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How to Return or Exchange an Item at Amazon is one of the leading online retailers. Amazon sells nearly everything the consumer could imagine. Some items are listed from and others are listed by individual sellers using Amazon as a platform to increase sales. Amazon offers FREE shipping on many items if included in an order over $25. They also offer an Amazon Prime membership that customers can pay for on a yearly basis for FREE upgraded shipping and other freebies and special deals.

When returning an item to you must send the item via mail to the returns facility as there are no stores where items can be returned in person.

Returning an Item

Returning items in person: There is no means of returning items in person to Amazon. All purchases must be returned using the returns address.

Returning items online: Visit the Returns Center,/a> at to start the returns process. Simply click on the Return Items button under the New Return tab. You will be prompted to log in to your account if you’ve not already done so. You will be guided through the process of printing a return label for your return. You must then package the item safely, apply the pre-paid return label and drop the package off at the appropriate mailing facility. Some item return labels will be processed through UPS and others through the USPS.
Amazon Returns Address

Returns Center –
172 Trade Street
Lexington, KY 40511

You should never send an item back to the return’s center for without first requesting a return mailing label from Amazon via your online account. The return label is pre-paid and tracks all returns with a barcode printed on the packing slip included with the mailing label. If you return your item to the Kentucky address without a packing slip the return’s center will have no idea where to credit the refund.

Official Amazon Return Policy lists detailed product return policies for each of the main sales categories on the website. You can view details about your product on the Product Returns page.

The basic return policy for states that customers can choose to return items for replacement, if defective, if the item was shipped by a third-party. If the item was shipped or “fulfilled” by Amazon, it cannot be replaced, but it can be returned for a refund.

Amazon also processes exchanges, returns of damaged items (both defective and those damaged in shipment), defective items and items shipped in error. All returns are processed through the return page. You can access your individual orders by logging in and clicking on the My Orders tab. Click on the order containing the item you wish to return and click the yellow return button next to the item in question.

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When we called customer service at 1-866-216-1072 we were told that all returns need to be processed through a customer’s online account. The customer service representative offered to walk us through the process of starting the return and printing the mailing address label.

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  1. Hello,
    I received a book that I did not order.
    There was no paper receipt in the box with the book.
    Shall I return the book?
    Please let me know the proper procedures for processing.
    Thank you.
    Mary Halsey

  2. My wife ordered a book, “KindleFire HD For Dummies” and we were notified that it was shipped on June 12 and we would receive it June 19 or later. Today we received a book that we had not ordered, also shipped June 12, hardcover, “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,etc” which had a totally different order number.

    Is a gift or an error?
    Thank you.

  3. i haven’t got my order yet,it went back i dint get my money back
    can some one tell me how do i get in touch with this people?

  4. your easy steps return policy sucks!I have wasted 2 hours trying to do your easy returns.Have completed form several times,click continue goes to need customer service fill same form goes back to where you start. i am just about done ordering anything connected with amazon,it is like you do not want to help.I really do not expect any answer from you, so I close my account and take this lose

    • November 28, 2010 at 10:28 pmThanks a lot for this instruction wodnerful review; this is a type of step that holds me although out the day.I’ve eternally extended been wanting close to to your web-site correct right after I noticed about these from a near companion and was glad when I was inside a placement to unearth it ideal just after trying out for some time. Being a seasoned blogger, I’m happy to unearth out other folks taking gumption and adding in the direction of the community. I just preferred to review to exhibit my understanding in your post as it’s really pushing, and tons of world-wide-web writers do not get the credit score they ought to have. I’m beneficial I’ll be back again and will ship out a number of of my colleagues.

  5. Some hair products came addressed to me. I did not order these items, nor do I want them. How do you want me to get them back to you?
    Carole Priester

    • November 19, 2010 at 7:16 amhello there this is my first write-up on this website and with the statirng I would like to thank you for the unique info, that I were capable to discover in this and all previous subjects , it very helped me incredibly. I’ll add this website on my google readers. Also, I would like to ask – don’t you mind if I will copy some info from your web site since I’m posting content on the Hubpages, Ezine and other content directories (it’s my part time job)? It would truly help me with some of mine content look like fascinating.

  6. Horrible customer service from amazon part and the mystery “Eastore “place with whom they don’t provide a contact info. Bought a gift for my sister from eastore , new they said.. which happened to be used. amazon refuse to contact the seller.. I am trying to get their info… anyone can help?

    Disappointed how Leah , kentucky supervisor would handle this together with all her team of chipmunks saying the same thing like an automated machine.

  7. my complete Berkshire order was wrong. The process for returning is not good for me at this time since my printer is not working, I need you to send me 2 labels one for Under moments and essential apparel. My orders where whatever they decided to send not what I order. Will I do this again? According to what you do now.

  8. I received a bunch of cosmetics that I did not order. I thought maybe my mother sent them to me since she lives in Lexington…but I asked her and she did not.There was no packing slip or invoice inside. could you please help me solve this mystery?

  9. I ordered Dry Idea Advanced Dry Hypo-Allergenic, Antiperspirat Roll On 24 Hour protection,
    I received Dry Idea Roll On 72 Hour protection.
    I keep getting the message not refundable or returnable, I want either a refund or an exchange for what I ordered.
    This was ordered through Health and Beauty Supplies.

  10. I ordered a Belkin Miracast video adapter and received some Tweezerman scissors instead. Trying to return is a hassle. They want a $5.00 return fee.

  11. I don’t even know quite for sure where to contact or who? My wife &I have only ever had “NETFLIX”My wife bought the crappy; too hard to handle{sensitive}controller w/ our new T.V. 3 MONTHS AGO!! AND WE RETURNED IT; CAUSE YOU CONVIENENTLY LOCKED IT UP ON US! We should have had the control. Other than that, we both have never sighned up for anything you offered!! NOTHING; WE have Netflix & are happy w/ it!What in GOD’S NAME are you doing taking money from us for?Do you have APPlication or recorded APP.Please explain; Thank you’ We’re in shock to see your name on everything we do. Please explain by Friday P.M.Have to start law suit otherwise,Thank you[not that I want too!!]

  12. My daughter sent me some sanita clogs. I need to exchange them from a 39 to a 40. How do I go about changing them.I have the return slip made out. Thank you.Mary Sandsness

  13. I messed up and ordered too many of the same items. I need a return label and where to send them. Please help me. Thank you

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