for some time. Being a seasoned blogger, I’m happy to unearth out other folks taking gumption and adding in the direction of the community. I just preferred to review to exhibit my understanding in your post as it’s really pushing, and tons of world-wide-web writers do not get the credit score they ought to have. I’m beneficial I’ll be back again and will ship out a number of of my colleagues.

  5. Some hair products came addressed to me. I did not order these items, nor do I want them. How do you want me to get them back to you?
    Carole Priester

    • November 19, 2010 at 7:16 amhello there this is my first write-up on this website and with the statirng I would like to thank you for the unique info, that I were capable to discover in this and all previous subjects , it very helped me incredibly. I’ll add this website on my google readers. Also, I would like to ask – don’t you mind if I will copy some info from your web site since I’m posting content on the Hubpages, Ezine and other content directories (it’s my part time job)? It would truly help me with some of mine content look like fascinating.

  6. Horrible customer service from amazon part and the mystery “Eastore “place with whom they don’t provide a contact info. Bought a gift for my sister from eastore , new they said.. which happened to be used. amazon refuse to contact the seller.. I am trying to get their info… anyone can help?

    Disappointed how Leah , kentucky supervisor would handle this together with all her team of chipmunks saying the same thing like an automated machine.

  7. my complete Berkshire order was wrong. The process for returning is not good for me at this time since my printer is not working, I need you to send me 2 labels one for Under moments and essential apparel. My orders where whatever they decided to send not what I order. Will I do this again? According to what you do now.

  8. I received a bunch of cosmetics that I did not order. I thought maybe my mother sent them to me since she lives in Lexington…but I asked her and she did not.There was no packing slip or invoice inside. could you please help me solve this mystery?

  9. I ordered Dry Idea Advanced Dry Hypo-Allergenic, Antiperspirat Roll On 24 Hour protection,
    I received Dry Idea Roll On 72 Hour protection.
    I keep getting the message not refundable or returnable, I want either a refund or an exchange for what I ordered.
    This was ordered through Health and Beauty Supplies.

  10. I ordered a Belkin Miracast video adapter and received some Tweezerman scissors instead. Trying to return is a hassle. They want a $5.00 return fee.

  11. I don’t even know quite for sure where to contact or who? My wife &I have only ever had “NETFLIX”My wife bought the crappy; too hard to handle{sensitive}controller w/ our new T.V. 3 MONTHS AGO!! AND WE RETURNED IT; CAUSE YOU CONVIENENTLY LOCKED IT UP ON US! We should have had the control. Other than that, we both have never sighned up for anything you offered!! NOTHING; WE have Netflix & are happy w/ it!What in GOD’S NAME are you doing taking money from us for?Do you have APPlication or recorded APP.Please explain; Thank you’ We’re in shock to see your name on everything we do. Please explain by Friday P.M.Have to start law suit otherwise,Thank you[not that I want too!!]

  12. My daughter sent me some sanita clogs. I need to exchange them from a 39 to a 40. How do I go about changing them.I have the return slip made out. Thank you.Mary Sandsness

  13. I messed up and ordered too many of the same items. I need a return label and where to send them. Please help me. Thank you

  14. I keep on getting an order from Amazom Fulilmnet Services. for some reason???
    It is Air Wic Essentialoils, and they come in paks of 3. And they come in a box with about 10 to 12 packs of the Air Wicks in them!!! I do not want these Air Wicks, Nor did I order them!!! So can you please cancel the order please and get them to stop sending these Air Wicks to me every few months or so!!! Thank you so much for your help on this for me!!!

    James M. Shortt Jr.

  15. Please except the packages back for return the same way shipment sent by delivering froom 172 Trade street Lexington KY 4051. The refund is an inconvenience for us both and not my final decision.

  16. I paid for an apple ipad mini and a brazilian bikini with my husbands visa debit card. The orders was shipped and its been almost a month now and Ive not received them yet. Oh and two returns have not been refunded. There went my beleif in amazons impecable business tactics

  17. I contacted the return online for amazon only to find out this product was not able to return the electrolux vacume i pruchased in February this year. I was asked to review this item for satisfaction and at that time i loved it. It is not working very well only after 4 months what a piece of crap this thing is! I spent good money on this and was told NEVER LOOSES IT SUCTION well at least not for at least 3 months that is. I will not buy an appliance from amazon ever again. thank you so much for the great loyal service on this product is that why you only gave me a month or so to return it, and why you hound me for reviews. Take your reviews from now on a stuff them.

  18. Hi,
    I purchased a cat play toy which was 62″ and was able to put together by myself in just a few hours. I had to use my step ladder to put the top on. So, I am more pleased with the product. On the same day, I purchased Item No. SKY1371. I finished that in less than an hour. I was so pleased to be able to give this gift to my neighbor, “But, the hoop that goes on the middle step, is missing. I believe the part number is 31#-30cm.
    Will you please tell me how I go about getting a replacement for the part?”
    I am so please with both for the pleasure of dealing with you. I thank God for giving me my 3 kids and now I just have to figure out how to get them to use it. LOL All in all I have to thank you for being so efficient.

  19. I believe with all the customers that you serve, and I once was in charge of a warehouse for about 7 years and I know that sometimes you run into some who are no going to be pleased no matter what you do. But, I’m very happy with your service.
    Thank you so much.
    Sharon L. Horton

  20. I rented a book and never received a email or slip in the box on how to return the book after rental was over. It states it was shipped from Apex media. I rented and payed through amazon. Please help me send it back

  21. im suppose to get a refund why cant they issue a check instead of credit my account what if i dont want anything from .com i put my charge card no for billing but they put it on my amazon card anyway.didnt think it would make a difference now i see it does cant take amazon card to purchase anything so i can see what im getting

  22. Purchased a music box as a gift. I did not test it before wrapping it. When the recipient wound the key, we discovered that the spring was broken. Amazon has given me nothing but one run around after another. First, they said it was too late to return the item, but it was defective. After multiple tries, I finally got hold of someone who sent me a return label. I sent the item back and have proof it was received on March 24, 2015, which I sent to them. I have not yet received either a replacement or refund, and it is August 21, 2015. They make it very had to obtain an address to use for returns, too.

  23. I ordered 3 items from Amozon and item # 112-3352766-5809008 came by regular mail on October 2,2015 and the sprayer was not locked and approx. 1/2 the bottle was empty.
    Please advise what my next step is.

    Yours truly,

    Carolyn Anderson.

  24. I received a package at my address that is not addressed to anyone living at this location. I have not opened the package. How do I return the package?

  25. I received a package of saxophone reeds that I definitely did not order. I do not drive, so unless you can send me labels that make it possible to return this to you without a trip to the post office, you’ll have to come and get them.
    Don’t know anyone who plays a sax right now!

  26. I just received a package…..A kitchen table I have been waiting for…….We just opened the box and the table had a very large chunk scratched out of it…………..I just want it replaced……I love the table, but not like this.

  27. I have a problem with my new lenovo p70 mobile shopped on 3/11/2015 from amazon. I didn’t understand how to call you or know you about this.
    Please send your number . I need your help.

    • what do i do about a G.P.S.that takes me places i do not want to go, and tells me ”’ CANT BE FOUND” when i am at the place that i program in it. should i contact
      GARMIN or do i turn to you.

  28. Ibought a laser boresighter it tells me in the instruction to use the longer screw for larger bore guns .the screw in the case are all the same length.the package came from global dealing shop in Lexington ky nobody would answer the phone after waiting online for 40 minutes

  29. This was the first time I have dealt with Amazon. I received my order (#110-1845114-2257834) on Thursday and was so excited to have my candle, which I love! After opening package, my candle was shattered into several pieces! I do not feel that I should not have to pay for returning my candle, since someone else broke it. If you would like, I can send U a photo of it. I would love to have another one. Thank U, Liz Stieben.

  30. Amazon Returns

    Hello I called you several weeks ago about the wrong size shoe you sent me and I never received the return slip. I am just going to send them back to your office in Lexington

    I hope I can get a refund because I do not like them to ask for the correct size.

    Thank you!

    Linda Boyle

  31. I ordered a pair of Sketcher boots from Amazon. They are too tight and want to return them for the next size up. There was no packing slip in the box and when I go to my e-mail to open the order, it directs me to my Amazon account and tells me I have no orders in the last 6 months. I have my order number from you. I also have the shipping confirmation and the boots are at my home. How can I return these boots and get a different size. Very frustrated.

  32. Why would I get a ‘new’ hair straightener from an Amazon return center that appears to be used? No receipt, just thrown in a box.

  33. I received a used phone battery for my LG 4 it doesnt hold a charge, know longer than 30 minutes how do i return it to the ppl that sent it to me from Ky. So i can get a new one,, didnt order a used one,tyvm

  34. my dauther sent me a comb of nuts from ceegees gourment nuts and there are all stail please advise also i will notify my dauther

  35. The eura 10×10 canopy I purchased is pure trash.Amazon should be conducting inquiries about items it lists. I have no time to send this garbage back to the company.

  36. Ordered hair Straightener tried to cancel no success,received them with no return slip, finding it hard too return, then was going to send them to Amazon returns center Lexington. But with no return slip you get no refund ordered bunk beds as well this was no longer in stock but I’ve been charged, so waiting for refund. Merry Xmas amazon.

  37. So far major issue trying to return some wrong ink cartridges. have tried getting my password twice called once, no help every time I enter a temp pw that they give me it doesn’t work!


  39. Myy daughter ordered for us a Tenergy 1500 W PTC Ceramic Heater.It was dead on arrival. When you turn on the power, nothing happens. We need to exchage it dor one that works.

  40. I keep packages from Amazon Prime that I did not order. When I type in the address 172 Trade ST Lexington KY 40511 your information comes up. There is no return label with the package so I can not return them. I just want to contact someone at Amazon to correct this situation. Can you help me or direct me to somewhere that can.

  41. I am getting your info in SPANISH ??? I do not know how to do the return: I need a return label, and be able to send back the item. So frustrating!!!

  42. R’c’d my order of 24 Rocky socks w/ 23/ 24″ and 1/ 22″. Tried to navigate the site to arrange exchange of the 22″ for a 24″ and met w/ considerable frustration. There was no “Contact us” or direct phone #. Accidentally ran across this site # ph. #. Will try it, but past experience is not encouraging.

  43. All a pair of pants wrong and size, would like to exchange and a pair of mens boots wrong size would like to exchange. have return label for pants but npot the boots

  44. I returned a purse with my personal wallet in it going on my second week waiting for it to be returned to me it’s been a nightmare UPS called me told me when it was it was when it was received at your returns site in Kentucky I’ve heard nothing yet I need my personal wallet please

  45. I purchased a pair of LED (as advertised) headlights for my 2014 1500 Ram. The ad said Original Equipment(OE). After receiving the headlights from Akkon I removed my pickup light and found out that the factory lights are halogen not LED. Due to LED and not halogen bulbs, the internal housing is different as well as the bulb socket. These are not Original Equipment replacements. This is false advertising. I’ve requested a refund and AKKON said that because I ordered the wrong item they will not pay for shipping. I have shipped them back via UPS at my cost of $43.70. * UPS tracking# 1Z940X340351490856 * Akkon order# 111-5807873-0167448 * RMA# 4172574

  46. Received Maxzola “Luminous Night” golf balls, along with charger; however, there were no instructions included. Can someone send me said instructions. Other than that, order seems complete & was received when expected. Thanks.

  47. Good morning. My name is Maria Palacio and for a couple of weeks ago I am receiving packages from this address
    (172 Trade St.Lexington, KY 40511)that I have not requested. I have an Amazon account but I have never asked for anything. I need to talk with to stop sending things to my address and to know where I return those things . Thank you

  48. I received an order that there are parts missing-what to do?It is tracks for sliding closet doors. There were 4 short bypass brackets included-only need 2. There were two long bypass brackets, need 4

  49. I have received three separate packages from the 172 Trade Street address NONE of which I ordered. How do I find out if these items are being charged to my credit cards or how do I return for refunds?? None of these items show up on my account orders

  50. ion Superior LP is not what I believe it to be. I want a unit that records 33 and cassettes directly on to a CD Burner in same unite, no computer involved. After with great disappointment with what was sent, I say a Teac LP unite that with added money would serve my needs correct to record from 33 or cassettes directly onto a CD BURNER in same UNITE

  51. Could not get a return label,so I sent it to Tech Vendor
    172 Trade Street
    Lexington,Ky. 40511
    I have returned 3 I Pad covers and asked for my refund be credited to my account which you have on file.
    I do not have a printer so I am sending it via USPS the way it was shipped to me,there was no packing slip so I enclosed order number111-0542377 and invoice number 8192201
    Could not do it any other way.please notify upon receipt and refund.

  52. I ordered 1 case 6 jars46oz. of Heinz genuine dill pickles
    I only got 1 jar which was delivered by my post office.
    I paid for them with my master card it came to $51.40 this is
    a lot of money for a jar of pickles. Please see if you can
    correct this and let me know. Thank you

  53. I received an order of cat supplies, and the Canes flea & Tick collar which was supposed to be all natural was not, so I got my return label shipped back all 6 was credited, they received on the 23rd of July showing received on the 30th, 2nd lie, and said they received 5, shipping weight proves the 6. Now they are recharging me for one collar that they received, and will not reply to my proof of their receipt. They give u no way to contact them via telephone, and they need to start sending deliveries w/Shipping receipts. They have removed this falsely advertised product from their online store, long before they decided to falsely claim they received 5 in stead of the 6 collars that were returned. This is deceptive, and CONSUMERS need to BEWARE. Take pictures of your returns, and keep the additional return label tracking package sheet. Hold Amazon responsible. This is shockingly immoral. The Canes collars are listed as sobakens in the return information. Anyone’s cats and human eye irratants feel free to contact me. Amazon refuses to contact me regarding this injustice.

  54. my cousin gave me as a gift a 42 inch l.e.d strip lite i took it to get connected they told me its burned what can i do cuz its brand new he paid i think it was 65.00 i how you guys can help me ple dewase

  55. A few weeks ago I got a book I never ordered and they charged to my credit card on file on my amazong account for the amount of 216.91 dollards and I dont even know how to return it because doesnt have any packing slip or envoice I dont know what to do. this is terrible why are they doing this. please anyone help me.

  56. Hi my name Mary Hansford I receive a package I order on line it did not work so I return back to address on package when I contact company on line they said I mail to wrong address I call ups said package was deliver Feb20.2020 I have tracking number track package it did arrive at this address I send to 172Trade St,Lexington KY 40511 please return package back to Mary Hansford 230willis circle Forsyth Georgia 31029 thank you are email also let me know have package thank you I send package wrong place

  57. i recieved thecentrum multigummies there are all melted and stict togethe i can not seperated them they are all melted. what do you advies mg mese to do i like to send them back to you . it is just one mass.

    • This has also happened to me. My brother received a cell phone screen he did not order HE IS NO LONGER
      LIVING ! I too am worried it’s a scam I have a name
      Bodahong? But cannot find info keeps sending me back
      to the Lexington KY address. How was t his item paid for? Also what do I do with it?

  58. I have received 2 packages from the Amazon fulfillment center that I did not order. There are no packing slips and the products are junk. I can’t return because there is no record of ordering them. I’m missing other tho he I did order from Amazon and winder if this a bait and switch kind of thing. Don’t know what to do. There is a post about this fulfillment center at 172 Trade St. Lexington, Ky. Being under investigation for defrauding people. Help!!!!

  59. I am very very vey unhappy with Amazon. ,I ordered from bug Zappers paid almost 70 Dallors and was suppose to get 6 of them to plug into light socket , they delivered only 1, for 70 Dallors AMAZON becoming a JOKE very unhappy now

  60. I keep returning packages because I ask them to stop shipments several months ago! i liked the product but developed a rash so was advised to stop using any product but what dermatology told me to!! I HAVE RETURNED THE PACKAGES I RECEIVED EXCEPT FIRST TWO SHIPMENTS!!!! I want credit for shipments returned! CREDIT MY ACCOUNT!!!!

  61. I returned several packages to return address!!! I had to stop using this product because I broke with a rash!! i was advised to stop using any product except Dermatology!! Please credit my account for returned packages!!
    Thank you!!

  62. I received 100 nylon cable ties from LBT Group 172 Trade St Lexington KY I never ordered these I don’t have an Amazon account and have never ordered from Amazon glad to send them to you prepaid postage

  63. I think you better get on to whom is using your address to
    scam people. I see alot of posts from unhappy consumers.
    Maybe Amazon is getting too big for it’s britches so to speak. This seems to be an ongoing issue of people receiving merchandise they did not order. My problem is from 2019.

  64. Received an item as a gift and was defective. Followed return procedures and received an e-mail from Amazon my refund would be processed in 2-4 hours after being received. It has now been two day and still no refund!! Spoke to many reps and escalation managers and they all said nothing they can do!! This is horrible, horrible customer service, especially when they send you documentation saying your refund would be processed in 2-4 hours and going on two day and nothing!! We use this item to film our varsity football team games for recruiting purposes and now the kids are losing valuable exposure! False representation of your process could lead to legal issues…

  65. submitted my unhappiness about Prophet Galway shoes, but informed return date expired. I had saved them plannin to return the pair I ordered. After having an old pair repaired. Sole is not replaceable, but an attempt was made and my return date was 2/6/20.
    The Prophet’s i have must be knock offs..I’ve worn them and they pinch and hurt my feet. I thought they might loosen up like my first pair, they do not and the toe box is terrible.
    I’d like to return these ti Koch in coeur d’ alene/Hayden and receive an $80.32 credit.

  66. I received a box, with macreme’ plant hanger that I did not order. I do not even have plants! Please advise as to what I need to do.
    Thank you,

  67. i order a item that was sent by ups from amazon an the package was never seal got empty sleeve with nothing in it no paper work nothing dont know who it came from they have lousey service you talk too a robot not real person

  68. I received a box RU0012547147Z Slim Recessed LED light 6 pack 4 which I didn’t order
    po YH20200907
    Date 20201015
    sent on 12-06-2020 from Evernow Online

  69. I will not order anything from anywhere ever again I ordered a clear tablecloth 60 x 120 from a place called Sofiinni it came in an Amazon package it was ordered on eBay they sent 60 x 90 now I’m stuck with something I can’t use how do I get the right size or my $16.87 back

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