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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Kmart

Kmart is a discount retailer started in the United States, though the company also operates stores outside of the United States. Kmart claims they have a simple returns policy in place, but due to the large number of items sold by the company, there is really no way for all returns to be simple. You can read the detailed refund policy online at

Returning an Item

Kmart is willing to accept most returns at any store, even those items purchased online, but there are exceptions to every rule. It is best to read the return policy in detail before returning specialty items, large items, furniture and anything that may be considered a specialty purchase.

Return items to a local Kmart store: Place all the items you wish to return back in the box and include the packing slip for the order, if you are returning items purchased online. Take the box to the customer service desk at any Kmart to complete the return. If you purchased the items in person, take your items and the receipt back to the store for a refund, if applicable.

Return you Kmart purchase by mail: If you’d rather return items purchased online by mail, place all items in the original box. Fill in the information portion of the packing slip (located on the bottom of the slip.) Peel off the return address label and place it on the outside of the box. Send your box back to the returns department using a trackable method of shipping.

Kmart Return Address

There is no Kmart return address listed and the customer service representative would not give us the return address.

Official Kmart Return Policy

The Kmart official return policy is more complicated than we’d like. The company is owned by Sears and thus it sometimes sells Sears merchandise via the Kmart website. If items are sent by Sears, they must be returned using then Sears return policy. Otherwise, customers can typically return most items within 90 days of purchase with a receipt. Certain items, like jewelry, must be returned within 30 days. Read the entire return policy at

Were They Helpful?

When we called customer service at 1-866-562-7848, we were not given the return address as requested. Our customer service representative kept telling us we needed to return the items purchased online to the nearest store. She asked for our zip code several times so she could locate the nearest store. When we told our representative we wanted to send the item back via mail, she again told us the best option was to return the item to the nearest store.

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12 Comments on “Kmart Returns
  1. I’ve been trying to exchange my tablet but Kmart tells me that I can’t return it because 30 past but I bought insurance for it and they told me that I has to call a number so I called and they told me I was going to recover an email but its been about 4 days and no email. What can I do to exchange or get my money back?

  2. I recently purchased a number of items from k-mart in Greenville, Mississippi, I misplaced my receit and only wanted to exchange a queen comforter for a king.even though they were able to pull up the layaway with the comforter and other items that were gotten out of layaway, I was told that there was nothing that they could do without a receit. The comforter still had the layaway sticker on it.I was very very unhappy with the service.I don’t think I will be shopping at k-mart anymore.k-mart I think you really need to reevaluate your policy things happen and people misplace things all of the time you are forcing people to keep merchandise they can’t use. There should be other options can you say gift card.This is ridiculous! !!!!.

  3. Kmart is a rip off. They wont exchange there broken products and dog on the custamers wen they complane about it no one has money to throw away, america dont need stores like kmart.they need to hurry and close down.

  4. Very upset with kmart. Only store that will not take back an unopened item (Kmart brand) without a receipt. They lost my business. And I’m not quiet about it!

  5. Very upset with K- Mart. Their return policy is outdated and frustrating. I am unable to return curtains that I purchased with Cash and were the wrong size, but lost the recipt. I can’t believe I am stuck with $80.00 worth of curtains that cannot be used. I Will Never Shop at K-Mart again and will tell everyone I know also. No wonder Wal-Mart is shutting them down.

  6. My brother bought me what he thought was a leather “Steelers” jacket at Kmart for my birthday. It turned out be polyester & we tried to return it without the receipt & I only wanted to exchange for a more expensive item(my brother threw it out) & was told that it couldn’t be returned. I can not stand this jacket even at $54.00 on sale price it is a piece of junk & I will probably donate to Goodwill. WE WILL NEVER SHOP AT KMART AGAIN!!!! What are they going to do after XMAS when people come flooding in with gifts they would like to exchange but can’t because no receipt? Go out of business finally I guess – It should of happened long ago because they can’t keep up with Walmart & others that take returns without a receipt.

  7. i bought my normal size 12 shoe at local kmart but after getting them on, they felt like size 15. im a guy that never needed to make a shoe return therefore save a recipt. i tried to go exchange for a smaller size. they still had attached kmart tags and box but they told me because i couldn’t prove that i paid for them they wouldn’t exchange them. ‘like i stole them or something’ as long as these boots sit unused on my shelf ill shop at walmart.–jack the pool guy

  8. I too just tried to return some items to kmart that ireceived as a gift that i didnt have use for it was still in sealed packaging with the sticker on it and yhey refuse to take it back so theres your answer about returning a gift

  9. Before Thankgsgiving, I went on the Sears website to buy a coat. When I received it, I saw that it was shipped from K-Mart. The coat was too large. Although I was told that I could return the coat to a Sears store, the Sears store refused to take the return. I finally contacted a K-Mart person by phone, who explained how to return the coat & she sent me a return UPS label. I returned the coat, requesting a refund on the original credit card used. That was in early December & I’m STILL waiting for my refund. Horrible way to do business…

    • If you haven’t yet received your credit, you should dispute your charge with your credit card company. You’ll definitely get your money back.

  10. I bought a blush there. I lost the receipt and the item for a month. When I found the item but no receipt I decided to take it back. I had to give them my license info but they did return as store credit since I was going to buy something there anyways I was ok with that.

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