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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Target

Target is a superstore retailer that sells everything from groceries to baby items, furniture to clothing. Items are sold in stores across the United States and online on the Target website. Target is known for having a complicated return policy that demands customers have the original receipt for in-store purchases and all original packing for online purchases. Target will accept online purchase returns in the store if the customer has the credit card the order was placed on or the packing slip from the box. If those items are not available, the customer must process the online return via the Target website.

Returning an Item

Returning items in a Target store: If you have the packing slip from the online order or the credit card used to make the online purchase, you can return your online order to a local Target store. You can find a local store here:

Items purchased in store can be returned to any store, even stores where the purchase was not made, as long as you have the receipt for the purchase. If you don’t have the original receipt, Target reserves the right to refuse your return.

Returning items online: Without a packing slip or the credit card used to place the order, customers must use the online return process. Log in to your account and visit the online return center at: to start the returns process. If you chose to place the Target order without creating an account on the Target website, you’ll need to enter the order number from the packing slip and the email address where the order confirmation was sent to locate your order online.

Target Returns Address

There is no return center address on the Target website and we could not locate a returns address online.

Official Target Return Policy

The official return policy for Target returns states that most items can be returned in new, unopened condition within 90 days of the original purchase. If the item is defective, the item will not be in the original packaging. Target promises to attempt to process your return, they do not promise to be effective in that attempt. Your receipt may list specific details about the eligibility of your purchase for return. For instance, items like computer hardware must be returned within 45 days of purchase – this information, if applicable, will be listed on the original receipt.

Were They Helpful?

You can contact the customer service department for Target returns by calling 1-800-591-3869 or emailing a customer service representative using the Target email contact form.

When we called customer service, there was no phone option for talking with a customer service representative about returns despite the fact that this number was listed as the returns department phone number. We waited on the line until a customer service agent picked up the call. We asked if he could help us start our return over the phone as we were directed to the website or to our local store. The agent offered to help us find the address of our local store.

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  1. I will never, never, never buy anything from Target again. Ordered an X-box 360 with Kinect, I received an e-mail stating that I would receive an e-giftcard. I had a yelling match session with Target and PayPal. I am probably going to contact my attorney general’s office in my state. They are crooks that will keep your money anyway that they can.

    • I heard from a friend who has a shop naerby that the Shell station will be destroyed to make space for more shops! The police appartments naerby have already gone, there is a brand new shopping plazza/hotel being built on Khao San . Khao San, which I never liked is turning into a Western High Street might not be that bad! Take care of these pix!

  2. sent my granddaughter phone back the first week of feb. have not received any refund or has she got a e-mail from them .

  3. Tried all morning to return with online links, emails with Target customer support. Links didn’t work either from website or those emailed to me. Ended up calling but because I paid through Paypal no refund only gift card. I took it but it will be the last time I shop Target. What a hassle.

  4. The phone number worked until actually spoke with a representative. In the end I was not given a refund for an item put on sale just a few days later… while explaining to the person I was not wanting a complete refund and only a return on the sale price difference I was actually hung up on. Ridiculous! I will be going into my local store and dealing with this in person and will most likely cease to shop online at Target; and depending on what this talk in person ends up with maybe the Target chain all together!

  5. Read this first before you purchase anything at Target. For all of you Lullaby and Wedding Club people, your right of return even for defective items will be limited because Target does NOT stand behind its merchandise.
    Here is what I learned when I purchased an item in furniture (an ottoman with a hinged top). The furniture item became defective after 3 months (the hinge failed). I tried to return the item at the store and was told that I could not return it because the receipt expired. Then, I was told a few things about Target’s return policy that are NOT Published: (1) If a customer returns more than $70 in any given year, then Target can refuse to return the item, even with a receipt; (2) Receipts have an expiration date printed on the receipt (look for it next to the date of purchase). In general, the return period for anything is the earlier of the “return date” or 90 days. After that date, you will be treated as if you do not have a receipt at all; (3) Target will only allow you to “exchange” the item(s) for another item in the SAME Department – not the store at large! The “exchange” will be limited to $70 even if your receipt shows that your purchase was over $70, and (4) the store manager can allow you to exchange the item for items in another department, at the store manager’s sole and exclusive discretion. Except for the 90 day policy and the “return by” date, none of the rules above appear on the Target website, the ticket, or are known by Customer Service.
    Now back to my situation… I told the manager of the Target store that I expect furniture items to last more than 90 days and that I expected Target to provide me with a return or a gift receipt. I was told that I could only exchange the item for another of equal value in the same department – not the store! I called a different Target store and was told that the Manager has the option to authorize an exchange in a different department, for example groceries. I checked the Target return policy on-line and also by calling customer service. The policy on-line does not cover this situation and customer service is staffed by automatons in the Philippines who are infuriatingly polite but are incapable of solving any problem that extends beyond their simple script. In my case, I went back to the store and spoke to another manager who pointed out that my receipt expired (I’ve never heard of such a thing) and said that it was like having no receipt at all. For the record, my receipt “expired” 3 weeks earlier, then the ottoman broke. The manager said that they would do me a favor. She told me that my only option was to exchange the item for which I paid $108 for $70 in groceries. It was a terrible deal, but I took it and lost $38 dollars – some favor!
    If Target has a “return-to-department-only policy”, then it should be published on its web site or on the back of the receipt. If Target allows its managers to exchange merchandise at the manager’s sole discretion, then this should be published as well. If you are expected to lose money when Target’s merchandise breaks after 90 days, then this should be published on the web site. Word to the wise: If you believe that the items you purchase should have a shelf life longer than toilet paper, then don’t shop at Target.

  6. Ordered some items from Target online and two out of the 6 items were damaged. The lady told me that as soon as they get the items they would send my mu replacements, but may take a couple of weeks. I would think since this is such an inconvenience for me that they would at least upgrade my shipping. The lady just said sorry and was there anything else I needed. I decided to just return he items and hopefully get my money back. Never ordering online from Target again!!!

  7. Tried to return two infant child outfits that were received as gifts. I just wanted a gift card for a future purchuse. The two outfits clearly said $15.99 each. The clerk would only give me $13 each. So I thought – – OK, they must have gone on sale since my m/i/l purchased them two weeks ago. As I am shopping, I see the same outfits for $15.99 each. I went back to customer service thinking that there was a mistake – – wrong, the manager said that $13 is all that they will refund without the orig receipt or the gift receipt. So they stole $2.99 from me for each outfit – – and they put both outfits on the rack to sell them again at full price. What a ripoff! I love Target but I am not a happy Target shopper. Next time, I will get my m/i/l to give me gift receipts with each purchase.

  8. i bought a samsung tablet at target for $195.00 on feb. 12 2014 and today is april 5,2014 and it don’t want to charge anymore. we did not get it wet,we not drop it.and now i was looking at my receipt and wow it has a date of 3/14/14 is the date for a return…… i don’t want my money,i just want a new one .i bought for my granddaughter. if target don’t give me a new one …i will never again step in that store…..

  9. on 10/04/14 i purchased ahand held solitaire game,at that time i paid for a 2 yesr replacement plan. this morning(11/19/14)i put new batteries in int and now it will not do anything,what go ido now? thank you

  10. I orders Whitm Handbag File Clear/White The UPC/order the Mail left my packages on the front porch an they didn’t ring the door bell or blow their horn to let us know about the package they left a dog go it and my package got toreup how do I go about getting it replace and paid for I was gone at the time when this happens.

  11. I purchased Dre Beats for my daughter for Christmas for $169.00 which Included a $40.00 Target Gift Card + I paid an Extra $17.00 for an Extended Warranty.. NEVER Received $40.00 Gift Card and Target says I will not receive Extended Warranty (Even tho I purchased) WTH? I’ve tried Twice calling Customer Service and I have had No Help At All. I can not even understand the person on the other end of the phone. Target Is Losing My Business and along with My Family.

  12. Target Store Brighton Colorado will not return me my money on items returned Samsung Blu-Ray with receipt. Was given gift card on first returned which i purchased a Sony Blu-Ray player that did not work at all. They had no other player that i was interested in and would not give me cash back only gift card per their policies! I feel that they stole from me and forcing me to spend there. So for $89.00 Target can remove our family of five customer list.Will only spend this gift card and never shop at Target again!!!
    Keith Black

  13. I purchased a Canon printer in the local Target store on 10/31/14 and have used it very little. About a month ago, it jammed by pulling about 20 sheets through at once. After it was cleared of the paper jam, the printing is all messed up and unreadable. Furthermore, it continues to jam repeatedly. Obviously this is a real lemon but, after reading the above experiences, I know what I am in for when I try to get a refund or exchange from them….but, I will try…today. I do know this; I will never buy another Canon product or any electronics from Target again!!!!!!!

  14. I went to your target at alta arden store to rturn 3 summer dresses and I was refused to return them WHY? when did you change any policy ??

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