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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Walmart

Walmart is the largest retailer in the United States. The retailer sells food, clothing, sporting goods, lawn and garden and many other items. In addition to more than 4,000 stores, the company also operates one of the largest retail websites in the world. Customers have the option to return any and all items purchased through at a local store. There are limitations to the items that can be returned to the store, however. Customers may wish to check the Return Guidelines by Department at

Returning an Item

Returning items to a store: Aside for a selection few items, all merchandise purchased online or offline can be returned to a local Walmart store. Find a local Walmart store in your area by visiting Simply bring the packing slip to the store along with the item and the original manufacturer box and packing to process the return. If the item is oversized, like a sofa or large rug, you may wish to call the customer service desk of the local Walmart before driving to the store to return the item.

Returning items online:: Walmart will accept online returns, but the company does not prefer to process returns, which is why they suggest taking the item to a local store. Online returns can take more than two weeks to process and the customer may be responsible for returning shipping. If the item is overweight, freight costs can be extremely expensive.

Walmart Returns Address

We were unable to find a returns address on the website.

Official Walmart Return Policy

The official return policy from Walmart states that most items can be returned within 90 days of purchase. There are some specialty items, like computers, that must be returned within 15 days of purchase and there are items, like diabetic supplies, that cannot be returned at all. or your local Walmart store may bend these rules on a case-by-case basis. Walmart also processes manufacturer warranty requests, so just because you cannot return certain items for a refund does not mean the item is not covered for repair costs.

Walmart stores will not return the shipping and handling costs, in some cases, even if the merchandise you’re returning is defective. You must contact the customer service department for online orders to request the shipping and handling be refunded.

Were They Helpful?

When we contacted customer service at 1-800-WALMART or 1-800-925-6278 the customer service agent suggested taking our purchased item back to the store, but she could not help us with the return without an order number. When we asked for a shipping address, he said he didn’t have one. There are multiple return addresses in the United States and he didn’t have any idea which one our order would be sent to. He suggested going to someplace with a computer and printer and logging in to our account to print the return label.

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29 Comments on “Walmart Returns
  1. Your return policy on this website is really vague and does not parallel your return policy as posted in your stores. I got screwed on the purchase of a box of ammo that I had inadvertently purchased the day before, but could not return the following day. Why, because your return policy on ammo that was in fine print behind the customer return counter, was brought to my attention the day I went to return/exchange the ammo! Furthermore, there were no signs on the cabinet stating that ammo was not returnable. In other words, I had to buy the ammo first to then find out that it was not returnable. Additionally, since the ammo was locked in the cabinet, it took an associate to open the cabinet in order to sell it to me, but he did not even bother to remind me of any store policy regarding ammo as being nonreturnable. Now I am stuck with a box of ammo I can not use, and I am out $30.00!!

  2. I ordered a few item which was shipped to another store. I havent recieved a refund or any notification of items I have purchased.

  3. uggh! I know how you feel. I purchased a prepaid hone for my husband for $90 for his bday. He decided he didn’t want to go that route so when I returned it they said I only had 15 days. Before I purchased I asked the sales associate that very question & they say not to worry we had 30 days in which to return. They said even if the box is opened & he doesn’t like it for any reason.
    They jacked me for $90. Im trying to contact them directly, but no one is answering my emails. Have any suggestions?

  4. I purchased a Samsung tablet on line, had sent to my address, and when it froze up a few times, I returned it to the Baxter, MN store, they gave me a refund on the tablet, but stated they could not on the Service plan which cost $36.00, I had to go to to get a refund, well, have you tried to get to the right place for a service plan refind////, I entered the order number and was told to go to the store////. needless to say, I will never do this again.

  5. I was trying to return a TV back to the store on Ferrington Rd. to night because when we open it the screen was broking They would not take it back I waited for 1 hour before anyone helped me then they told me they could not take it that I would have to mail it back I asked to exchange it for another one are return my money back on my card they would not I will wait until tomorrow and take it back again

  6. To Whom it May Concern
    I ordered a movie named Don’t eat the daisy and The glass bottom boat with Doris Day. I received Calamity Jane and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Which I did not request. I would like to exchange the move for the correct one.

  7. I purchased a tv and 3 year extended plan from walmart and 2 months later I had to exchange it because of a broken part but no store would take it because I didn’t have the box! The tv company will not fix it because it was determined not to be a “manufacture defect”. I’m going to have to unleash my wife to them !

  8. I ordered a tablet on line. For Christmas. It sucks I charged it up it kept freezing took forever to download. I tryed to return it. they said I couldnt anymore I was passed the time. Well I ordered as a christmas present. They need to extend the time on things like that.I will never order something online from walmart again.

  9. I purchased a tv combination stand with glass doors .I just opened the package tonight and one of the glass doors is shattered Can I come and pick up another glass door . the item #002998617000 was bought 04 /22/14

  10. I order a Visual Land 7″ 8 Gb. the tuch screem is not working. and Ivant change for 10″ 16 MG, I will pay the difernt

  11. Ordered 15-16 items. Need to return ONE only ONE.
    I cannot find address to send to ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I really think you should have a phone number where you can talk to someone. Some problems cannot be handled by the examples you show. I bought one pack of womens Just My Size Pull on shorts. When I received half of what I ordered and it was one size too big and now they say I cannot return the shorts. That is why we should have a phone number.

  13. I purchased a cast iron Aebleskiver pan from Walmart online, it arrived with a broken handle. Now I must return it to a Walmart and r-eorder online a hope the next one doesn’t arrive broken. My question is How Do You Break Cast Iron ???????

  14. Why I am writing this is to let everyone beware, I purchased tracfone for friend of family, it was tracfone glory model 868 phone. After buying phone gave to husband. His friend also got phone that he bought same walmart he had trouble with his phone he took phone back he didnt have all of phone carton my husband gave him carton from his phone. store took phone gave refund back, after tracfone recvd. phone they took number off container part from husbands phone, then they cancelled out phone and airtime that was put on husbands phone. other phone never had time removed from that phone.BUYERS beware small items they will not take anything back unless being an act of god. walmart tell sales people about your return policy so they can tell purchaser of item to hang on pkging, to send back item. I bought product had installed time for phone used 2 days. Now I cant use phone cause time was erased, phone useless only good now for small paperweight. Bob M

  15. IMPOSSIBLE! When I click on “start a return,” I am directed to a Yahoo search result page. It’s a never-ending loop. So sorry I purchased from WalMart online!

  16. I ordered two sofa pillows , and the color did not match the
    sofa, can I ship them back to Walmart, and Do I need a shipping label ? I don’t drive , I do my shopping on the net.

  17. I bout a laptop and the screen went out 2 mouths ago and they wont take it with out a receat and I have a 2 year worrinty and iv had the laptop for about 1 year and 8 mouths

  18. I refuse to shopping in walmart because I just purchase a Treadmill from them, I m not to happy with it, I want to returned it I was told I need the original box, I throw it away,
    and Now I am out of $100.00

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